The Top 5 API Marketplaces You Need to Check Out

API Marketplaces
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The usage of API, or Application Programming Interface, has skyrocketed in the past decade. After all, they are among the safest and most reliable digital products, reproducible and fungible.

Do you own a business that has recently produced a well-planned and designed API that can solve niche problems? If yes, then the next step to decide is how to make profits out of it. The only way to earn profits from your API is to sell it, but where?

On a reliable API marketplace, of course! This is a neat option because you won’t have to develop an entire website or integrate a system for payment processing. All you need to do is list your API in the marketplace, and the company will handle the rest.

But what are some top API marketplaces to sell? Listed below are five of the best.

1.    RapidAPI

Let’s start with the largest and most popular API marketplace – RapidAPI. Using this marketplace, you can list your API and monetize and manage it easily.

The free API marketplace features a straightforward user interface and the Swagger spec (for faster processing). Once you upload your API, an interactive document is created automatically. This documentation allows the consumer to browser-test the API and easily use it with a click.

Not only that, but this API marketplace also comes with code snippets in various languages that can be used to integrate APIs in their current applications. Since each request is first validated, you need not harbor any security concerns. As much as 80% of profits from every transaction become yours to keep.

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2.    Rakuten

Among the free APIs to use, Rakuten is also a widely popular marketplace with over one million developers worldwide. These developers offer end-to-end support for marketing and managing your APIs.

Integrating this marketplace is uber easy, and each parameter can be set within minutes, even swagger specs upload. This API marketplace will also generate documents automatically for instant testing and usage.

The API can be integrated easily using code snippets available in different languages. This free API marketplace also provides detailed analytics reports for performance. You must pay a 20% monetization fee per transaction to sell on this marketplace.

3.    APILayer

This API marketplace was launched just recently – February 2022. Currently, over 75 API products are listed on this marketplace, but new ones are added daily.

This API marketplace is most suitable for companies seeking exposure to a broader customer base, including payment collection, key management assistance, etc. Meaning you’ll have to create APIs while APILayer handles everything else.

The listing process is straightforward, starting with review submission, project discussions, pricing, and payout details. Once APILayer has approved your API, the same is listed, and you can set the price and self-host. The company shares 15% of the total profits through monthly payouts.


4.    AWS Marketplace

This is a renowned free API marketplace owned and managed by Amazon API Gateway. At any scale, this marketplace empowers you to publish, construct, monitor, secure, and manage your APIs.

There are no setup costs, and you can even manage APIs that require access to backend services such as Amazon DynamoDB tables and Lambda functions. Some standout features of this marketplace include comprehensive advice on developing better connections with customers, simple software delivery, partnership with consultants, and easy handling of backend tasks.

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Easily accessible to sellers and buyers, all you need to have your API listed on AWS Marketplace is an AWS account. If you don’t have one, sign up and start with the listing process.

5.    Celigo

A full-service integration platform, Celigo has emerged as one of the top API marketplaces in 2023. This is one marketplace where you will find real-time integrations.

Its other features are also attractive. For instance – a wide variety of apps are available, divided into categories like collaboration, supply chain and logistics, CRM, ERP, human resources, project management, and so on.

The interface uptime is exceptionally high, and so is the API marketplace’s robust security. Plus, compliance with global data privacy norms makes it safe for both sellers and buyers. And if you were to visit the provider’s official website, a ton of learning resources are also available for easy setup and management.

With over 200 standard business tools available, the developers have offered a 30-day free trial version for better understanding.

Have You Made Your Pick Yet?

Beneficial for both providers and customers, the above-mentioned API marketplaces are among the best to publish and sell your APIs in 2023. However, the best free API marketplace for every company will vary depending on their unique requirements.

Go through each marketplace’s features carefully to make an informed choice. The next thing you know, you’re making a much-deserved income through your APIs! So, start your journey today.

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