The Role of Prenatal Care in Maternity Health Insurance Plans

Prenatal Care in Maternity Health Insurance
The Role of Prenatal Care in Maternity Health Insurance Plans
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If you are expecting a new addition to your family, it is essential to consider your maternity health insurance plan and prenatal care. In India’s urban areas, the cost of maternity services is significantly impacted by the yearly escalation of healthcare inflation, which ranges from 18% to 20%. It is important to consider prenatal care is for you and your baby’s well-being and is mostly included in pregnancy insurance policies. 

This article will provide insights into the scope of prenatal care and its significance in maternity health plans.  

What is Maternity Health Insurance?

The arrival of a newborn can result in significant expenses, making a maternity health plan an essential investment. It’s one of the types of insurance that offers prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum care for the mother and her baby. It includes medical appointments, ultrasounds, medications, hospital stays, etc. 

The primary purpose of pregnancy insurance plans is to ease the financial pressure of having a baby by taking care of associated costs. Knowing that financial burdens won’t plague you, thanks to pregnancy insurance coverage, you can relax and focus on the care you and your baby deserve.

What are the Features of a Maternity Health Plan?

Pregnancy insurance can benefit you if you are an expecting mother. These insurances help you effectively manage the costs of pregnancy and childbirth. Some of the key features that you can expect from good maternity health insurance are as follows:

1. Prenatal Care Coverage

Your and your baby’s health is ensured during pregnancy with prenatal care coverage that offers medical tests, ultrasounds, and routine checkups.

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2. Labour And Delivery Coverage

Giving birth can be pricey, but the expenses can be covered with labour and delivery coverage. Hospital fees, doctor fees, and anaesthesia costs can all be included in this type of coverage.

3. Postpartum Care Coverage

This coverage helps ensure your continued health after you bring your child into the world. It includes follow-up appointments with your physician and any requisite therapy or medication and will guarantee you receive the care you need to maintain good health.

4. Newborn Care Coverage

This policy covers your newborn’s immediate medical expenses post-birth, from hospitalisation to tests and vaccinations.

5. Maternity Support Services

Lactation consultants, counselling services, and childbirth classes are among the various services offered by many pregnancy insurance plans to aid you in adapting to life with a new baby. Maternity support services are easily accessible to help you prepare for the challenges that come with motherhood.

How Does Maternity Health Plan Help in Parental Care?

Investing in maternity health insurance is an intelligent choice for expecting couples, as it offers financial assistance for costs linked to caring for the mother and new child.

1. Newborn Coverage

Up to 30 days post-birth, maternal health insurance usually includes the costs of caring for the newborn. These costs cover nursery care, various medical tests, and other newborn-related treatments in the hospital.

2. Vaccination Expenses

For the baby’s health, vaccinations are crucial and having pregnancy insurance can lower the expense. Widespread immunisations like the hepatitis B vaccine, MMR vaccine, and PCV vaccine are regularly included in the coverage.

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3. Postnatal Care

The mother’s recovery from childbirth can be expensive, but postnatal care may be covered by a pregnancy cover mediclaim insurance. Such coverage typically includes doctor checkups, medicine prescriptions, and other treatments.

4. Maternity-Related Complications

Hospitalisation expenses, medical tests, and necessary treatments during pregnancy or childbirth can be covered by a pregnancy cover health insurance if any complications arise. Such difficulties are related explicitly to maternity; the mother and newborn can receive the required treatment.

5. Breastfeeding Support

New mothers will find that some maternity insurance plans offer coverage for lactation consultants, breast pumps, and other resources needed for breastfeeding support. This assistance can be highly beneficial to the nursing process.

Before purchasing pregnancy insurance coverage, it’s crucial to remember that the coverage may be restricted to maternal and newborn health care expenses rather than general medicine. It’s also essential to thoroughly inspect the terms and conditions of various plans, as these differ among providers.


Maternity health plans recognise that prenatal care is crucial for the safety of both mother and child. Regular checkups, diagnostic tests, and medical consultations are available through these plans, reducing childbirth complications. Niva Bupa’s best health insurance plans in India offer customizable plans covering all phases of maternity care, ensuring complete coverage even during complicated pregnancies. Contact them today for the best possible care.

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