Top 10 Digital Payment Country in the World in the Year 2024

Top 10 Digital Payment Country in the World in the Year 2024
Top 10 Digital Payment Country in the World in the Year 2024


As 2024 approaches, we are in the middle of a technological shift. As a result of scientific improvements, changing consumer tastes, and the desire for more access to finance, we saw an unprecedented civilization. Identifying the top 10 nations leading electronic payments in 2024 in this quickly changing environment is crucial. 

These countries have an impressive willingness to embrace digital payment systems but have additionally utilized the information to improve them. We will look into the element’s effectiveness in electronic payment methods in this investigation. 

The year 2024 marks the economic history of the world when electronic transactions have gone away from extravagance to a necessity of daily existence. Numerous causes, such as the COVID-19 epidemic, which raised the market for untouchable electronic payments globally, have expedited this shift. The digitalization of payments has also had a knock-on effect on financial infrastructure, client spending, and public policy. 

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As we begin our mission to determine the countries that will see the greatest gains with electronic payments in 2024, we’ll look at the crucial elements that led to the development of monetary technology ecosystems, the widespread use of smartphones, and a fierce commitment to financial independence. We will also assess how these ways of paying electronically will impact each nation’s financial benefits, including how they will increase credibility, lower management costs, and foster peace of mind. 

This research of the top 10 countries reveals that, despite setting higher performance standards for international electronic payment systems in 2024, nothing in cash will be transferred in these countries in the next decades.

Top 10 Digital Payment Country in the World in the Year 2024: 

Rank Country Digital Payment  Penetration Rate in  2024 (%)When it is  startedWho started it
India 87.6 2009 NPCI
China 86.4 2011 Alibaba
South  Korea85.2 2012 Kakao
Thailand 84.0 2013 BOT
United  Kingdom82.8 2014 Apple
Nigeria 81.6 2015 Paga
Japan 80.4 2016 Yahoo Japan
Brazil 79.2 2017 Itau Unibanco
USA 78.0 2015 PayPal
10 Mexico 76.8 2019 Banxico


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• In terms of digital transactions, India will keep taking over the world in 2024.

• India’s digital payment environment is booming because of many people and quickly developing technologies.

• Government programs, including UPI along with e-wallets, have revolutionized business and made electronic payment methods commonplace. 

• India is among the most popular electronic payment economies around the world because of a thriving fintech sector and rising smartphone adoption. 

• The country’s society without currency continues to be a success. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 87.6 

When it is started: 2009. 

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Which payment method is usually used: UPI. 

Who started it: NPCI. 


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• China will dominate online banking in 2024 because of its sophisticated electronic systems and easy mobile payment methods. 

• The two biggest companies, Alipay and WeChat Pay offer paperless purchases.

• The Chinese government’s backing for digital money helps the nation’s rise to importance. These online payment channels are Chinese consumers and enterprises,  establishing China as a market pioneer in this area. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 86.4 

When it started: 2011. 

Which payment method is usually used: Alipay. 

Who started it: Alibaba. 

South Korea 

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South Korea stands in the top 10 countries for digital payments generally in 2024.

• As a result of the nation’s quick adoption of electronic forms of payment, dealings in cash are becoming less and less common. 

• A variety of methods of electronic payment, including bar code settlements and contact-free cards, are supported by South Korea. 

• Authorities and alliances with IT firms have sped up the implementation of digital.

• South Korea is a global leader in electronic transactions because of its proficiency in technology populace and practical payment methods. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 85.2 

When it started: 2012. 

Which payment method is usually used: KakaoPay. 

Who started it: Kakao. 


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• Thailand has a slot reserved in the leading ten rankings of nations accepting digital payments in 2024. 

• Thai customers frequently utilize online services and portable wallets for making payments. 

• The booming digital payments market in Thailand is a result of governmental measures and a developing financial environment. 

• The online payment choices’ availability, simplicity, and confidentiality have catapulted Thailand into among the highest ten globally. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 84.0 

When it started: 2013. 

Which payment method is usually used: PromptPay. 

Who started it: BOT. 

United Kingdom 

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• The United Kingdom is a standout on this compilation of among the best ten nations for digital payments in 2024 thanks to its sophisticated electronic systems and extensive use of these techniques, which have made it a world pioneer. Digital transactions are safe and effective thanks to the UK’s strict regulatory environment. 

• Its top-tier standing is a result of several options for electronic payments, such as portable wallets and frictionless purchases.  

• The nation’s dedication to financial technology development further cemented its position as one of the world’s leaders in digital payments. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 82.8 

When it started: 2014. 

Which payment method is usually used: Apple Pay. 

Who started it: Apple. 


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• In 2024, Nigeria will become a significant participant in the world of digital payments.

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• Due to rising smartphone adoption and financial advancements, the nation is seeing an upsurge in digital payments. 

• Nigerian financial technology companies that provide safe and practical digital methods of payment are recognized internationally for their work. 

• An ideal setting for the expansion of digital payments is fostered by the Reserve Bank of  Nigeria’s legislative assistance. 

• Nigeria’s presence among the most prominent ten online payment nations is a reflection of the country’s quick embrace of electronic money and transactions that do not require cash. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 81.6 

When it started: 2015. 

Which payment method is usually used: Paga. 

Who started it: Paga.



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Japan will rank amongst the most prominent ten electronic payment economies around the world in 2024 thanks to its quick uptake of electronic currencies and payment applications, which has completely changed the country’s economic environment. 

• For peace of mind and safety, Japanese customers and business entities now significantly depend on electronic payment systems. 

• The development of Japan’s online banking environment has been further pushed by government efforts and collaborations with financial technology companies.

• Japan is well-positioned to maintain its position as a worldwide leader in payment technology because of its solid foundation and knowledge about the technology populace. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 80.4 

When it started: 2016. 

Which payment method is usually used: PayPay. 

Who started it: Yahoo Japan. 


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• In 2024, Brazil will rank amongst the top 10 nations for digital payments worldwide.

• The country has seen a quick move toward electronic money transactions, with an increase in the use of handheld wallets as well as Internet banking methods.

• Brazil’s position in the world of digital payments is a result of government programs encouraging the inclusion of digital finances. 

• A strong electronic money environment has been cultivated in the nation as a result of partnerships between technological innovators and major banks. 

• Brazil’s inclusion in the most recent top 10 globally is further supported by the embrace of revolutionary electronic payment systems. 

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 79.2 

When it started: 2017. 

Which payment method is usually used: PicPay. 

Who started it: Itau Unibanco. 


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• The United States will continue to lead the world in digital payments in 2024 thanks to its sophisticated banking system, broad use of electronic purses, and usage of transaction applications.  

• A strong regulatory framework promotes peace of mind in electronic transactions,  keeping the USA a significant participant in the international field of electronic payment systems.  

• Leading technological companies with headquarters in the USA continue to push development in electronic payment systems, influencing the business’s direction.

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 78.0 

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When it started: 2018.

Which payment method is usually used: PayPal. 

Who started it: PayPal. 


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Mexico’s electronic payment architecture has developed, supporting an economy without currency, and Mexico has made substantial progress toward being the most prominent electronic transaction destination by 2024. 

• Financial participation has increased because of projects like CoDi (Cobro Digital), which enabled safe payments via mobile devices. 

• Partnerships between Mexico’s public and commercial sectors have accelerated the use of online payment systems and e-wallets. 

• Mexico remains in the list of top 10 countries in the world’s electronic currency ecosystem, with an increasing number of consumers supporting digital purchases.

Digital Payment Penetration Rate in 2024 (%): 76.8 

When it started: 2019. 

Which payment method is usually used: CoDi. 

Who started it: Banxico. 


Q: Which nation will dominate electronic transactions in 2024? 

A: In terms of digital transactions, India is the world leader. 

Q: What would China accomplish in terms of electronic deposits? 

A: China is firmly in second place in the global acceptance of digital payments.

Q: Is South Korea a leading player in digital payments? 

A: Online transactions are expanding significantly in Thailand. 

Q: What position does the UK take on electronic payments? 

A: A major contender in the world of electronic transactions is the UK. 

Q: How does Nigeria do in terms of electronic payments? 

A: Nigeria is advancing in the field of electronic payments. 

Q: Is Japan a prominent player in the world of digital transactions? 

A: Japan has enthusiastically adopted payment technology. 

Q: What role does Brazil play in the world of electronic payments? 

A: A major competitor in the worldwide online banking sector is Brazil.

Q: Where do electronic transactions perform in the USA? 

A: A key participant in the global system of electronic payments is the United States.

Q: How are electronic payments doing in Mexico? 

A: In 2024, Mexico will gradually implement e-payment systems. 

Q: Which nation has the largest population of users of digital payments?

A: As of 2024, India will have the most users of digital payments.


In conclusion, the world’s electronic payment environment in 2024 will evolve quickly due to the continuing technological advancement and shifting tastes of consumers. The ten most innovative nations that encourage creativity in electronic payment systems have shown impressive expansion and development in this area. 

These nations have been excellent at utilizing technology and the necessary infrastructure to build effective, safe, and open electronic payment infrastructures. They have established worldwide norms for e-commerce in addition to adapting to the technological revolution. In these countries, mobile banking applications, cashless transactions, and electronic wallets have assimilated into daily life, promoting economic empowerment and eliminating the need for cash.

Additionally, the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic hastened the use of electronic payments and highlighted their practicality and security. In order to provide flawless operations for both their inhabitants and enterprises, these most prominent nations have kept up their investment in strengthening their electronic banking systems. 

We may anticipate more developments in electronic banking technology, improved cooperation amongst financial organizations, and ongoing efforts to protect the safety and confidentiality of transactions conducted online in generations that follow. Digital payments are going to be crucial in determining the direction of finance, promoting job creation, and raising the standard of living for individuals throughout the world as the world expands. 

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