Top Email Marketing Tips for Healthcare Professionals

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Being a healthcare professional can be challenging, especially when you strive hard to develop a relationship with your customer outside the treatment space. 

Yes, we understand that healthcare professionals don’t get to stay in touch with their patients but, what if we told you that there’s a way? A way to maintain a rapport with your patients so that they know you are their go-to person in emergencies?

The answer to your curiosity lies in email marketing. 

Email is a unique marketing channel that helps you reach out to your existing and target audience, helping you establish a deeper connection. With email marketing as your mode of communication, you can easily stay close to your patients (new or existing). 

Moreover, the line of healthcare professionals demands them to retain their customers that is possible via email marketing. Rightfully called the ‘King of retention,’ 80% of business professionals have witnessed increased customer retention over email marketing.

Further, it also helps you speak directly to your patients with personalized messages and enhance the relationship. 

See the potential email marketing beholds?

Let’s get you started with the top tips that will help you create the best email strategy to push more leads down your marketing funnel.  

1. Prioritize the taste and preference of your patients and seek their permission

Yes, staying in touch or on friendly terms with your patients sounds a good idea, and even a majority of people might even want to listen to you. However, you can’t merely assume that they would like to receive emails from you.

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We suggest that you try to get your patient’s consent before showing up in their inboxes. Seeking permission from your patients before reaching them over emails provides them with peace of mind that you are respecting their privacy and being confidential about their health.

Similar to the HIPAA oath, even email marketing has its own rules and regulations.

Tip: Try not to persuade your patients to sign up for newsletters or email notifications. Instead, understand and respect their privacy for the same.  

2. Be straight and consistent on what can people expect from your email

Nobody likes to open up their inboxes only to read a long pile of meaningless email. In that case, the chances are that the email might directly go to the spam folder, something that is a nightmare for marketers!

Consequently, when you devise your email marketing setup, you need to be sure that your email is neat and clear about the topic that you want to put up. Your email should be focused entirely on the campaign’s essence and engage the readers with catchy subject lines. When you opt for a heavy-handed sales pitch, the chances are that your email might not even be opened. 

Tip: Try to offer value to your audience. Your email should be more like a message that helps and addresses the general questions of your patients.

3. Change the way you gather new leads

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While this tip might seem off the topic, it is equally essential. Generating new leads is vital to keep your campaign running successfully, and one of the best ways for it is to create embedded forms over your blogs and websites. 

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When you include forms over your blogs or website, you create an opportunity for your visitors to acquire new sign-ups. Further, when you place your forms strategically in various places, it will benefit you with a seamless website experience and new sign-ups.

Wondering where to include new sign-up forms? Relax, we got you covered.

Best places to include a sign-up form are –

  • Blog sidebar
  • Underneath each blog article (or integrated as a content upgrade)
  • About page
  • Pop-up on your blog
  • Blog footer

Tip: You could also use custom landing pages for better customer response and experience.

4. Personalize your emails

When you personalize your emails, you improve your chances of interaction and prompt your recipients to respond somehow. Personalization of your emails helps you make a personal appeal and improve your open rates.

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As far as possible, spend some time researching your patients and prospects and include personal details that represent your patient. Also, you can further segregate your mailing list into a different set of audiences. 

Tip: Suppose you are a doctor or a part of a healthcare institution that deals with various industries. In that case, you could also consider the option of emailing different versions of your email to specified industries.

5. Are your emails mobile friendly?

The change in digital trends has witnessed a large shift from desktop screens to mobile devices. Today, mobile phones account for 46 percent of all email opens in the marketing sector. When you curate and optimize your content for omnichannel presence, you eliminate the chances of missing out on a particular segment of the audience.  

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Therefore, it is only evident that you optimize your emails to be displayed over devices of verified sizes to eliminate the situation of losing essential clicks. 

Tip: Besides trying to optimize your email and its content for desktop and mobile, try adapting for the tablet version as well.

6. Follow the test and retest policy

Yes, setting up an effective healthcare campaign might sound easy, but it will only bear results if you are continuously monitoring the same. When you are drafting your emails, make sure that you preview them before finalizing them.

Tip: Besides testing your email in its draft format over various platforms, make sure that you have the call to action buttons, different subject lines, and body text in place.


The key to a good email marketing campaign lies in its cost-effectiveness, results, and the tools that come to play. However, some of the most established email marketing tools like Mailchimp, take away the aspect of ‘cost-effectiveness’ of our campaign due to their high prices. 

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