Top 10 SaaS Companies in India in 2024 

Top 10 SaaS Companies in India 2024 pdf
Top 10 SaaS Companies in India 2024
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The surge in Software as a Service (SaaS) agencies in India reflects the evolving landscape of technology-driven enterprise answers. The name “Software as a Service” itself encapsulates the essential shift from traditional software program models. Historically, companies depended on buying and installing software on individual computers or servers, a process that frequently incurred massive expenses and required everyday updates. 

What is SaaS: Concept, Types and Benefits - Finoit Technologies

The advent of SaaS marked a departure from this version, supplying cloud-based answers handy via the internet. This shift addressed several demanding situations faced by corporations, along with high advance fees, complex installations, and problems in maintaining software programs. SaaS businesses emerged to provide a greater bendy, cost-effective, and scalable alternative. Their solutions, often subscription-based, allowed companies to get the right of entry to modern-day software updates seamlessly and do away with the want for sizable in-residence IT infrastructure. The upward push of SaaS in India is not only a testament to technological improvements but also reflects the growing demand for green, collaborative, and agile enterprise answers in the evolving worldwide marketplace. The following are the top 10 companies.

Zoho Corporation

Zoho | Cloud Software Suite for Businesses
Zoho Corporation

Date: Founded in 1996.

Owners: Founded by way of Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas.

Motto: “To Build the Operating System for Business.”

Current Status: Zoho Corporation remains a worldwide chief in offering cloud-based complete company answers. Offering a comprehensive suite of applications for CRM, finance, HR, marketing, and more, Zoho continues to empower corporations with equipment to beautify performance and productivity.


Freshworks - Wikipedia

Date: Founded in 2010.

Owners: Founded using Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy.

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Motto: “Experience IT, Love IT.”

Current Status: As a prominent participant in the client engagement software program, Freshworks has sustained its position as a progressive pressure in CRM and helpdesk solutions globally. The enterprise’s commitment to improving patron experiences has contributed to its persisted success.



Date: Founded in 2007.

Owners: Founded by using Naveen Tewari, Mohit Saxena, Abhay Singhal, and Amit Gupta.

Motto: “Passion, Integrity, and Simplicity.”

Current Status: InMobi has remained a chief participant in cell advertising technology, providing platforms for entrepreneurs to hook up with international audiences. The corporation’s commitment to simplicity and integrity continues to power its achievement within the dynamic virtual marketing panorama.


    CleverTap launches CleverTap for start-ups

    Date: Founded in 2013.

    Owners: Founded through Sunil Thomas.

    Motto: “Simple Analytics for Customer Engagement.”

    Current Status: Clevertap has established itself as a leading mobile app analytics and consumer engagement platform. With a focus on simplifying analytics and improving personal engagement, the organization remains a key player in supporting agencies to customize and optimize their app reviews.



      Date: Founded in 2011.

      Owners: Founded using Krish Subramanian, Thiyagarajan T, Rajaraman Santhanam, and Saravanan KP.

      Motto: “Charge & Scale Any Subscription Business.”

      Current Status: Chargebee has ended up being a vital participant in subscription billing control. With a commitment to automating and imparting flexibility for habitual revenue businesses, Chargebee has carved a spot for itself in the SaaS industry.


        SaaS firm Postman raises $150 Mn at $2 Bn valuation

        Date: Founded in 2014.

        Owners: Founded using Abhinav Asthana, Ankit Sobti, and Abhijit Kane.

        Motto: “Postman Simplifies the Process of Developing APIs That Allow Different Software Programs to Communicate with Each Other.”

        Current Status: Postman’s API platform simplifies API development, trying out, and collaboration. Widely followed by builders globally, Postman keeps playing an important function in streamlining the API development process.

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        Date: Founded in 2011.

        Owners: Founded with the aid of Krishna Depura, Mohit Garg, and Nishant Mungali.

        Motto: “Transforming Your Team Into an Elite Sales Force.”

        Current Status: Mindtickle focuses on income training and onboarding, using gamification and statistics insights to enhance profits’ basic general overall performance. The corporation remains committed to remodeling profit agencies into immoderate-performing forces within the competitive organization panorama.


        Browserstack- another new tool. BrowserStack is the testing platform… | by  Tushar Munot | Medium

        Date: Founded in 2011.

        Owners: Founded using Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal.

        Motto: “Test at Scale, Deliver at Speed.”

        Current Status: BrowserStack is a pass-browser trying-out platform, that permits builders to test their websites and applications on diverse browsers and devices. The business enterprise’s commitment to permitting scalable testing contributes to its ongoing success.


        Druva Introduces Software as a Service Data Protection for Kubernetes - The  New Stack

        Date: Founded in 2008.

        Owners: Founded with the aid of Jaspreet Singh.

        Motto: “Powerful, Cloud-Native Data Protection for the Enterprise – Delivered as-a-Service.”

        Current Status: Druva is known for its cloud-primarily based backup and catastrophe recovery solutions. The corporation maintains to offer effective information protection offerings, emphasizing cloud-local solutions for companies globally.


        Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd. | LinkedIn

        Date: Founded in 1994.

        Owners: Founded by using Girish Rowjee.

        Motto: “Transforming the Way Businesses Manage People.”

        Current Status: Greytip specializes in e-mail marketing and automation, delivering customized and relevant email campaigns. The enterprise’s willpower to transform human beings’ management in organizations remains evident in its services and answers.


        Q: What is SaaS?

        Ans: SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a cloud computing version in which software program application applications are supplied over the internet on a subscription foundation, disposing of the want for clients to install, manipulate, and maintain the software program on their close by devices.

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        Q: What are the important thing benefits of the use of SaaS?

        Ans: SaaS offers advantages such as cost-effectiveness, accessibility from any device with a web connection, automated updates, scalability, and the ability to get entry to the present-day features without guide installations.

        Q: What forms of programs are typically supplied as SaaS?

        Ans: Common SaaS programs include purchaser courting management (CRM), company resource planning (ERP), collaboration tools, e-mail offerings, and numerous productivity packages.

        Q: How is information security managed in SaaS applications?

        Ans: SaaS vendors typically put in force robust security measures, consisting of data encryption, ordinary safety audits, access controls, and compliance certifications. However, users need to also comply with fine practices for securing their information and bills.

        Q: Can SaaS applications be customized for unique enterprise wishes?

        Ans: Many SaaS applications offer customization options to satisfy particular commercial enterprise requirements. However, the quantity of customization may additionally vary depending on the company and the application.

        Q: How does SaaS help collaboration in companies?

        Ans: SaaS packages frequently encompass collaborative features, permitting more than one user to access and work on files, projects, or records concurrently. This enhances teamwork and communication within groups.

         Q: Can SaaS packages be used offline?

        Ans: While SaaS applications in the main function online, some companies provide offline abilities for positive features or facts to get the right of entry. However, the level of offline functionality varies amongst specific applications.

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