The Top 5 Benefits of Modular Process Skid Design

When building process systems and plants there are a number of different approaches that can be taken by business owners. Traditionally, most process systems have been built on-site and stored alongside each other, but modern approaches havesurrounded stacking units on top of each other to save space and optimize the working environment. From this evolution has emerged the Clean-in-Place (CIP) system on moveable skids that is designed to seamlessly fit into processing plants and complete cleaning tasks without a continued demand on crew members. If you’re considering a modular process system on skids, here are the top five benefits to be aware of.

Increased Efficiency

Every business wants to be more efficient andintroducing modular process systems into your business is a great way to do this and get your products to market faster. Most project timelines involve the completion of onsite civil and facilities construction prior to the commencement of any process system work, but by using modular CIP process systems, this timeline can be significantly reduced.

Because these systems can be developed, assembled into transportable skids and fully tested off-site, this work can be done at the same time as site civil and facilities construction, which will not only increase efficiency but also reduce the start-up time needed once they are delivered to site. On top of this, you’ll also notice greater development reliability, as the assembly of modular process systems is done entirely indoors and is therefore not susceptible to delays caused by severe weather conditions.

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Higher Cost-Savings

Developing modular process systems off-site doesn’t just lead to increased efficiency – it also means higher cost-savings for your business. You won’t need to delay any existing operations, or make adaptations to bring your assembly process on-site, as this will all be done prior to arrival. Additionally, you’ll face lower operational and labor costs thanks to a dramatically reduced project timeline that relies less on your team members and more on the efficiency of your processes that can prioritize effective material use. 

Reduced Resourcing Pressure

In any business, it’s important to ensure that material waste and construction costs are low, so the reduced resourcing pressure that you’ll benefit from when you switch to a modular skid design for your CIP processing system is one of the biggest advantages. Not only will you reduce waste, but these systems require less operational crew and space on-site. Often, you can even stack modular skids on top of one another, which will lead to more space saving compared with a more traditional vertical layout.

Safety Improvements

Running a processing plant means you likely need to closely monitor the safety and security of your personnel. With modular processing systems, you can easily make safety improvements thanks to smaller crew sizes and modern construction conditions thanks to an enclosed fabrication facility. The fact that full system testing will be carried out before the process system is shipped to your facility also means that you’ll benefit from the increased safety that comes with potential problems being identified and resolved before you even receive the CIP system.

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Quality Improvements

The bestmodern CIP systems are designed with efficiency and long-lasting performance in mind, so you can benefit from improvements in the output quality by using modular process systems. Because the conditions are ideal for fabrication and other processes,they provide effective support to the highly trained technicians employed by the provider of a modular system and ensure consistent, high-quality work.

If you’re trying to save money, optimize your processes and improve output quality, then a modular construction approach is the way to go. By investing in a CIP system that uses a skid design, you can reap the benefits that come with greater flexibility and modern adaptations.

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