Top 10 tips to save a fortune on your flight bookings

flight bookings
flight bookings

This post was most recently updated on September 8th, 2022

The price of tickets is always a thing to consider when you are up for a vacation. No doubt, flying is the most comfortable mode of transport0ation and is the finest and quickest means to get anywhere, but it is often costly. We spend more than half of our travel budget on airline tickets. But not to worry, several strategies can lessen the sting of expensive and low-cost flight ticket booking to anywhere. Here is a list of 10 strategies to reduce airline ticket costs. Although some of these won’t always work, they can occasionally prove to be amazingly effective.

1. Avoid booking in the holiday season

Booking flights during the holiday season is not recommended. If you fly when everyone else is flying, your ticket will be more expensive, and the entire burden will fall on your wallet.

The ticket cost might vary significantly based on the day of the week, the season, or impending holidays celebrated abroad or at home, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Diwali, or Eid. Everybody wants vacation to be warm in the winter and cold in the summers.

2. Search Individual Ticket Prices

It’s best to avoid looking for or purchasing many tickets at once if you have a trip planned with friends or family. Learn a secret! Airlines always display the most expensive ticket prices if you order a group of tickets; if you do, you’ll have to pay extra money in the end.

Airlines offer a wide range of ticket prices based on many variables. When they combine tickets, the prices posted in the most expensive fare bucket are often what they charge when they sell tickets in the costliest fare bucket.

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3. Choose early morning or late-night flights

You can also choose an early-morning or late-night flight ticket booking to Bangalore because they are less expensive, and fewer people choose to fly at those times because no one likes to get up early. Because most business travellers fly on Fridays and Mondays, those days are more expensive.

4. Cover up your IP address

In airline companies, dynamic pricing strategies are used. The price for the same seat on the same flight could be different for two people, and the cost of flights varies from one country to another similarly. If you’d want an example, consider that if you were purchasing a flight from the US, you could have to pay a greater price than someone buying it from India (since INR is cheaper than the USD).

Therefore, hiding your device’s IP address can help you find the most affordable seat by hiding its location. One thing to keep in mind is that while this tactic is not illegal, some airline companies do not allow it.

5. Use incognito mode for booking a ticket.

As part of their “dynamic pricing” strategy, airline websites track your search with browser cookies. You can avoid that trap and find a cheap flight ticket booking to Bangalore by clearing the cache and cookies on your browser.

The greatest thing you can do for similar results is to choose your browser’s incognito mode. Remember to give it a go.

6. Avoid to fly on weekends

 The flying off-season is your best bet in these circumstances. Start looking for alternate dates to take advantage of the perfect day. Finding a cost-effective bargain will be less likely the more rigid your plans are.

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Since most people travel on the weekends and airlines raise their charges then, it is often less expensive to fly in the middle of the week than during the weekend. If you fly after or on a significant holiday, costs are lower.

7. Explore and research

Avoid choosing the first airline ticketing choice you see online. Never attempt it since you cannot find affordable tickets with it.

Before purchasing fight tickets, be a savvy traveller and explore additional ticket options. Always make sure to shop around for the best prices and possibilities before reserving your seat on the plane. For help locating the best rate, there are a few well-known flight ticket booking to Bangalore fare aggregators like Priceline & Skyscanner. You can also find the best bargain by visiting the airline’s official website.

Choose non-refundable tickets if you are certain about your vacation plans!

8. Go for connecting flights

Who would want to arrive in Delhi before catching a flight ticket booking to Bangalore? Nobody wants to devote so much time to travelling. But what if you are aware that you may save money? You did read it correctly. Few people are aware of how reasonably priced connecting flights are. So choosing it could result in significant financial savings for you.

9. Use Loyalty Credits

Most of the bank’s credit and debit cards include unique travel points that you may use to lower the price of airline tickets.

The airlines employ a few strategies to show appreciation for their devoted patrons. Most airlines provide their frequent fliers “Travel or Miles Credits” that can be used to make future reservations.

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10. Compare the price of tickets through travel websites.

Always compare the prices of flights before booking through various websites to ensure you grab the best deal. Use as much coupon codes, bank offers and travel point as you can to cut down to the lowest price available.

In other words, if you haven’t decided where you’re going yet, and you want to see where you can fly to for the lowest price, all you have to do is touch or input EVERYWHERE in the Destination area.


Our goal is to outwit the “dynamic pricing structure” of the largest airlines, and we think it’s not as challenging as we initially believed. Therefore, keep the 10 tips mentioned above in mind the next time you purchase a flight for yourself or your friends to discover the most excellent deal.

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