Traditional Marketing versus Online Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Advertising a brand in market has Become Crucial for Companies.  So as to make People Aware about What New Thing has Launched, What are its Benefits and Drawbacks. 

Earlier People use To Promote There Brand through Traditional Marketing Method which was Very Famous at that time and Consist of Only One method that is Printing Ads in Newspaper and Banner Hoardings.  But with the Span of Time things got Changed and So as Technology and Marketing Methods. The new and Advance Technique is introduced in market that is Digital marketing. 

Let us put some Light on the Topic and Get to know about Both Marketing Method Better. 

Traditional Versus Online Marketing

Here Some Points are mentioned to discuss Which Method is best for you. 


If we talk about the Cost Required In both the Marketing Then I must Clear You all that Digital Marketing is the Beast among both.  As No cost is required to promote Your Brand through Digital Marketing as Compared to Traditional Where Huge Cost is required to advertise your Single Promotion through Newspaper or Banner. 

Greater Exposure 

Digital marketing Works Globally which means Once You have Advertise you brand Through this Technique then it will reach to millions of people in One click. As Compared to Traditional Market where promotion is limited within Area and only few people get chance to know about your Brand. 


Online Marketing Has Made everything Easy for Marketers to communicate with their buyers Easily through Messages, Voice calls, video calls and live sessions. This help to provide Proper Feedback to customers and you can satisfy your customers easily.  On the other hand compared to Traditional where no communication tool was there. Companies have to wait for almost 1 Week to get Reply of Promotion made Through Them in Newspaper and Banner.

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No Time Limit

Digital Marketing is the only online marketing method where there is no particular time to Access any website, they are available with you 24/7 you can Visit them anytime as per your Comfort.  On the Other hand traditional market has Proper Time Slot of Opening and Closing Market. 

Marketing Tools

Traditional Market consists of only one method that is printing the Ads in Newspaper and Banner.  Which is Very Costlier? On the Other hand Digital Marketing consist of Advance Tools to Promote There Brand in market that are Search Engine Optimization, social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile  Marketing, and affiliate Marketing. All the Techniques here are Cost Effective.


In Traditional Marketing once you have Published Your Ad in Newspaper or banner then you cannot make any Changes in that. But in Digital Marketing Method You can Anytime Modify your Website as per The Latest trend and Requirement of Customers. 

Track Customer 

Digital marketing consist of Advance tools through which you can track record of how many customers visited your website , how many have Buyed Product From you and Which page is viewed the Most. That is Through Google Analytics Tools.  But on the Other hand Traditional market doesn’t contain all these advance Tools. 

Traditional marketing and Digital marketing both are the future of World if Used Combined.

About The Author

Gaurav is a digital marketing expert & consultant having more than a decade of digital marketing experience. Currently he’s working with Delhi Courses Training Center known as best digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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