The Only Web Hosting Web Design Agencies Should Go For!

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What if I told you that you could find the perfect web hosting to wow your clients with blazingly fast page loading speeds and impeccable uptime within minutes? 

Of course, deciding on a web hosting service is hard — but not anymore!

In this article, I’ll walk you through the importance of cloud hosting. I’ll break down why the world is switching to managed cloud hosting services and why you should as well. After testing dozens of them, I’ll also reveal my top suggestion for managed cloud hosting providers. 

That said, let’s get started. 

What is the Best Type of Hosting Solution for Web Design Agencies?

Web hosting comes in various shapes and sizes. From shared and VPS hosting to dedicated servers, there’s a variety of web hosting services you can go for.

But, which one fits your needs perfectly? 

Start off with shared hosting. Upgrade to a VPS server when you get more traffic. When you become an enterprise, upgrade to a dedicated server. 

The above answer may be true to some extent, but, my friend, cloud hosting is the NEW web hosting solution!

It changes the way traditional hosting works. It’s far more reliable, cost-effective, and efficient. Companies are switching from traditional hosting (shared, VPS, or dedicated servers) to cloud hosting – and you should too. 

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The world’s highest-traffic sites like Netflix, Coca-Cola, Twitter, and Gameloft are running on cloud servers. Then, why not your clients’ websites?

But, what is cloud hosting? How does it differ from other types of web hosting services?

What is Cloud Hosting, and How Does It Stand Out?

Cloud Hosting is the on-demand availability of computing resources based on an hourly cost. You can scale up and down the server size and use any location nearest to your website visitor’s location because every cloud hosting provider offers multiple data center locations globally. 

Cloud hosting also leads to more flexibility in scaling hardware resources. 

Let’s say your client has an upcoming and their website is expected to have a burst of traffic on the following Saturday. How do you prepare for that? 

With cloud hosting, you get instant resource scaling — meaning you can increase or decrease hardware resources flexibly in one click website designer San Francisco.

To sum up, here’s how cloud hosting stands out:

  • Traditional hosting or Shared Hosting: High cost with limited features and no flexibility, also difficult to manage the website and less secure. 
  • Cloud Hosting: You will get a dedicated cloud server in your desired location to host your website with full flexibilty and no commitment. Use the cloud servers on an hourly-based pricing method. 
  • So, What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting and Managed Cloud Hosting are different; as the name suggests, managed cloud hosting comes with an extra feature – it’s a “managed” service. 

In managed cloud hosting, your cloud server is looked after by the professional staff of your hosting service. It leads to the benefits like top-tier network security, optimized server configuration according to your application, automated updates, website migration, and all other hosting and server management activities will be managed by the hosting service provider. You just need to concentrate on application development.

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With that said, here’s why we recommend Managed Cloud Hosting the most:

Why Managed Cloud Hosting is the Best Web Hosting for Web Design Agencies

Here, I’ll lay down the reasons why cloud hosting should be your preference when choosing web hosting for your clients’ websites. 


Managed cloud hosting may seem expensive at first glance, but it saves you a lot of time and money in the long run. Compared to renting a dedicated server requiring you to pay the infrastructure maintenance costs, managed cloud hosting is also cheaper. 

The dedicated server hosting providers generally cost a lot as you may have to hire people to improve or repair your infrastructure. But in cloud hosting, you only have to pay the monthly subscription, and that covers everything from updates to maintenance costs. 

Easy & Quick Scalability

As a web design agency, you can find a range of clients with different projects. Some of them may be running large websites, while others may be working on smaller ones. Also, the number of clients you have might keep changing.

With managed cloud hosting, you get the flexibility to scale up or down your hardware resources according to your website needs without any usage commitment or upfront cost. 


The Managed Cloud Hosting is designed for fast performance and high-traffic websites. You can easily get a 90+ speed score on managed cloud hosting because the server and software services are optimized according to your application needs. There are so many Managed Cloud Hosting providers who are specialized in providing hosting services for different types of applications. If you want Managed Magento Cloud Hosting, the hosting provider optimizes the software services and server according to Magento application requirements and they have diverse expertise with high experience. Plus, you will get dedicated server resources with the latest computing technologies. 

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So if you are looking for high performance, then Managed Cloud Hosting is the best option for you. 

Automated Updates

A managed cloud hosting service comes with automated server and infrastructure updates. As a rule of thumb, You never know when a disaster will happen. So, regular updates of the server and backup of your digital assets are essential. 

Thankfully, managed cloud hosting comes with automated updates and backups to ensure your server and digital assets are always safe and secure. 

With that said, it comes down to finding the best option for managed cloud hosting. 

What is the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Solution for My Web Design Agency?

After reviewing a range of managed cloud hosting services, we’ve narrowed down Devrims as the best option for web design agencies.

Devrims lets you choose any server configuration you like from either DigitalOcean or AWS data centers. The benefits include easy management, top-tier performance, pay-as-you-go flexibility, and many more. 

To break it down, Devrims makes it easy for web design agencies to manage their clients’ projects. So, if you’re looking for a web hosting solution for your web design agency, Devrims’ managed cloud hosting is our top recommendation. 

Final Words

In this digital age, web owners are moving on to cloud hosting. Large companies like Netflix already have their websites based on cloud networks. 

After closely evaluating, we recommend Devrims the most for managed cloud hosting. So, if a web hosting solution for your web design agency is your concern, Devrims cloud hosting is our call.

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