Time to Get a Wrongful Termination Lawyer: 7 Illegal Reasons for Termination

Time to Get a Wrongful Termination Lawyer: 7 Illegal Reasons for Termination
Time to Get a Wrongful Termination Lawyer: 7 Illegal Reasons for Termination

This post was most recently updated on March 21st, 2023

When an employer has wrongfully terminated you, it’s natural to consider legal action if your rights have been violated. But where do you turn for support? How do you ensure that your case is taken seriously and that something meaningful comes from the effort put forth? A wrongful termination lawyer in Kansas City can help protect your rights and ensure that justice is done.

Time to Get a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Kansas City: 7 Illegal Reasons for Termination

1. Discrimination

No one should experience discrimination at work, yet, it still remains a reality across many industries. In Missouri, labor laws protect workers from any form of discrimination based on disability, gender identity or expression, race or color, national origin, age, pregnancy-related condition, religion, and ancestry.

Unfortunately, some employees may be embarrassed or threatened into not reporting any workplace discrimination issues due to fear of retribution. In this case, having an experienced wrongful termination lawyer in Kansas City can help to provide legal recourse within the confines of the law.

2. Retaliation

When employers become unscrupulous, they may try to use retaliatory termination as a form of punishment against employees. There are often underlying reasons why an employer may want to target an employee, whether it be because the employee reported some kind of misconduct in the workplace (whistleblowing), went against the wishes of their superior, or refused to follow an unlawful directive.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recognizes this as illegal and has enacted laws that protect employees from this type of punishment. That said, proving retaliation in a court of law can be challenging, and individuals that believe they have been wrongfully terminated should always seek out a lawyer who specializes in wrongful termination cases.

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3. Hostile Work Environment

While most people go to work hoping for a safe and professional environment that fosters collaboration and innovation, hostile work environments have unfortunately become far too common. Workplace hostility can take many forms, such as bullying, emotional abuse, intimidation tactics, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and much more.

Knowing all the laws which dictate employee rights and responsibilities can feel like trying to climb a mountain without a roadmap. Learn more about your rights at work.

4. Violation of Public Policy

Activities protected by a public policy are considered illegal reasons for termination. Take jury duty, for example. Being summoned to serve on a jury is a civic responsibility, and yet showing up in court could be used as a reason to fire someone.

Similarly, it is against public policy for employers to deny workers the basic right to vote in elections or take part in other civic responsibilities. If an employer terminates someone for engaging in one of these protected activities, then an experienced lawyer can help build evidence and defend the actions you took.

5. False Allegations/Wrongful Accusations

The devastating effects of false allegations and wrongful accusations cannot be overstated. Such nefarious charges, either by a colleague or employer, can lead to immediate suspension, termination, or even criminal charges. In the face of this intimidating situation, an experienced lawyer can make all the difference between unjustly being let go from your job and proving your innocence.

Examples of false claims include supervisors blaming a subordinate for incompetence without basis or colleagues making up stories about breaches of protocol just to get ahead in their careers. And it goes without saying that evidence can be planted and arranged to lead down the path toward unjust termination. Standing up against false accusations requires bravery, and having an expert attorney to fight for you may well be your only hope of justice.

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6. Unfair Evaluations

Unfair evaluations can happen due to reasons such as a misunderstanding between the employee and their supervisor, not enough training or resources available, or even bias against certain employees. Regardless of why it happens, it should not be an excuse for hasty termination.

To ensure fairness, all companies should implement a procedure for dealing with employees who have received less-than-wholesome ratings, which includes giving that person an opportunity to improve their performance and, if possible, appeal the evaluation results.

7. Exercising Employee Rights

Employees should be supported in their efforts to access the rights provided to them, be it through medical leave from the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or vacation time incurred by employer policies and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). People should never feel obligated to work when on vacation, whether that means responding to business emails or calls.

No one should have to experience being fired illegally, but if it does happen, it’s important to know that help is out there. With the right wrongful termination lawyer in Kansas City at your side, you could receive compensation for lost wages and for all of the stress that comes with being illegally terminated.

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