Top 4 DIY Skills that You Could Turn Into a Business
Top 4 DIY Skills that You Could Turn Into a Business

Top 4 DIY Skills that You Could Turn Into a Business

This post was most recently updated on December 15th, 2021

DIY skills are skills, don’t let anyone tell you different, and that means that like any other skill they have the potential to be monetized. There are plenty of different areas of DIY that you might want to turn into a business, which is why this article aims to highlight a handful of DIY businesses that you could start today.

Creating Cheap Tabletop Props

If you have a 3D printer or the ability to sculpt, and some painting skills, then you would be able to create some really high-quality props for a tabletop game, such as DND, for a fairly low price. This is key because you’ll also be able to sell them fairly cheaply and still make a profit.

What You’ll Need. To get yourself set up, you’re going to need any necessary supplies to craft the props, i.e. a 3D printer and printing plastic, as well as paint and any tools you’ll need to paint your props properly. Once you’re set up to produce the props, all you need to do is set up a store online and start working to put your orders out.


If you’re good at making furniture and other interesting works of wood, then you can probably find a fairly sizable market of people online who are willing to pay a pretty penny to have you make something for them. To do this properly, however, there are a few things you would need.

What You’ll Need. To start with, you would need a proper workshop set up in order to allow you to work quickly, and efficiently, on your orders without having your workspace disrupted by family. Second, you would need plenty of supplies to work with, from companies such as https://tradefixdirect.com/. Finally, you will need a website from which you can offer your services and sell pre-made pieces that you have lying around.


Similarly, if you are skilled with modelling clay or a chisel and stone, there are almost certainly going to be people who will want to buy something custom made by you.

What You’ll Need. To do this, you will need plenty of supplies and a solid workspace. It is up to your whether your workspace is entirely separated from your family or not. However, you will need a website, or at least a storefront, from which you can sell your services.


Finally, people love a good bit of homemade pottery. They love them even more when they are beautiful and personalized. So, if you are looking to get your pottery hobby to become something more like a pottery business, then you might want to consider offering a custom-made pottery service.

What You’ll Need. Again, you will need a place to work on your craft uninterrupted for this to become possible, as well as a website that allows you and your customers to discuss the details of your orders. Lastly, you will need to find a reliable shipping service that will treat your packages carefully as well as plenty of package padding material.



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