Top 7 Agencies Which Provide the Best Resume Writing Services in India

Looking for the best resume writing services in India? Look no further! Check out our list of the top 7 agencies that will help you land your dream job. Get Started Today!
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The world has become very modern and advanced with the development of AI. Every sector has been affected by it, and so has the hiring sector. Many AI tools, new technologies, and new requirements have evolved to make hiring candidates faster, easier, and more efficient. Due to this, unlike earlier times, when a person could write his own resume and CV and get a job. This is not possible anymore, and thus, looking for a resume writing agency and a CV writing agency is one of the best decisions you can make. So let us see the top agencies providing the best resume writing services in India and all around the world.

Top 7 agencies providing resume and CV writing services in India


Writrox was started by Mr. Rahul Ranjan, and they have been in the industry for 7 years. What makes them top this list is that they believe that resumes need to adapt not only to the bots and AI algorithms but also to the subconscious minds of recruiters.

Thus, their resumes are not only approved by the bots but also liked by the recruiters. Other reasons that make them top the list are their extensive support and complete package that any candidate would need, from resumes to cover letters, LinkedIn profiles for entry-level and intermediate candidates, to even executive resume writing services

Not only this, but even their team consists of people with expertise and 10- 15 years of experience, which proves the 14.7 rating and the 13,500+ happy clients from over 40+ countries. And all this at very affordable packages from entry level to executive level.

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Avon resumes

Avon Resumes is also a very good agency that provides resume and CV writing services. It has been in the industry for years and has helped many candidates get their dream job. They have a very strong team, which makes them capable of serving candidates with amazing results. Their support system is also very good and promises confidentiality assurance, excellent quality, 24×7 global sales support, and even career solutions.

Their pricing packages change as per your industry, level of expertise, and years of experience in the industry. Their price range is affordable, just like Writrox’s.


CVDesignR has been in the industry since 2016. In these 6+ years, they have crafted around 3,500,000 resumes with an over 90% user satisfaction rate. The drawback of CVdesignR is that if you want an expert whom you can just pay and who will create your resume with all the experience and technical knowledge, then it is not so. CVdesignR gives you a lot of templates, both free and paid, and you have to create your resume yourself. Yet it is good, and a person with good knowledge of ATS bots and the subconscious expectations of recruiters can create a good resume with their templates.


Make My Resume is also a very good agency that provides resume writing services in India. It has covered + more cities and has clients from over 30 countries. They offer very good services, from resumes to LinkedIn profiles, LORs, SOPs, and executive bio writing services.  They have also given very good results to their clients.

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Apart from all this MakeMyResume also provides mock interviews to help you crack the interviews and even career counseling to help you choose the right career at the right time.


Resumezest is another very good agency that has provided excellent resume-writing services in India for many years. Their resumes are very much ATS compatible. They also offer a 2 months interview guarantee. Resume writing agencies like Writrox have given interviews to their clients in around a month.

Not only this, but they also provide unlimited revisions for up to 7 days after the final delivery, and you can get your resume in either PDF format or in Word. And like Writrox and others, it also provides one on consultation to its customers before getting to know you


Mentoorrd has provided very good services to its clients and has a very popular name on a global level. It provides very good resume writing services in India and has a very efficient team of resume writers. Apart from ATS-compatible resumes, they also provide one-on-one consultations to their clients.

Mentorrd aims to provide candidates with resumes that help them get out of the rat race and also an analysis of their resumes at portals full of experts who will point out the incorrections and also correct them. So that you get a flawless, rejection-proof resume.


A well-written resume can help you get your dream job faster, and all these agencies provide leading resume writing services in India and abroad as well. We suggest you choose Writrox, but you should research all these resume writing agencies by yourself and choose the one that suits you the best. To know more about Writrox or other websites, you can visit their website today.

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