Top and Best Mobile App Development Companies in UK
Top and Best Mobile App Development Companies in UK

Top and Best Mobile App Development Companies in UK

This post was most recently updated on March 20th, 2020

In today’s era of digitalization, mobile applications have become vital for any business. Businesses around the world, be it the United Kingdom or any other country require applications to be developed for expansion and growth. You might have an amazing idea regarding your business or an application that can further simplify the customer experience, but struggling to find a good, reliable developer? Well, worry not.

We are here with a comprehensive list of app development companies in the United Kingdom that can help you decide where to invest. A good app developer will be able to deliver an application that shall be user-friendly and appropriate. A lot goes into making a successful application. Therefore, if you go through the list given under, you might be able to pinpoint your desired needs and features that these companies provide:


LabA global software company that is focused on multi-platform software and device innovation, Hedgehog Lab has six branches across three continents along with its headquarters in London. Its former clients include Mitsubishi Motors, Santander Bank, Financial Times and EDF Energy and have managed to create groundbreaking apps for a large Norwegian energy company. The apps they create are made with such precision and creativity that targets key audiences.
Awards: Outstanding Performance in International Growth, Commendable Design 2013, Drum Design Awards, and many more.

2.DCSL Software

One of the most efficient bespoke software development companies with over 100 employees. They are focused to design cost-effective, intuitive applications, web and mobile applications that help you streamline processes for businesses. DCSL can also create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses. A company that has been in business for over twenty-six years, it has managed to become trusted partners through delivering software with brands like Virgin Media, Water Aid, Ikea and many more. Winner of the United Kingdom, IT Industry Awards 2018 in organizational excellence, the company seeks to offer client-friendly applications to flourishing businesses.
Awards: UK IT Industry Awards, Inspire Awards: Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2016), and many more.

3.Good core Software

Founded in 2005vand based in Croydon, UK, it is one of the leading software companies that specialize in bespoke software development. With an efficient team of 50 employees, the company offers web and mobile app development to startups and businesses in the same manner. One of its notable achievements would include transforming a paper-based entity, NHS to a searchable online system for patients. Only with a specification and brief, Good core was able to deliver a detailed system in the form of a mobile application.
Clients: Post Office Malaysia, SWIFT, Securities Commission of Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism, and Electric Utility Company.

4.The Distance App Developers

A mobile application development company based in London with an additional office in York, United Kingdom. They have been creating applications since the first iPhone was launched and have closely worked with a wide range of brands from household names to global enterprises. To suit every individual client, Distance goes the extra mile and designed it accordingly.
Clients: NHS, Bentley, PGA Tour, and Virgin Trains.


Founded in 2003, the company specializes in developing fantastically polished applications. They are a Multi BAFTA award-winning Digital Studio that seeks to work with you and make digital products that can set your brand apart. Its notable project would include working for a cyber-security firm to develop an application that could replace the spreadsheet-based assessment methodology and instead perform the same task.
Clients: NHS, Admiral Insurance, Jaguar, BBC London, and Thales.

6.3-Sided Cube

A mobile app and digital development agency, based in the United Kingdom leading the technology industry since its inception in 2009. They mainly try and collaborate with international clients and new startups for digital solutions, be it a mobile application or website or wearable or an Alexa Skill, it has it all. The company developed an app for disaster management and preparedness to assist in communication during such haphazard. They merely used location-based targeting and emergency alerts to respond and recover people from all kinds of disasters. The awardee of the Best Health App, they have pioneered their way into the market through some very happy clients.
Clients: LUSH, Nordstorm, Boots, ASPCA, and American Red Cross.

7.Sonin App Development

Based in Reigate, England and founded in 2008, Sonin is an exemplary mobile app development agency. They closely worked with Ashcourt to transform the student experience through award-winning student bespoke property management apps for landlords. They also went on to develop a very user-friendly application and website custom afterlife messages service. Their technical competence is very impressive and reliable. The Gold Mobile App award-winning company has a name due to its developers who are experts in their field and help build a dedicated, multi-disciplined team to work throughout the process.
Clients: Redzone, Elanco, and Tatlin.


A comprehensive team of experts over 200 workings in the Google certified Agency, STRV, software design, and engineering company. Dating back to 2004, the company offers app and web development, UX/UI, web design and app testing through delivery and team augmentation engagements. They work with big and small clients including the financial sector, e-commerce and education sector and nearly creating 70 plus apps annually. STRV developed a smart fragrance app for iOS and Android touching aspects that have never been touched before in the industry. They are known for their unique services and dedicated team effort in delivering the best IT solutions for you.
Clients: Hallmark, LegalZoom, ClassDojo, The Athletic, Boosted Boards, Rich Uncles, and Microsoft.


Another noted app development company, founded in 2005 empowering digital solutions to enterprise-level and small companies, alike. With deliverables mostly on the back-end, the clients value the estimable coding skills, rapid completion time and commitment to quality of the services they provide. Based in Boston, although it has offices in London, Australia, San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, and Washington DC. They seek to become the thread that ties a founder with an idea to product owners, at large enterprises with the digital-led approach.
Clients: Tile, SplitFit, Code Climate, LevelUp, and LOLA.


A relatively recent entry into the industry, founded in 2010 is Magora, a powerful team of web and mobile developers based in London. The company is enabled to create bespoke software, be it for B2B or B2C that united with the existing business solutions in order to enable user-centered integration and scalable software architecture. Their notable clients are Toyota, Cisco, Danone, and Unilever. They are highly responsive and active in terms of communications.

As mobile solutions are becoming essential for business success, the UK’s wealth of app development initiatives is increasingly evident. To benefit you to search for the best, we have laid down a detailed list of app developers in the market mostly based on customer feedback. Use this list to read testimonials, collect crucial information, and survey your competitors.



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