Three Reasons Why Resilience Is Important

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How many times have you wondered if you have the attribute of resilience? Will you have a positive attitude to face problems? How is your communication? In short, if you want to know why resilience is important at school, in children or adolescents, we invite you to read this article.

Resilience is part of each individual, and some psychological theories, such as behaviorists and positivists, consider that it can be achieved by developing certain attitudes from the point of view of emotional intelligence. Learn more about this wonderful topic and how to become a youth motivational speaker below.

What is resilience?

It is a “positive” attitude or way of thinking or acting, which supposes a good response or assertiveness in the face of the daily adversities of human beings. It is useful for the motivation to feel comfortable with oneself, hence the importance of this attitude.

Thus, answering why resilience in the human being is essential is simply due to the cognitive, emotional, and sociocultural ability to recognize, face and positively transform the different threatening situations that cause harm or suffering or threaten personal development.

Why is resilience important in our lives?

Many authors have expounded on this fascinating topic. One referred to why resilience is vital in our lives, explaining that it is due to the fact of giving and receiving affection.

The teacher tells us about the ability of human beings to act positively in the face of adversity. In fact, analyzing why resilience in children is important is an interesting and necessary topic that must be addressed from the first years of life. 

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This helps you to have a greater opportunity to adapt to difficulties and seeks to teach skills constructively. For life, assertive communication, cooperation, or non-violent conflict resolution, is referred to be a resilient person.

Other authors detail why resilience in health is essential and talk about how it is expected to mitigate the risk of diseases and hostile situations. Such as the COVID-19 pandemic, where a positive attitude, union, and care is the key to overcoming it.

What causes a lack of resilience?

Building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly raised a way to provide affection and support. The ability to relate must be developed to have closer ties with others in healthy ecosystems.

The lack of resilience can cause sudden chaos in our lives because, precisely in extreme situations, when we require it the most, we must avoid losing our composure. Indeed you have seen or experienced moments of shouting, blows, and bad words. Does this answer what you’ve wondered about why resilience is vital in times of pandemic?

Everyone has an exacerbated or excellent level of anguish due to the pandemic or lockdown. They can lose control of how they react. At that time, you may be at a low or no level of resilience; perhaps you did not have enough resources to solve the stress generated by the pandemic. That is why we propose three solutions to improve it.

Learn to be flexible with your point of view

Being flexible is being able to identify or change the perspective from what we generate in adversity as a result. Sometimes, solving our difficulties must be from another angle, different from our way of thinking and acting. 

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Maintain a supportive relationship

It is always positive to have loved ones nearby. We can trust them; they are a balm that directly influences our resilience. It gives us a feeling of comfort, proximity, and security. 

Cultivate positive thinking

It is always good to focus on experiences through positive emotions. This reflects a host of behavioral benefits, such as hormonal balance.

Finally, the need to create support networks, have a conversation, strengthen our links with others and identify all those elements that help us overcome problems and adverse situations. Developing our emotional balance is part of why it is vital to resilience.

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