Tips for Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow

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Tips for Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow
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Do you face any kind of trouble finding a good place to sleep because of your pregnancy? It’s important to have good sleep to maintain good overall health. Your body changes in a way that makes it hard to find a comfortable place to sleep, but when the baby grows. Pregnancy pillows help you sleep well at night. They make it easy to get good rest. Buying a pregnant pillow is a good idea because it can help the growing belly. If you like, Wakefit sells different shapes and types of pregnancy pillows to suit your taste. Picking the best pillow for how you sleep can be hard. Buy a pregnancy pillow online that fits your favorite way of sleeping. This is a full guide for buying that will help you pick the best pillow for sleeping comfortably at night during pregnancy.

Go For an Ideal Size

This is a complete guide to help you pick the best pregnancy pillow for easy sleep at night. You can find different sizes of pregnancy pillows online. Go for a perfect size based on your needs that ensures proper sleep for expecting mothers. When choosing the size of your pregnant pillow, keep the following factors in mind.

1.      Size of your bed

2.      Storage space for the pillow

3.      Pregnancy pillow for travel

4.      Sleeping style 

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5.      Preferred body spot for support 

You must make use of the right size maternity pillow if you co-sleep with your partner. Go for a proper-sized pregnancy pillow if you travel a lot during pregnancy. 

Choose the Perfect Type

Internet stores offer different types of sleeping pillows for pregnant women. Pick the right one based on why you want to use a belly pillow. This is a list of different types of pregnancy pillows. You can pick one based on what it is used for.

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow: This pregnancy pillow that supports your whole body is the most chosen kind. It gives the best comfort, especially when your belly is big in the third trimester. It’s a nice kind of pregnancy pillow that holds your body and helps to support the neck, back, belly, and knees well.

Straight Tube Pregnancy Pillow: This long pillow supports your whole body from the front. To be most comfy, it is placed between the legs. One leg goes on top and another one underneath. People who sleep on their backs should not pick this.

Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow: This special pregnancy pillow is unique because it supports your belly without hurting the baby growing inside you. When not being used, this type of pillow can be emptied. It’s simple to take with you and doesn’t need much space for keeping it.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow: If you need help with certain parts of your body, then this type of pillow is used. This little pillow makes your sleep better by helping to support your lower back, stomach, and upper back.

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Pick The Right Shape

The shape of the pregnancy pillow matters to meet your sleep preferences. The different shapes of pregnancy pillows serve various purposes. 

1. Wedge-shaped: This is a go-for pregnancy pillow shape for most expecting mothers as it caters to the needs of your body. It can also be used in different ways on the basis of your comfort. 

2. C-shaped: A C-shaped pregnancy pillow looks like the letter C. It’s a rounded-style pregnancy pillow. It provides an overall support for your body. It helps to support your pelvic area better. It opens on one side and it is best to place the opening by the belly. You can go for this pillow if you suffer from leg swelling. A C-shaped neck support pillow provides sufficient support for your neck. A ‘C-shaped’ pillow for back pain is useful for expecting mothers. 

3. U-shaped: A pregnant pillow in the shape of a U covers your entire body. It gives your head, belly, neck, and back the proper support. It gives you the freedom to roll on your bed without moving the pillow. This pillow is quite large, making it unsuitable when you share your bed with your partner. This is a perfect pregnancy pillow for back pain

4. Bean Shaped: The bean-shaped design offers comfort to specific areas mainly the hip, back, etc. It is a perfect pregnancy pillow for maximum comfort. 

5. J-Shaped: This candy-cane-shaped pregnancy pillow is used to support only a single targeted spot, say the belly or back. Make use of this shape pregnancy pillow for sitting.  It is small compared to U-shaped and C-shaped pregnancy pillows. 

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Check For the Filling

The filling of your pregnancy pillow can affect the quality of your sleep. Go for filling, which offers better comfort and support. Some of the common types of filling used in pregnancy pillows are listed below. 

1.      Memory Foam

2.      Natural Filling

3.      Air 

4.      Wool

5.      Polyester

It is up to you to decide which type of filling makes you feel better.

Be Careful with Fabric Choice

The fabric choice is important as it comes into contact with your skin. Make sure you check if the fabric of your pregnancy is breathable. The cloth needs to be extra-safe against allergies so it doesn’t make anyone sick. The material you pick should be simple to wash and dry. It’s best to use safe cloth from natural materials that don’t have harmful chemicals.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Pick the kind and form of your pregnancy pillow according to how you sleep. If you change positions often while sleeping, it’s good to buy a U-shaped pillow. If you sleep on your side, get one that covers the whole body or has a shape like this straight tube thing. People who sleep on their backs can use a U-shaped pillow to rest well.

Getting sleep is key for your health and the right development of your baby. So, spend some time trying out different kinds of pillows and pick the best one that fits your body well and matches how you like to sleep. It’s a good idea to spend effort on getting the right pregnancy pillow.

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