Understanding True-Up Bills

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What is true up pge? A true-up bill is a bill that reconciles your real energy consumption over a 12-month term. The purpose of this bill is to assess whether or not you have received net metering credits, or whether or not you owe for some of your energy usages. Because your utility provider is unable to measure the whole amount of electricity that your system generates throughout the day when your home is powered by the sun, you may get a true-up charge after every 12 months that your system is operational. Because of this, the utility company must keep track of the entire amount of electricity that your home contributed to the system each month in addition to the total amount of power that it received from the grid each month. After a year has passed, the entire number of energy credits you have accumulated through net metering will be deducted from the total quantity of electricity you have used from the grid during that period.

The Methodology Behind The Calculation Of The True-Up Bill

You are going to want to keep a tight eye on your net metering as well as your consumption of power from the grid. When your final bill arrives, you may find that you owe money to the utility provider because you used far more electricity than you supplied throughout the billing period.

Every month, on the utility bill you get, you will see a part that includes a section that delivers your net metering statement. It will show you the amount of electricity that your solar panels contributed to the grid as well as the total amount of power that your home consumed during that particular month. Remember that you are not being charged for any of the net energy use that is displayed on the net metering statement that is included in that month’s bill. In the final bill, you will be responsible for paying for that net usage. In addition to this, you will get a monthly payment for your connection to the grid.

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Maintain An Accurate Record Of Your Monthly Net Metering So That You May Accurately Record Your True-Up Bill.

Maintaining a spreadsheet that details your monthly net usage as well as your monthly net metering credits is an effective strategy for managing your true-up bill. If you are on a billing plan that is based on the amount of power you use throughout the day, it is essential to keep track of when you give electricity back to the grid (during the day) and to determine how much it is worth using the daytime rate that applies to your particular plan. The same may be said for any consumption of net energy. Take careful note of how much electricity was consumed and at what times it was consumed. Determine the cost of that electricity based on the rate that was applicable under your plan during the time of day (probably in the evening) when it was consumed, and then calculate that cost.

Make it a point to remember to record and monitor these details over the next full year. If you notice that your total indicates that you owe at the end of every month, you will need to be prepared to pay that total amount when your true-up payment arrives. If you do not see that your total shows that you owe, you do not need to worry about paying that amount.

Batteries In Your Home Have The Potential To Reduce Your True-Up Bill

If you discover that your house needs to use a lot of electricity throughout the night and that this results in a high total amount of electricity used at the end of the month, then home batteries can be of assistance. Evening hours are when customers are subject to the most expensive prices. You may use the electricity that your solar system produces and stores it in batteries to power your house, which will cut down on the amount of power you need during times of high demand and will save you money.

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Home Batteries Are Something That Freedom Forever Sells And Also Installs

Give us a call if you end up deciding that you want to investigate battery options. We will put you in touch with a member of our extended family of independent authorized dealers who will talk over all of your choices with you. There may be financial advantages available for the purchase of house batteries, however, this may vary from state to state.

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