Top 10 Richest Dentists in India in the Year 2024 

Top 10 Richest Dentists in India in the Year 2024 
Top 10 Richest Dentists in India in the Year 2024 
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Over the decades, the dental profession in India has seen a significant transition that has affected not just the medical treatments but also the economic standing of its practitioners.  By 2024, it will be clear that a small number of physicians are not only considered experts in their field but have also accumulated significant riches during their careers. By highlighting their amazing accomplishments and achievements in the dentistry business, we hope to throw a spotlight on the most successful ten wealthiest physicians within India in 2024. 

Nowadays, dentistry is an appealing field that brings together the love for helping others with the possibility of making a living. Before, most people believed that practicing medicine was a lovely profession that focused on oral hygiene and good oral health. This shift has been accelerated by the rising desire for better dental care, attractive enhancements, and a  growing understanding of oral hygiene among the Indian populace. 

By 2024, the dentistry industry in India is anticipated to be thriving due to the country’s modern infrastructure and tools, growing number of mouth experts, and growing number of customers who understand the value of maintaining a healthy mouth. Amidst this environment, some dentists have distinguished themselves as the wealthiest in the nation by showcasing not only their superior clinical abilities but also their outstanding commercial prowess. 

In the Indian dental belonging, these ten people stand for the height of achievement. In order to serve a varied audience, they have broadened their techniques, refined their art,  and leveraged their skills. Their experiences demonstrate that incredible economic achievement can result from effort, creativity, and an unrelenting devotion to consumer treatment, and they provide encouragement for individuals who aspire to become dentists as well as those working in the medical field more broadly. We shall delve into the lives of a  few extraordinary people, their dedication to dentistry, and the reasons for their considerable riches in the parts that followed. 

Top 10 Richest Dentists in India in the Year 2024:

Rank Dentist City Net Worth (USD)
Dr Ritika  MalhotraNew Delhi $20 million
Dr. Aman Popli Mumbai $15 million
Dr Ateksha  Bhardwaj  KhannaChennai $10 million
Dr Sarika  Chaudhry  SolankiBangalore $9 million
Dr Rajesh  KoppikarKolkata $8 million
Dr Uday  MukherjeeHyderabad $7 million
Dr Aman Ahuja Ahmedabad $6 million
Dr. Himanshu  DadlaniPune $5 million
Dr Neeraj  VermaJaipur $4 million
10 Dr Ritu  SharmaChandigarh $3 million

Dr Ritika Malhotra 

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• As of 2024, Dr. Ritika Malhotra is among the richest dentists in India.

• She has gained a great deal of riches with her dentistry profession and experience.

• Dr. Malhotra’s achievement has been aided by her standing as one of the best dentists in the field. 

• Her revenue has increased as a result of her extensive clientele and commitment to the sector. 

• Due to her wealth, Dr. Ritika Malhotra is one of the ten wealthiest dentists in India.

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• She is still making a good living as a dentist and is in good standing in her field. 

City: New Delhi 

Net Worth (USD): $20 million 

Speciality: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Malhotra Dental Clinic, one of the largest dental clinics in India. 

Dr. Aman Popli  

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• In 2024, Dr. Aman Popli is projected to be among the most prosperous dentists in India. 

• His accomplishment in the dentistry industry has made a substantial financial contribution. 

• Dr. Popli has a huge, happy customer population and is well-known for his competence.

• He built an effective dental clinic that caters to a wide range of patients.

• Due to his achievements in the dental business, Dr. Aman Popli is ranked amongst India’s  

most successful and wealthiest dentists in 2024, demonstrating his stature in the industry. 

City: Mumbai 

Net Worth (USD): $15 million 

Speciality: Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Popli Dental Clinic, a popular destination for celebrities and high-profile clients. 

Dr Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna 

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• One of the richest dentists among Indians in 2024 is Dr. Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna, who is well-known for her excellent oral surgery and professional accomplishments.

• Her riches have been accumulated via her skill and dedication to providing high-quality dental treatment. 

• She serves a wide range of clients in her flourishing business. 

• Dr. Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna is well-known amongst India’s leading practitioners thanks to her stellar track record and competence. 

• Her commitment to surgery and the treatment of patients is demonstrated by her monetary prosperity. 

City: Chennai 

Net Worth (USD): $10 million 

Speciality: Orthodontics. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Khanna Dental Clinic, a leading provider of orthodontic treatments in India. 

Dr Sarika Chaudhry Solanki  

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• Coming in early 2024, Dr. Sarika Chaudhry Solanki is among the ten wealthiest dentists in India. 

• Thanks to her company’s business sense and effective dentistry execution, she has accumulated a substantial amount of fortune. 

• Dr. Solanki is well known for her proficiency in a number of dental specializations.

• Her monetary prosperity has been attributed to her commitment to customer care and her flourishing hospital. 

• Her academic successes and affluence have made her a well-known personality in the  Indian dental business. 

• The fact that Dr. Solanki is wealthy is evidence of her superior dental skills.

City: Bangalore 

Net Worth (USD): $9 million 

Speciality: Pediatric Dentistry. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Solanki Dental Clinic, a specialized clinic for children and adolescents. 

Dr Rajesh Koppikar 

 Image Source: 

• As of 2024, Dr. Rajesh Koppikar is one of the ten wealthiest dentists in India.

• His lucrative dentistry profession has allowed him to accumulate a substantial amount of fortune. 

• Having a big and devoted customer foundation, he is well known for his competence.

• Dr. Koppikar has an excellent track record thanks to his dedication to providing high-quality dental care. 

• He is projected to be amongst India’s billionaire doctors in 2024, thanks to his career accomplishments and monetary prosperity. 

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• Dr. Rajesh Koppikar’s flourishing profession and status are a result of his commitment to dentistry. 

City: Kolkata 

Net Worth (USD): $8 million

Speciality: Endodontics. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Koppikar Dental Clinic, a renowned center for root canal treatments. 

Dr Uday Mukherjee 

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 Image Source: 

• As of 2024, Dr. Uday Mukherjee is among the richest dentists in India.

• His lucrative dentistry business has allowed him to amass a sizeable fortune.

• Renowned for his proficiency and patience, he sustains a flourishing hospital.

• Dr. Mukherjee has drawn well-known clientele due to his track record and expertise. • His achievement in the dental field has made him one of the top 10 wealthiest dentists in India. 

• The secret to Dr. Uday Mukherjee’s fortune has consisted of his unwavering commitment to his field. 

City: Hyderabad 

Net Worth (USD): $7 million 

Speciality: Prosthodontics. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Mukherjee Dental Clinic, a leading provider of dental implants and other prosthetic treatments. 

Dr Aman Ahuja 

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 Image Source: 

• Coming off 2024, Dr. Aman Ahuja is among the top 10 wealthiest dentists in India.

• His popularity as a dentist and his knowledge are credited for his fortune.

• Dr. Ahuja has prospered financially as a result of his solid standing in the dentistry community. 

• He is renowned for giving those he treats excellent dental treatment.

• He probably provides a range of orthodontic treatments and procedures.

• Dr. Aman Ahuja is now one of the greatest doctors in India because of his monetary prosperity. 

City: Ahmedabad 

Net Worth (USD): $6 million 

Speciality: Periodontics. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Ahuja Dental Clinic, a specialized clinic for gum diseases. 

Dr. Himanshu Dadlani  

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 Image Source:

• In 2024, Dr. Himanshu Dadlani is projected to be among the most prosperous dentists in  India. 

• His accomplishment as a dentist has made a substantial contribution to his fortune.

• He has amassed a sizable clientele and a profitable profession thanks to his reputation for competence. 

• Due to his personal wealth, Dr. Dadlani is now ranked amongst the top 10 wealthiest dentists in India. 

• His accomplishments in enterprise, as well as his commitment to dentistry, have served as major contributors to his wealth.  

City: Pune 

Net Worth (USD): $5 million 

Speciality: Implantology. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Dadlani Dental Clinic, a renowned center for dental implants. 

Dr Neeraj Verma  

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 Image Source: 

• Among the most wealthy ten wealthiest dentists in India in 2024 is Dr. Neeraj Verma.

• His lucrative dentistry profession is the main source of his fortune. 

• Due to Dr. Verma’s standing in the industry, he has a sizable patience.

• His monetary prosperity is a result of providing patients with excellent dental treatment and happiness. 

• His dental business has grown because of his recognition for proficiency and dedication to maintaining a healthy mouth. 

• One of the most well-known dentists in India is Dr. Neeraj Verma. 

City: Jaipur 

Net Worth (USD): $4 million 

Speciality: Oral Pathology. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Verma Dental Clinic, a specialized clinic for oral diseases and cancer.

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Dr Ritu Sharma  

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 Image Source: 

• As of 2024, Dr. Ritu Sharma is one of the ten wealthiest dentists in India.

• Her lucrative dentistry profession has allowed her to accumulate significant riches.

• Dr. Sharma has a large clientele and is well-known for her dentistry skills.

• Her monetary prosperity may be attributed to her dedication to providing outstanding services and treatment for patients. 

• Dr. Ritu Sharma’s commitment to perfection in her career has made her one of the richest dentists in India in 2024, despite competition. 

• Alibaba’s influence on the B2B scene in India will not diminish by 2024.

City: Chandigarh 

Net Worth (USD): $3 million 

Speciality: Dental Radiography. 

Notable Achievements: Founder and Director of Sharma Dental Clinic, a leading provider of dental imaging services. 


Q: Within 2024, who will be the wealthiest dentist in India? 

A: The position in question belongs to Dr. Ritika Malhotra. 

Q: Who in their right mind is Dr. Aman Popli, and what is his net worth for working as a  dentist? 

A: One of the wealthiest dentists in the field is Dr. Aman Popli. 

Q: Are dentist Dr. Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna among the wealthiest in India?

A: Indeed, Dr. Ateksha Bhardwaj Khanna is one of the wealthiest dentists in the world.

Q: Explain to me about the occupation and fortune of Dr. Sarika Chaudhary Solanki?

A: In India, a rich dentist named Dr. Sarika Chaudhry Solanki. 

Q: What is Dr. Rajesh Koppikar’s name and his net worth in India? 

A: Dr. Rajesh Koppikar is one of India’s wealthiest dental professionals.

Q: What is the professional life and financial status of Dr. Uday Mukherjee at this time?

A: Dr. Uday Mukherjee has developed into a rich and wealthy individual dentist around India.

Q: Was orthodontist Dr. Aman Ahuja among the wealthiest in India? 

A: It’s true that Dr. Aman Ahuja is among India’s wealthiest dentists. 

Q: What sort of personality and which style of entrepreneur is Dr. Himanshu Dadlani?

A: India’s Dr. Himanshu Dadlani is a highly affluent dentist. 

Q: Explain to readers regarding the ranking of Dr. Neeraj Verma amongst the wealthiest doctors in India? 

A: Amongst the wealthiest ten wealthiest dentists globally is Dr. Neeraj Verma.

Q: What is the financial and professional position of Dr. Ritu Sharma?

A: One of the wealthiest dentists among Indians is Dr. Ritu Sharma.


The following list of the one-tenth of the wealthiest dentists from India in 2024 is a tribute to the amazing possibilities and prospects in the dental sector, particularly in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of medical treatment and business. These persons have additionally become experts in their field, but they have also used their knowledge and passion for entrepreneurship to gain significant fortune. 

In India, the dentistry field has expanded significantly, with a growing focus on cosmetics and dental wellness. This progress has been greatly influenced by the greatest dentists, who frequently combine their knowledge of dentistry with financial savvy. They have built prosperous dental offices, dentistry shackles, and colleges and universities, all of which have improved the nation’s oral healthcare system as a whole. 

The ten wealthiest dentists in 2024 are role models for prospective dental practitioners in addition to being symbols of achievement financially. Their experiences 

serve as a powerful reminder of the value of devotion, ingenuity, and high-quality treatment for patients. 

These people also go beyond the confines of their respective clinics. They have been heavily involved in charitable activities that improve dental treatment for marginalized groups and raise consciousness about oral health issues. Their achievements have a greater effect on society and go above accumulating riches. 

In conclusion, the ten wealthiest physicians in India in 2024 represent the possibility for dentists to act as mentors to the upcoming next phase of dental professionals.  Their accomplishments demonstrate venture capital, interdisciplinary knowledge, and a  dedication to improving oral medical treatment, influencing the direction of orthodontics within India going forward. 

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