Uplift your home with low-cost laminate flooring 

Uplift your home with low-cost laminate flooring 
Uplift your home with low-cost laminate flooring 

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality of your home, few choices are as versatile and cost-effective as laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring has come a long way since its humble origins and now represents an attractive option among homeowners for its durability, ease of care and wide array of design possibilities. Here we discuss how laminate can elevate any home from choosing style options through installation and ongoing care.

Increase warmth with Laminate

Laminate flooring and underlay can significantly contribute to increasing warmth in your home. 

Laminate flooring does not conduct heat efficiently, meaning that it does not become uncomfortably cold during the winter season.

However, they don’t provide much insulation on their own.

This is where choosing the right underlay comes into play. An underlay consists of a thin piece of material made up of foam or rubber which sits underneath your laminate flooring installation and must fit snugly against it for best results.

Underlay serves as a thermal barrier, protecting you against cold air seeping through and into your living space through floors. It helps to maintain a more consistent and comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the need for additional heating.

Choosing the Right Laminate Flooring

Step one of upgrading your home with laminate flooring should involve choosing a design that complements its overall interior style. Laminate flooring comes in different finishes such as wood, stone tile or even unique patterns and designs; take time browsing these options until one feels right for your space.

Remember though…

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Different areas of your home have different foot traffic levels. Consider durability when selecting laminate flooring to install in high traffic areas like living rooms and kitchens, like high traffic hallways. Look for options with a high AC (Abrasion Class) rating.

Choose your style

Laminate flooring comes in various thicknesses, typically measured in millimetres. Thicker laminate tends to be more durable and offers better sound insulation. Thicker options also often have more realistic textures, mimicking the look and feel of real wood or stone.

The color and finish of your laminate can significantly impact the atmosphere of a room. Lighter shades can make spaces feel more open and airy, while darker shades can create a cozy, warm ambiance. The finish can range from glossy to matte, offering different visual effects.

Laminate flooring offers a fantastic opportunity to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal and practicality. 

Be it hardwood, stone, or something unique like an abstract design pattern – laminate flooring provides an affordable and resilient flooring option to satisfy all of your flooring needs. By carefully choosing your design and adhering to proper installation methods and maintaining them regularly you’ll experience years of enjoyment from this luxurious yet cost-effective flooring choice. Bring laminate into your home to elevate its style while simultaneously adding comfort. With laminate, create stylish spaces you’re proud to show off.

What finish do you want?

Laminate flooring comes in various finishes that offer unique looks and textures to add personality and charm to a space. Your choice can have a profound effect on how a room appears overall and defines its overall style and aesthetics. Here are some common finishes of laminate flooring:

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Smooth Finish: Smooth laminate flooring has a flat, seamless surface without any texture. It provides a clean and contemporary look, often resembling polished hardwood floors. Smooth finishes are easy to clean and maintain but may show scratches and wear more prominently.

Embossed Finish: Embossed finishes simulate natural wood grain for an authentic aesthetic and feel in laminate surfaces, adding depth and dimension. They may range in intensity – some being lightly textured while others having deeper grain patterns.

Hand-Scraped Finish: Hand-scraped laminate has a distressed appearance with irregular, textured patterns that resemble the markings created by hand scraping on real wood floors. It adds a rustic and vintage charm to a room, making it a popular choice for traditional and country-style interiors.

Wire-Brushed Finish: Wire-brushed laminate features subtle, fine lines and texture created by brushing the surface with a wire brush. This finish offers a weathered and antique look, often found in coastal and rustic-themed designs. It provides both style and durability.

High Gloss Finish: High gloss laminate flooring features a glossy surface with reflective properties to give a modern and chic aesthetic, adding sophistication and making rooms appear larger than they otherwise might. However, due to this reflectiveness it may show dirt more easily than matte options do.

Matte Finish: Matte laminate has an inoffensive appearance due to its nonreflective surface with low sheen levels that provides a natural and subdued aesthetic. Matte is ideal for areas with heavy traffic or homes with pets or children as its nonreflective finish helps hide imperfections while being less likely to show smudges or wear-and-tear marks.

Textured Finish: Textured laminate often combines different surface textures and finishes to create a unique visual effect. It can mimic the look of distressed wood, reclaimed materials, or even natural stone. This type of finish adds depth and character to your flooring.

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Registered Embossed Finish: Registered embossing is a technique that aligns the texture and pattern on the laminate with the printed design, creating a more authentic appearance. It enhances the realism of the floor by ensuring that the texture matches the visual pattern.

Low Gloss Finish: Low gloss laminate strikes a balance between matte and high gloss finishes. It offers a subtle sheen that adds depth and richness to the flooring without the reflectivity of high gloss. It’s a popular choice for various interior styles.

Easily install Laminate Flooring yourself

Before installing laminate flooring, ensure that the subfloor is clean, level, and free from any moisture issues. Any imperfections in the subfloor can affect the installation and longevity of your laminate.

Each laminate flooring product may have specific installation guidelines. It’s crucial to follow these instructions closely to ensure a proper installation. This often involves using underlayment and adhesive as necessary.

Remember this…

Laminate flooring expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. Leave an expansion gap around the edges of the room to accommodate these changes. Baseboards or moulding can cover these gaps for a finished look.


Laminate flooring offers a fantastic opportunity to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal and practicality. 

Whether you prefer the look of hardwood, stone, or a unique pattern, laminate flooring provides a cost-effective and durable solution for your flooring needs. 

By selecting the right design, following proper installation techniques, and maintaining your floors, you can enjoy the durability, beauty and functionality of laminate flooring for years to come. Amp up the style and comfort in your home by installing laminate flooring – creating both an upscale yet comfortable space you’re proud to show off!

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