What Are the Different Types of Cigarettes?

What Are the Different Types of Cigarettes?
What Are the Different Types of Cigarettes?
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Cigarette smoking is something that has existed for centuries with many different types of cigarettes of various sizes and looks out there to try. Today, an even more advanced type of cigarette (commonly referred to as e-cigarettes) has been introduced which has seen a great number of traditional cigarette smokers switching to them. The first e-cigarettes looked like traditional tobacco cigarettes when they were introduced but now the designs are now more advanced and varied.

Currently, there are several types of electronic cigarettes that you can buy. This has directly resulted in the number of people that are into vaping rising significantly E-cigarettes were created with the objective of helping smokers quit smoking but they soon also gained popularity as recreational items. For a new vaper, it can be confusing trying to buy an e-cigarette because of the numerous varieties available.

E-cigarettes are considered to be a safer option compared to tobacco cigarettes because they do not result in the harmful chemicals detrimental to your health that burning tobacco produces. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are, however, advised to stay away from tobacco cigarettes and any kind of e-cigarette without consulting a doctor.

Here are the various types of electronic cigarettes available in the market.

Disposable e-cigs

Disposable electronic cigarettes are one of the many different e-cigs on the market. They are thrown away after use hence the term disposable. In terms of appearance, they resemble traditional cigarettes making them an ideal option for smokers who want to quit smoking. These e-cigarettes give smokers a comfortable feel and are a less harmful option as well.

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Since disposable e-cigarettes are small, they are easily portable and you can even get a nicotine hit in public places. Their nicotine content is high; they contain the equivalent of two cigarette packs. You can order disposable e-cigs from the Epuffer website and a ton of other electronic cigarette varieties.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes

E-cigarette styles have been changing with time and rechargeable e-cigs are one of these many variations. Instead of using your e-cig and disposing of it, rechargeable e-cigarettes allow vapers not only to recharge their devices but also refill the vape tanks. These devices come with a rechargeable battery, a cable for charging and a cartomizer for heating the e-liquids.

Rechargeable e-cigs are much better than disposable ones because they produce more vapour. Even with their low-range quality, their flavour quality on the other hand is much better. They can be smoked indoors without irritating anybody and are 95% safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vape pods

Among the different types of e-cigs in the market, vape pods are one of the most advanced devices. Currently, vape pods are one of the most popular electronic cigarettes. Vape pods work in a similar way to rechargeable e-cigs but come with a disposable pod that is discarded when empty and replaced with a new one. Vape pods use a higher voltage meaning they are more satisfying but their smaller batteries usually do not last long.

Vape pens

These are some of the most popular types of e-cigarettes because of their compact size which makes them discreet. The size of these devices ranges between that of a cigar and that of an ordinary pen. They also have a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a tank for the vape juice. Their long-lasting battery life has made them a popular option among vape enthusiasts.  Once the e-liquid in the tank is finished, it can be easily refilled.

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