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 When and how did you start?

We conceptualized it in January 2018 but we became operational in May. First, we conducted several types of research and studied the market so as to understand if there is a need for another men’s lifestyle portal or not. The crucial part was to get the right people on board and creating relatable content.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

“So, in college, I was working for a campaign about body positivity and it was about empowering women and telling them to love their bodies and different women sharing their experiences about body shaming. But, what I realized is that there is a need for such campaigns for men as well. Men also suffer from body shaming, which is just one among many problems & stereotypes which the society believes only women deal with. That is Why We conceptualized and Implemented The Y Chromosome, Says Mr. Pritam Pandey”  Founder and Ceo of  The Y Chromosome.

Brief about the organization and founding members

We, at The Y Chromosome, explore the intricacies of a man’s DNA and break the stereotypical representation of man shown by media. We cater to millennial men who are looking for tips or for practical solutions to their problems regarding grooming, fashion & health.

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I’m the only founder. I’ve been working as Assistant Vice-President (Marketing) at State Bank of India, Mumbai for the last two years. My entrepreneurship journey started when I was doing my graduation in Ghaziabad and I founded an NGO to support immigrants, mostly the labour class, coming from Bihar, Chhattisgarh & Odisha. I also started an online portal for teenagers as there are none in India. But I had to shut it down due to operational difficulties, Explains Pritam.

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers.

When it comes to online men’s portals in India, there are not a lot of players in the market. Which is not the case with women’s portals where there are too many. The existing players, don’t really cater to the average Indian man. That’s why I thought about starting The Y Chromosome. Also, these portals rarely share stories from the lives of the average Indian man or give him a platform to voice his opinion or share his story or his struggles. In an era, where feminism is often taken to mean the same as misandry, I felt that it was the need of the hour that men get the platform or the opportunity to share their experiences about being at the receiving end of gender stereotyping.

About funding, plans on growth

Since ours is a bootstrapped, we are focusing more on making it self-sustainable without going astray from the reason why we started The Y Chromosome in the first place. In the near future, I see the Y Chromosome as an up and standing men’s lifestyle portal. We want to diversify and venture into different forms of media, such as videos instead of just written media.

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Content creation and distribution within a limited budget is the major challenge that we’re facing right now.

Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Do not follow each & every piece of advice that you get. Follow your gut. Don’t be scared of criticism. Take things slow and focus on one thing at a time. Focus on the bigger picture.


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