Top 10 Organic Beauty Brands in India in 2024

Top 10 Organic Beauty Brands in India in 2024
Top 10 Organic Beauty Brands in India in 2024
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India, with its extensive history of herbal medicines and Ayurveda practices, is leading this environmentally conscious cosmetic enter the year 2024. As a result of this transition, a  booming industry for natural skin care items has emerged, with each business trying to provide customers with a wonderful combination of both health and aesthetics.  

India is not a contributor to the increasing need for natural and chemical cosmetic products on a worldwide scale. Indian beauty firms have reacted to customers’ growing products they use on their scalps and hair by developing cutting-edge formulas with a natural basis. By focusing on innocence, long-term viability, and effectiveness, these firms have revolutionized the idea of beauty for everything from must-possess skincare products

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These manufacturers have made use of the abundance of organic substances that India’s varied geography and climate provide, including neem, turmeric, aloe vera, and others, to develop treatments that address a range of skin issues and kinds. Furthermore, they have become ambassadors for environmentally conscious beauty because of their dedication to responsible procurement, testing procedures, and environmentally friendly packaging. 

Top 10 Organic Beauty Brands in India in the Year 2024.


Biotique Image Source: 

• In 2024, Biotique will still be among India’s leading natural beauty companies.

• Well-known for its use of Ayurveda in dermatological and hair treatment.

• Provides a large selection of organic goods, ranging from shampoo and conditioner to facial cleansers. 

• A focus on environmentally friendly techniques and packaging that is environmentally conscious. 

• Strong dedication to animal- and environmental-friendly manufacturing.

• Regular consumption of herb extracts and conventional formulas. 

• Growing the product portfolio to meet various beauty demands. 

• Being acknowledged for its environmental efforts. 

• Maintains a reliable option for Indians looking for sustainability. 


Founded In: 1970. 

Headquarters: Uttarakhand, India. 

What They Sell: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup. 

Owner: Vinod Kapur 

Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials
Forest Essentials Image Source:

Forestry Basics: In 2024, the retailer will still be a standout for its opulent Ayurveda cosmetics shampoos, and conditioners. 

Healthy Goal: Forest Essentials is steadfast in its commitment to employing pure,  amorphous, and natural components. 

Item Selection: Their comprehensive product collection meets various beauty requirements with anything from body butter to face washes. 

Sustainability: Forest Essentials strives to have a minimal environmental impact by using environmentally friendly containers and procurement practices. 

Credibility: They have a devoted following of customers thanks to their commitment to excellence and honesty. 

Latest Natural Skincare Products: Forest Essentials continues to develop unique formulas. 

Ayurveda Heritage: Their goods support all aspects of health by relying on ancient Ayurvedic teachings. 

Global Impact: Forest Essentials is spreading the concept of organic elegance in every corner of the world. 

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Appreciation and Awards: Progresses to win prizes for innovation in sustainable attractiveness. 


Founded In: 2000. 

Headquarters: Delhi, India. 

What They Sell: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup. 

Owner: Mira Kulkarni 

Khadi Natural 

Khadi Natural 
Khadi Natural   Image Source:

• In 2024, Khadi Natural will still be India’s top organic cosmetics product.

• Khadi Natural, a company renowned for its environmentally friendly approach, provides a vast selection of dermatology, haircare, and well-being goods. 

• Natural materials like botanicals as well as vital fragrances are used in the creation of their goods. 

• Khadi Organic advocates for moral behavior and preservation. 

• Their organic goods are devoid of hazardous chemicals and are not tested on animals.

• Because of its dedication to both price and quality, the company is a favorite pick for ethical shoppers. 

• In 2024, individuals will keep paying attention to immaculate aesthetics, which will increase demand for Khadi Natural. 


Founded In: 1960. 

Headquarters: Mumbai, India. 

What They Sell: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup

Owner: Khadi Industries Association of India. 


SoulTree  Image Source: 

• A dedication to transparency and environmentally friendly packaging, SoulTree is expected to be the top ecological cosmetic company in India by 2024. 

• They are well-known for their efficient and genuine Ayurvedic therapies and are devoid of dangerous chemicals and harshness.  

• They also place an extreme value on ethical trading methods and helping those who live nearby. products that are appropriate for every kind of skin and issues 

• Significant presence in the retail industry both via the internet and offline Highly regarded by amateurs and professionals of beauty around the nation. 


Founded In: 2006. 

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India. 

What They Do: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup. 

Owner: Sachin Jain and Prashant Agarwal. 

Just Herbs

Just Herbs
Just Herbs Image Source: 

• In 2024, Just Herbs will be India’s top natural cosmetic product. 

• Dedicated to providing free chemicals, and healthy beauty products.

• Recognized for their conventional therapies and Ayurveda formulas.

• Wide selection of items, including hydrating creams detergents, and shampoos for hair.

• Focusing on ecologically conscious and environmentally conscious packaging.

• There are alternatives that are vegetarian-friendly and free of animal testing.

• Well-known for being open about where the components come from.

• Engaged in advancing moral and environmentally friendly behavior.

• Becoming more well-known for their reliable and inexpensive services.

• A leading option in 2024 for people looking for natural cosmetic products.


Founded In: 1995. 

Headquarters: Uttarakhand, India. 

What They Do: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup. 

Owner: Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj. 


Plum   Image Source: 

Plum: A significant participant in India’s organic beauty market. 

• Materials are obtained ethically, encouraging fair trade. 

Chemical-free: Items without dangerous chemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

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• Dedicated to protecting animals and vegetarian-friendly formulas, the company is vegetarian and free of animal testing. 

Creative Thinking: Adopts state-of-the-art technologies for potent compositions.

Customer-focused: Consult with clients to learn about their interests.

• Emphasis on minimizing waste and recyclable containers to practice environmentally conscious behavior.


Founded In: 2014. 

Headquarters: Gurugram, India. 

What They Do: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup. 

Owner: Shankar Prasad 

Real Techniques 

Real Techniques 
Real Techniques  Image Source: 

• In 2024, the well-known grooming brand Real Secrets is still growing in prominence in  India. 

• Real Methods is a leader in the natural cosmetics sector and is renowned for its high-quality brushes and cosmetic equipment. 

• The company promotes using recyclable containers and goods that are environmentally friendly. 

• Real Methods provides both organic and artificial fiber brushing in a variety of sizes.

• Their vegan and animal-free goods appealed to ethical shoppers. 

• The company’s dedication to the environment is in line with India’s expanding popularity of organic cosmetics. 

• In every state, fans of eco-friendly cosmetics continue to favor Real Methods.

• In the Indian market, the reputation of the company is anticipated to grow more dramatically in 2024. 

• The organic strategy of Real Methods appeals to India’s environmentally sensitive population. 


Founded In: 2011. 

Headquarters: Bangalore, India. 

What They Do: Makeup brushes and accessories

Owner: Samantha Chapman and Nicola Chapman 

Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals
Vaadi Herbals Image Source: 

• Vaadi Herbals has a focus on herbal components and is widely recognized for its organic and ecologically conscious solutions. 

• Vaadi Herbals provides a variety of health, haircare, and cosmetics products.

• They are a popular favorite because of their dedication to sustainability and free of animal testing procedures. 

• In 2024, Vaadi Herbals will continue to rank among the top 10 organic beauty companies in India by providing high-quality, environmentally friendly beauty products.


Founded In: 1996. 

Headquarters: Delhi, India. 

What They Do: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup. 

Owner: Vaadi Herbals Pvt. Ltd. 

The Body Shop 

The Body Shop 
 The Body Shop  Image Source: 

• In India in 2024, The Body Shop is still a household name in organic beauty.

• Recognized for its dedication to sustainable procurement and free-from-animal testing manufacturing. 

• Supports environmentally conscious manufacturing and maintenance.

• Top sellers include the Vitamin E skincare line and the Tea Tree Oil line.

• By doing its initiatives, promotes a number of social issues. 

• Expand its reach digitally and by means of traditional businesses. 

• Remains a reliable alternative for conscientious shoppers looking for organic cosmetic products.

• Progresses innovating with the introduction of new products. 


Founded In: 1976. 

Headquarters: Delhi, India. 

What They Do: Skincare, haircare, body care, makeup, home fragrance.

Owner: Natura & Co. 


IsaDora   Image Source: 

• IsaDora sells a variety of naturally derived cosmetics and skincare items and is renowned for its dedication to pure components and environmentally responsible processes.

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• The brand distinguishes apart due to its excellence and potency, satisfying India’s expanding desire for natural beauty products. 

• Isadora’s position in the Indian market reflects consumers’ growing demand for environmentally friendly and economically viable beauty products. 

• IsaDora earned a position among the leading 10 natural beauty companies in India for  2024 because of its excellent compositions. 


Founded In: 1987. 

Headquarters: Bangalore, India. 

What They Do: Makeup. 

Owner: Mavala SA 


The Most Popular 10 Organics Cosmetic Companies in India in 2024 are a monument to the increasing recognition of and choice for free animal testing goods in a world of healthcare and cosmetics. By emphasizing purity, effectiveness, and eco-friendly procedures, these companies have grown in prominence and garnered clients’ confidence. 

As these companies come to a close, it is clear that they have utilized the strength of the environment to effectively produce solutions that address a variety of different kinds of skin issues. These companies have upped the standard for the whole with their Ayurveda compositions and packaging that is sustainable. Furthermore, the modern conscientious consumer appreciates their dedication to honesty and trustworthy sources of information. 

The 10 Most Popular Natural Cosmetics Companies in India in 2024, leading the path for a  more vibrant and environmentally friendly world that is becoming more and more concerned with well-being and the environment. They remind us that environmental sustainability 

should not be sacrificed for aesthetic appeal and that by making it, we may both have glowing skin and a better environment. 


Q: What are India’s leading sustainable cosmetics companies for 2024?

A: A few of these include Biotique, Forest Essentials, Khadi Natural, SoulTree, and Just Herbs.

Q: In India in 2024, would forest-related items be sold? 

A: Yes, this company still offers natural cosmetics. 

Q: What will be some of Khadi Natural’s most popular goods in 2024? 

A: Khadi Natural sells organic goods for dermatology and hair maintenance.

Q: Which Indian company specializes in Ayurvedic beauty products? 

A: Ayurvedic remedies are popular at SoulTree. 

Q: Will Indian customers still be buying plum items in 2024? 

A: Plum is a well-liked brand of natural cosmetics. 

Q: Which company sells premium cosmetic needles in India? 

A: Realistic Methods is renowned for its range of makeup brushes. 

Q: Do Vaadi Herbal remedies provide natural hair care products in India?

A: Natural shampoo and conditioner items are Vaadi. 

Q: In 2024, would The Body Shop items be available in India? 

A: The Body Shop is still in business in India. 

Q: What is IsaDora renowned for in the cosmetics sector? 

A: IsaDora is well known for its cosmetics and makeup. 

Q: Do these companies place a high priority on environmental responsibility? 

A: A lot of these businesses place an emphasis on environmentally friendly methods and preservation.

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