Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad
Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad

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Manufacturing companies are those industries that are engaged in the production of large goods in huge quantities after processing the raw materials and making them into a finalized good product that comes into use for various activities. The manufacturing process includes a lot of steps in converting raw materials into a finalized product. Manufacturing starts with product design, materials specification, resources, location and many more…Manufacturing industries are closely connected with the engineering sector and industrial design. A term called manufacturing giant is used for top companies which are in manufacturing industries in the world. Manufacturing industries have changed a lot over the years overcoming difficult challenges, bringing new changes and making improvements in technology making the human lifestyle more comfortable. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad.

List of Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Ahmedabad


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Cadila healthcare is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Cadila healthcare in founded by Raman Bhai Patel who was a lecturer in L.m College of pharmacy and his business partner Indravan Modi. It is one of the largest privately-owned pharmaceutical companies in India. It is currently managed by Dr Rajiv I. Modi who is the chairman and managing director of Cadila pharmaceuticals Ltd. In 1995 both Modi and Patel families split. After that Modi family shares were moved into a new company called Cadila pharmaceuticals ltd. And later that Cadila healthcare ltd had become the Patel family’s holding company. Cadila healthcare has its own first initial public offering on the Bombay stock exchange in 2000 as stock code 532321. Over the past 7 decades they have continuously developing medicines which are affordable and effective for patients around the world. C

Cadila healthcare has always made huge investments in research and development and having success in producing miracles in medicines that have changed lives and made a deepest impact on real life.  It has over 25,000 employees putting their efforts to make changes in medicines. Because of its continuous success in medicine in 2010, Cadila Healthcare received welcome trust Award under the “R&D for Affordable Healthcare in India” initiative. From 25 pharmaceutical operations with Zydus Cadila, it develops and manufactures a large range of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, healthcare products, skin care products and other products which help in healing of other human body’s effects. It’s net income is 2,133 crore which is 300 million in US dollars including into top private-owned companies in India.

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Adani enterprises is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Ahmadabad. It was founded by Gautam Adani on 20th July 1988. Adani enterprises limited is the flagship company of Adani group one of the largest business organizations.  Adani enterprises limited is presently focused on business-related to airports, roads, water management, data centers, edible foods and oils, solar manufacturing , defense aerospace. Adani enterprises have successful subsidiary companies like Adani transmission, Adani Wilmar, Adani Power, Adani Ports & SEZ, Adani green energy and Adani total gas has contributed in making the country economy more powerful and self-reliant.

Its main primary interest is in the energy and logistics sector. Over the years, Adani Enterprises has focused on building stellar infrastructural assets contributing to nation-building. Due to its continuous achievements and contributions to the nation’s economy, it has got titles like 2nd largest IRM player in the world, the demerger of Adani green energy and Adani gas limited and started manufacturing solar PV panels and lot more. It generates revenue of around 13,358.73 crores. Its net income is 368.81 crore which is 1.9 billion in US dollars.



Eris life sciences are the one and only public listed pharmaceutical company with a pure-play domestic branded formulations business model. It was founded in the year 2007 by Amit Indubhusan Bakshi. Eris Lifesciences is primarily engaged in manufacturing  and commercializing branded pharmaceutical products for chronic lifestyle disorders with a complete focus on domestic market. Eris is also one of the youngest companies in IPM 25. Their business ethics is based on two pillars – harnessing the power of cutting-edge science to bring evidence-based therapies to the market, and enabling our patients to take charge of their diagnoses and their lives through our patient care initiatives. Their main focus is on chronic and sub chronic lifestyle-related therapies.

They have made seamless transition to the digital era in FY21, with the conduction of ~2,500 digital interactions in FY21 covering over 33,000 medical practitioners, across a range of topics including diabetes, heart failure, Covid  impact on cardio-metabolic health, general immunity and epilepsy. Their pan-India distribution network of over 2,100 stockists and 5,00,000+ chemists gives us a seamless presence across the nation. According to their latest financial reports, the revenues have grown 6x in last 10 years ad 2x in last 2 years. Net profits have grown 17x in the last 10 years and 2.6x in the last 5 years. Eris life sciences have made huge investments in domestic research and making improvements in medicines for a better lifestyle and helping  in maintaining patients health. It’s net operating income is around 855.70 crore making into one of the top companies in India.  

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Sadhbhav Enginering limited is an Indian civil engineering and construction company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It was founded at 3rd October in 1988 by Mr Vishnubhai M. Patel. The company has executed huge projects like construction of Roads & Highways, Bridges, Mining and Irrigation supporting infrastructure etc. The company worked for clients including NHIA, DMRC , Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam, Coal India, L&T, HCC, Punj Lloyd and various others. ‘It is one of the few elite infrastructure companies in the country. It generates revenue around 1,623.63 crore and its net worth is 41.04 crore which is 5.8 million in dollars…it is one of the best Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad.


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Adani green energy is an Indian renewable energy company in the Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad It is one of the subsidiary companies of the Adani group. The company was incorporated on January 23, 2015, as Adani green energy under the companies act 2013. Currently it manages  5,920 MW of solar power plants and ,wind energy including 46 operational projects in 11 states of India. In 2019 it has become   the first Indian company to offer investment-grade US dollar green Bonds worth US$362.5 million to foreign investors. It’s generates revenue around 3.124 crore , net income is 210 crore and it operates 2.134 crore according to its latest financial reports. 


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Swiss pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India founded in the year 1958. It is W.H.O –G.M.P certified company exporting to various leading pharmaceutical companies . Over the years they have covered various regions around the world with their best products. They cover more than 700 products belonging to various several therapeutic segments  which includes cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics, anti-infective. They use extensive technology for the best production of their products and the creation of dosages. Their main aim is to provide the best health care services at affordable rates around the world.

The thing which makes them stand out in industry is that they always make sure to deliver high quality products , transfer of materials, manufacturing , packing or storage of finished goods . They have a zero-tolerance policy for the quality of products. They make sure to focus on quality assurance and quality control so that they can produce the highest quality of products and to meet the international standards as it has a huge impact on customers.


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Torrent pharmaceuticals is one of the leading Indian multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates owned by the torrent group. It was founded by U.N. Mehta in 1993. They are ranked as top leaders in the therapeutic segment of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and women health care. They also have a presence in oncology, pain management, diabetology. They are known to provide the best health care facilities at affordable prices. They  provide best, purified and qualified products in pharmaceutical industry to meet the problems related to human bodies . They manufacture more than 500 products that are highly qualified. They have made good investments in R&D for production and for reaching success in pharmaceutical industry. They strongly believe in providing the best and qualified medicines at reasonable prices to the patients.

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Nirma is a group of companies in the Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Ahmedabad. It produces detergents, soaps, cement ,cosmetics, salt, soda ash, LAB and injectables. It was founded by karsanbhai Patel in 1969. Niram is widely known all over India as one of the best detergents and soaps for washing. It is known for producing phosphate-free synthetic detergent powder. Over the years Nirma has become a major  household name and consumer brand producing variety of products from soaps and detergents to personal healthcare products. Nirma is one of the huge profitable companies  In India having around 25000 employees and a turnover of 20500 crore.



Elite pharma is one of the leading and fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in India. They are primarily focused on purchasing, marketing, producing of general category tablets, capsules, oral liquids, and dry powder as well as beta-lactam category tablets. They are on move to produce and provide best medicines and health care facilities for people at affordable ranges . It is one of the fastest-growing companies with aim to make improvements in medicines and health care. It’s annual turn over is around 5-10 crore.



Arvind is a textile manufacturing company founded in  1931. The company manufactures cotton shirts, denim, knits, and bottom weight. It was one of the 3rd largest denim manufacturers. They retails their own brands like flying machine, Newport and international brands which are licensed like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. They have expanded their business all around the world. With passing time they have produced variety of clothes like denims, shirting’s, khakis, voile, shirt, jeans under different brands. No doubt over the years they are known to produce to produce fine and best clothing products not only n India but all around the world. They have people employed 25,620 people. Due to its massive selling of clothes they generate revenue around 5,407 With net income of 318.85 crore.