Offbeat Career Options after Pursuing Bachelor of Arts

Offbeat Career Options after Pursuing Bachelor of Arts
Offbeat Career Options after Pursuing Bachelor of Arts
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Do you know that if you are pursuing Bachelor in Arts, then you have a huge list of offbeat career options to choose from? Kalinga University is one of the universities in Raipur offering a Bachelor in Arts. Kalinga University has one of the top BA college in Raipur, cherishing students to opt for some contrasting and upstanding careers. Well, you have numerous career options in various fields after choosing BA including Academics, Advertising, Liberal arts, market research, media, mass communications, and many more.

Here is the list with a detailed description of some Offbeat Career Options after pursuing a Bachelor’s in Arts. Read thoroughly to know what career option will suit you the best.

  • Liberal Arts:

 Liberal Arts is an approach to empowering individuals to deal with complexity and diversity. Liberal arts include the study of literature, history, psychology, creative arts, and sociology. Students of BA are not only excellent in their subjects, but they are excellent communicators and writers too.

           This Stream is absolutely good for the students who love dealing with the complexities of the world. BA graduates who enjoy both Science and Arts can pursue this offbeat Career. If you are the one pursuing BA from an Arts college in Raipur, then this is the best career option for you.

  • Mass Communication

Another popular and interesting career option after pursuing Bachelor in Arts is Mass Communication. BA graduates with good communication and presentation skills are considered fit for the role. There are several good university in Chhattisgarh, offering Bachelor of Arts, one of which is Kalinga University.

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Professional courses in mass communication can open doors for highly paid jobs like editing, direction, journalism, public relations, and scriptwriting. A Bachelor of communication and journalism, and a bachelor’s in mass communication are the two courses to choose from after BA.

  • Culinary Arts

A degree in Bachelor of Arts helps broaden perspective and cultivates deep learning. Another best career option after pursuing BA is Culinary Arts. Culinary art refers to the art of preparing, cooking, and serving food. This is one of the most popular and attractive career options for the young generation around the world.

Students who wish to opt for culinary as a career option can choose professional culinary degrees that include techniques like roasting, braising, seasoning, knife skills, and basic recipes.

  • Fashion Designing

Fashion is something that is never out of fashion! Fashion designing is the most popular and in all-time demand career option. BA graduates with creative styling and originality can opt for this amazing career option.

Designing world is not just about designing dresses rather it includes interior designing and décor, jewelry designing, interior product designing, textile designing, and communication designing too. This is one of the best career options if you have a great hand in creativity.

  • Language Courses

Ever dreamt of speaking foreign languages? Joining language courses can help you get jobs in tourism, the entertainment sector, diplomatic services, public relation, and embassies.

Today, many multinational firms are hiring candidates with excellent skills in German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese. After pursuing Bachelor in Arts, joining foreign language courses would come up in a big way. If you already have a spark for cultivating new ideas and culture then go for the foreign language courses.

  • Event Management
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Event management is another good career option after pursuing a bachelor’s in arts. This course teaches you to organize and manage successful events. Good communication and managing skills are of utmost importance to pursue this career.

Event management is all about effectively executing, managing, and organizing all kinds of events. There are many colleges offering Event management certificates and diploma courses. After completing the Event management course you can easily find a job in the public domain, hospitality management, tourism, and sales.

  • Creative Writing

Are you too intrigued by the creativity of the writers? Creative writing includes various forms of writing like essays, prose, memoirs, journals, and poetry. If you are someone who loves to play with words then you are best suited for this career option.

Various foreign colleges are offering full-time creative writing courses. You can find various workshops, certificate courses, and online creative writing courses in India. Aspiring writers are taught the basics of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Go for this career option if you have an exquisite hand in writing and creativity.

  • Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is one of the coolest professions for graduates of BA. This career option is suitable for individuals inclining technical dexterity. If you blend creative skills and technical knowledge, this offbeat career option can take you to heights.

A career in graphic designing will further help you explore world-class opportunities in the corporates and the entertainment sector. Arts graduate is perfect for this career, apart from a specialty in their subjects, they are quick developers, great communicators, and excellent writers.

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The above-mentioned career options are off-centric and invincible. If you have a hand in creativity and designing, and if you love to think differently then these offbeat career options are definitely for you! There are various colleges and universities in Chattisgarh offering courses to pursue the above-mentioned career options. If you are currently pursuing Bachelor in Arts or have already completed it then give this post a thorough read, and choose the best-suited career option to escape the ordinary!

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