How Professional Derma Roller Treatment Lifts Deep Acne Scars?

Acne Scar
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Micro needling is a safe and effective pimple marks removal treatment option that works by stimulating your body’s natural wound healing processes to fade acne scars.

Derma rolling is an affordable and straightforward at-home option to treat acne scarring that works on all skin types – even those who may have severe scarring.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a cosmetic device with multiple needles used to produce small puncture wounds on the skin that trigger its natural healing processes, prompting new collagen fibre formation in their place. When your body senses these wounds, its body-healing system immediately begins to repair them by creating new collagen fibres in their place, says our dermatologist in Mumbai.

Once this new layer of collagen has established itself, scar tissue no longer manifests, making derma rolling for acne scars an effective treatment option.

Ideal needle length for treating acne scars should be 1.0mm so as to penetrate through even the deepest part of a scar and initiate new collagen formation beneath. Longer needles may cause bleeding; therefore they should only be used clinical settings.

The Derma Roller is an affordable, do-it-yourself home treatment with numerous advantages that has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and safety. It can also be used for transdermal drug delivery that assists in skin rejuvenation and scar reduction.

How does derma roller work?

Derma rollers meant for acne scar treatment are designed to create microscopic punctures on the skin that stimulate collagen production. This micro puncture process can improve skin texture, diminish fine lines and scars, as well as diminish acne pigmentation caused by pimples.

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At home, this procedure can be completed simply by rolling the device over the areas to be treated. Each needle on the roller head has been fixed at an approximate depth of 0.3 mm or lower so you manually roll over them for pinpricks on your skin.

Before beginning to derma rolling, be sure to cleanse your face using 70% isopropyl alcohol and a gentle cleanser to remove makeup or oils. Depending on your pain threshold, numbing cream may be applied directly onto the area being treated.

After derma rolling, apply a serum and follow it up with moisturiser. Your serums should include ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacin amide to assist the skin’s own repair process, while still being easily absorbed deep into microchannel created after derma rolling – the open microchannel will enable these skincare products to penetrate more readily than ever before!

Does derma roller work for acne scars?

If you seek pimple marks removal, derma rollers can help them fade faster by stimulating the natural healing process and inducing collagen production – both of which contribute to diminishing their appearance.

Treatments that target your skin texture may also help, though you must be patient and follow the recommended frequency.

To achieve optimal results, select a derma roller with 0.75-1mm needle lengths for shallow acne scars and 1.5-2 millimetres needle depths for deeper ones, rolling once every week.

Or you could try using a derma roller that features microneedles Inject MTS Derma Roller 0.25mm featuring surgical-grade stainless steel needles on 10 independently rotating discs – this tool can help reduce acne scars, blackheads, sun damage and pigmentation by opening microchannel in your skin’s surface to encourage product absorption.

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Is derma roller permanent?

Derma rollers are safe to use if used correctly and hygienically, and can deliver noticeable results. However, for deeper acne scarring issues you may require professional assistance, says our celebrity dermatologist in Mumbai.

Micro needling is an effective natural way to diminish scars as it activates your body’s own healing mechanisms, leading to collagen fibres replacing old scar tissue thereby significantly diminishing their appearance.


Your dermatologist will determine which needle length will be most effective for addressing your particular scarring issue. In general, 0.5mm derma rollers work well for light scarring while 1 mm rollers tend to work best when treating deeper acne scars.

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