Vaporlax BOBO Rechargeable Disposable Kit 6000 Puffs 14ml

Vaporlax BOBO Rechargeable Disposable Kit 6000 Puffs 14ml
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The Vaporlax BOBO Disposable has a slim design and a massive 14ml e-juice capacity. It is rechargeable through a Type-C USB connector powered by a 1000mAh internal battery just like CR123A rechargeable battery. The delightful tastes will dance on your tongue, satisfying your taste thanks to the 5 percent nicotine potency. It doesn’t need to be filled or maintained, and each disposable may hold up to 6000 puffs. When you vape using a draw-activated firing mechanism, you’ll get a lot of sessions.

BOBO Disposable Vape by Vaporlax has the following features:

Integrated Rechargeable Battery with 14mL Prefilled E-Liquid Capacity 5% (50mg) 

Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism 

Type-C USB Port

Nicotine Concentration Approximately 6000 Puffs

The Vaporlax BOBO Disposable, on the other hand, is easily one of the greatest flavors for disposable vapes in general. It’s also easy to keep coming back for more because there are many flavor possibilities. Almost everyone will find something to their liking.


Kiwi Blast


Mango Mambo


Sunrise on Maui

Nectar of Sweetness

Blissful Sourness


Apple with a Sour Taste

Frosted Grape


Glaze with strawberries

Splash of Watermelon

Passion for guava

The battery in disposables is built and tuned to last slightly longer than the e-juice. As a result, if the disposable Puff Bar blinks, the charge has run out. You can learn how to recharge a disposable vape, but don’t expect to see much difference.


What’s the best way to obtain more disposable puffs?

By taking smaller hits instead, you can extend the life of your throwaway device. Instead of taking long, drawn-out hits, take a few brief, tiny puffs at a time. This is one of the most effective techniques to get more hits from a Puff Bar Plus without running out.

Why isn’t my disposable working?

A disposable failure to strike may be due to an air bubble in the cartridge obstructing airflow. Touch or flick the cartridge’s side a few times to break it up if this is the case.

How can I increase the longevity of my disposable vape?

Keeping your disposable vape at or near room temperature can help to extend the battery life of your device. Disposable vapes with cold batteries, like our automobile engines in the winter, require more juice to heat up and perform effectively than ones that have been warmed up.

Is it possible to buy disposable vapes online?

Yes, disposable vapes are still available for purchase online. Disposable vapes have been the least affected. The FDA outlawed closed vape systems with flavors at the start of 2020.

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