The latest trends in mobile and web app development to take the businesses to the next level

This post was most recently updated on April 21st, 2022

The mobile app development industry has constantly been evolving. There are technological advancements consumer demands in addition to the range of the other factors that are having a direct impact on the mobile app Trends. Staying up-to-date regarding the latest trends is turning out to be the crucial aspect of success in this space. 

Web app development company in India can ensure offering the best services for app development without any flaws. Mobile app resellers also need to stay tuned regarding the aspects that will help in offering better service to their clients. The content creators and the producers need to take into consideration the latest trends for taking the business to the next level.

Some of the top trends to watch for in 2022 are as follows:

  • Internet of things

App integration is far from being a new concept. There has been the rise of mobile penetration across a range of sectors and categories that are creating seemingly endless opportunities for the internet of things. The IoT has been described in the form of the growing network of the devices connected to the internet and ensures providing convenience and automated control to the gadgets. The global internet of things market has been expected to reach around $264 billion by the end of 2022.

  • 5G Technology

The rollout of 5G has also been becoming the major impact on the 2022 app Trends. Resellers, developers, as well as the creators of this technology, are bringing in the change the way the mobile applications get used and created, the speed and efficiency are going to drastically improve in the near future, in addition to that it has been expected that the apps will guarantee delivery of the ten times decrease in latency. The incorporation of the 5G will be boosting the functionality of the mobile apps. In addition to that, it will also allow developers to go ahead with the addition of the new features to the apps without negatively impacting the performance of the app.

  • Applications for the foldable devices
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In the last couple of years, foldable devices have begun to make a comeback. 2019 already witnessed the release of foldable devices, including the Samsung Galaxy fold as well as a new Motorola Razr. From the application development perspective, it can be said that the content creators always are looking forward to taking these devices when it comes to building or updating the app. Right now foldable devices are also on the rise, and so new technologies are favoring the advent of mobile apps to match with the current trends.

  • Mobile e-commerce

Though it cannot be considered in the form of the 2022 app trend yet, mobile e-commerce has come up in one of the most trending ways, from the large retailers to the individual content creators as well as a personal brand. Plenty of money has been fed into this space of mobile commerce. Functionality has become the top feature for mobile app resellers for showcasing their capabilities. 

Every single person, as well as the business that is selling online, has been competing with Giants like Amazon. To keep pace, there is a need for replicating what makes the brand so successful. 2021 also witnessed around 72.9 % of the total E-Commerce sales coming from mobile devices. In this regard, it can be said that mobile e-commerce always plays a significant role in the current and future success of mobile e-commerce.

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Highlight on the latest web development Trends

  • Dark mode experience

The dark mode experience has been gaining immense popularity and is going to reach new heights by the end of 2022. The survey conducted by the Android authority suggests that around 81.9 percent of respondents accepted that they use dark mode on their phones, and around 9.9% said that they are switching between the dark and light mode. Also, the reports regarding the dark mode from Polar suggest that around 95% of the users prefer the dark mode over the light mode. In simple words, it can be said the dark mode turns out to be the color scheme that uses a light-colored text. It considers the other elements like dark background for the reduction of the eye strain during the night usage or the dark environment. It can also guarantee less battery consumption. The best part of the dark mode is that it ensures the reduction of the eye strain to the minimization of the blue light.

  • Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots

Acceleration of digitization has brought in. Artificial intelligence-enabled chatbots are becoming more popular among businesses. Over time, the chatbots also became quite intelligent, independent, and secure. Artificial intelligence involves natural language processing, deep learning, as well as machine learning. It can also ensure handling the complex processes and becomes prompt in answering. It guarantees 24/7 support personalization as well as increased customer engagement.

  • Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture has been already dominating the industry in the fastest-growing cloud computing platform. It can ensure provisioning, scaling and maintenance standards. Application setup built on the service models gets deployed within a few hours. Amazon, Netflix are examples regarding how the applications are earning the trust in the recent generation. The serverless architecture ensures the easy adoption of the new features. In addition to that, it guarantees a reduced development cost. There is a need for only paying for the resource that needs to be used, and it also guarantees high scalability as well as application flexibility.

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Final words

Hire mobile as well as web app developers from mobile app development company India who can ensure developing the best apps to take the business to new heights. They have good knowledge regarding the latest trends in app development and are adopting the newest strategies.

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