Top tips for choosing luxury bar stools

Top tips for choosing luxury bar stools
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So, you’ve decided to upgrade your kitchen island or home bar with some stylish, luxury bar stools, and you’re excited to start shopping.

We don’t blame you; with so many gorgeous designer bar stools on the market right now, you’re sure to have a huge range of options to choose from. However, too much choice can sometimes make for tricky decisions.

Do you go for classy leather bar stools or sumptuous velvet? How high should your bar stools be? And should you opt for luxury bar stools with backs or without? In this blog, we look at the key things you’ll need to consider when purchasing luxury bar stools for your home.

Bar stool height guide

It goes without saying that the height of your bar stools will depend on the surface they will be used at.

You may be planning on placing your bar stools on a kitchen island. If this is the same height as your kitchen worksurfaces, then this is likely to be between 90cm and 95cm. In this case, bar stools between 60cm and 75cm will be the most comfortable option.

Alternatively, if you have a high-set breakfast bar (usually between 100cm and 110cm from the floor), then taller bar stools measuring more than 75cm would be preferable.

You should also consider whether your new luxury bar stools will fully tuck under the counter or bar when not in use. If saving space is important to you, then bar stools with armrests might not be the best bet, as they often can’t be stowed away tidily.

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Top-tip: Products advertised as ‘bar stools’ are generally taller than those labeled ‘counter stools.’

Adjustable bar stools

If you’d like a little flexibility seating-wise, adjustable bar stools are definitely the way to go.

You could move them from the kitchen island to your bar and back again (if you’re lucky enough to have both!) without any height issues.

Most adjustable bar stools work with a gas lift mechanism. This means you can alter their height to suit the needs of all your family and friends, including children.

How much space is between bar stools?

Whether you’re eating your morning bagel or enjoying drinks with friends, you won’t want to feel cramped when sitting on your new luxury bar stool.

Ideally, you should try to leave a minimum of 15cm between your bar stools. Any less than this, and you risk not having enough space to eat and drink comfortably without disrupting others.

Should I choose bar stools with backs?

If your bar stools will just be used for an occasional quick snack, and need to be fully tucked away when not in use, then backless bar stools are probably your best choice.

However, if you will be spending any length of time sitting on your bar stools – for example, if you’re going to use them for evening meals – then bar stools with backs will be much more comfortable.

Also, if you have young children, bar stools with backs should help to prevent any accidents.

Luxury bar stool designs

As well as ensuring that your luxury bar stools are compatible height-wise with your counter or bar, they should also pair well aesthetically with your kitchen décor.

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If you’re aiming for true opulence, you can’t go wrong with velvet bar stools, which will add a lavish ambiance to any kitchen.

However, if you have little ones and are regularly cleaning up spills and stains, luxury leather bar stools are definitely preferable to velvet. They wipe clean easily whilst still adding an air of class and style to your space.

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