Unveiling the Secrets to Smaller Pores: Expert Tips for Effective Treatment

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Clogged pores are caused by an accumulation of oil, dirt and dead skin cells clogging the follicles. Although common, the condition can easily be addressed using non-comedogenic skin care products.

Natural ingredients like lemon juice and turmeric can help with open pores treatment, while egg whites tighten skin tightening and reduce swelling. Other treatments that can improve skin include exfoliation, pore cleansing and miniaturization.

1. Exfoliate

There are various methods for exfoliating your skin, from physical scrubs with coarse crystals or micro-fine granules to chemical exfoliators which work by dissolving dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Your dermatologist may also suggest a topical prescription retinoid which helps reduce excess sebum production while helping with open pores treatment.

For an effective physical way of exfoliating dead skin cells, try mixing cucumber slices with lemon juice and applying the mixture directly to your face for 15 minutes twice every week for 15 minutes – its high water content helps hydrate and tighten the skin as well.

Exfoliation is important, as clogged pores and dead skin cells can make your pores appear larger, while serving as a barrier against moisturizers and serums. Experts advise experimenting with various forms of exfoliation until finding what best fits your skin type, but always be gentle as over exfoliating can irritate it, making the pores appear bigger than they really are. You should never rub, pick at, or squeeze your pores!

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2. Cleanse

Your skin produce oil to lubricate it, but when they become blocked with excessive oil or dead cells they become visible and become an eyesore. To prevent this, daily cleanse your face using a non-comedogenic cleanser that won’t block up the pores and reveal them more readily.

Make sure to use oil-free skincare products, and avoid heavy face scrubs as these can block pores and plan monthly facials for open pores. Hormonal changes may also contribute to excessive oil secretion that makes pores appear larger than they otherwise would be.

Lemon juice contains astringent properties which can tighten and shrink pores, as well as being an anti-inflammatory and killing bacteria in pores, so turmeric may also help kill off harmful bacteria in pores while relieving any swelling that arises from them. Apply this mix twice a day on your face. Or try adding Jojoba Oil which mimics natural skin oils by moisturizing, tightening pores and giving hydration benefits for longer than ever – massage it onto skin for several minutes then wash off with cold water afterwards!

3. Moisturize

Your pores help your skin breathe by allowing oil from your sebaceous glands to reach the surface, says our best Dermatologist in Mumbai. However, over time these pores may enlarge to become visible on your face, becoming an aesthetic concern and becoming an eye sore – this is especially common among those with oily skin but may affect those with dry or ageing skin too.

An effective way to remove dead skin cells is through moisturising your skin regularly with lotion or cream that meets your individual skin type needs.

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An effective home remedy to treat open pores is mixing cucumber and lemon juice for use as a paste on your face twice every week for best results. This mixture will even out your skin tone, tighten pores and battle blackheads while providing anti-inflammatory benefits against swelling caused by open pores. It is highly recommended you apply this paste twice weekly!

4. Hydrate

Hydration is key in clearing away dead skin cells that clog your pores, creating an atmosphere for healthy looking skin. Drinking two litters of water daily is one way of keeping skin hydrated; eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain high water contents also help.

Avoid eating foods rich in grease or sugar to help keep your skin from looking oily. Furthermore overdone makeup prevents airflow to your pores resulting in clogs. Instead use a gentle cleanser twice a day with cold or warm water for best results, says our best Dermatologist in Mumbai.


Mix a paste of cucumber and lemon juice together, apply it on your face, and let it set for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off with regular water. Cucumber contains high levels of moisture which help hydrate skin cells while clearing away dead cells clogging pores.

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