Top 4 Reasons Technology is Streamlining Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry
Top 4 Reasons Technology is Streamlining Cannabis Industry

This post was most recently updated on June 24th, 2022

If you are one of those people enthused about the growing popularity of the cannabis industry, you’d be happy to know that technology plays a huge role in the process. besides making medical marijuana a lot more accessible to people, technology is contributing to the growth of the most trusted seed banks and other aspects.

Given the rising demand in the mass market, there has been a range of scientific breakthroughs that involve minimal processing, along with extensive growth of different genres of products that the people are indulging in. This article will highlight the influence of technology in the cannabis industry.

DNA sequencing

Before you think DNA sequencing is a process only limited to animals, that’s not the case. Cannabis has a plethora of different strains available. Some of them have high THC while a few others are high in CBD. The use of modern genomics makes it easier to regulate the robustness of the products by tapping into the true potential of the strain.

Having access to the concept of DNA sequencing also provides the growers and the cannabis industry a clear blueprint of the chemical composition of the strains and how they influence the mind and body.

Personalized products

People have differing needs when it comes to smoking or taking marijuana. Some do it for recreational purposes while a few others need the medicinal benefits of the same. Every strain’s biochemistry is different, which is one of the areas where technology comes in. 

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Not only does it streamline the better understanding of each strain, but it also clarifies the intensity of each of them to ensure that every consumer is aware of the impacts. Personalization enables cannabis enthusiasts to get products that cater to their needs and likes.

Tailored growing lights

When it comes to growing marijuana individually, one of the biggest challenges is to maintain light settings. Technology has made than easier, especially by producing a plethora of effective growing wide-spectrum lights. 

These cater to the needs of the strains and scale the indoor growth without consuming a lot of electricity or getting super-heated. The introduction of LED technology has revolutionized the marijuana growth in homes and indoors, which we knew we had to credit here.

App-based selling

Long gone are the days when people sneaked and sold marijuana. It has gained legalities across multiple countries, making it easier for people to get access to the right quality products without any compromise. With this, the growth of app-based retail has gone up too. Modern dispensaries are easy to order from, not to mention that they offer a quick, discrete and needful process to get through the selling process. 

If you didn’t think about the impact of technology in the cannabis industry, we hope this article opens your eyes. Remember that these are just the initial impacts. The list of benefits is ever-expanding, not to mention that technology is constantly growing too. So, you are bound to experience a lot more difference down the line.

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