Virtual Event Speaker Guidelines You Should Always Consider

Virtual Event

While planning and hosting virtual events, the event organizers tend to keep a lot of things in mind. Right from the platform to attendees, engagement opportunities to sponsors, event organizers consider everything, and rightly so. All these factors play a key role in determining the success of an online event.

However, one factor that most of the time gets neglected is the content. As an organizer, one needs to understand that no matter the format, Content is always the King. The success of your event equally depends on this factor. Apart from the content, one thing that is the person who will deliver the content is also vital. It is why it is said that you should be careful while choosing the speaker for your online event. But, how do you make sure that the speaker you have chosen is best suited for your online event? We will tell you. In this guide, we will take you through a guideline that will help you choose the right speaker for your virtual event. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Reach Out Early:

The first and foremost thing you need to do is reach out to your potential speaker as soon as you can. The reason we feel it is important is that it will give you ample time to connect with them and communicate everything efficiently. It will also allow you to understand their requirements and demands and get them on the same page.

When you reach out to them, ensure you mention everything clearly and explain everything briefly. Mention what they are supposed to do and who they should reach out to during any queries and doubts. The objective is to make things clear between the speakers and you; any scope of unclarity and doubts can lead to the failure of your virtual event. Hence, there are two things you need to bear in mind; one is reaching out early to the speakers and making sure that you both are on the same page.

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Form Detailed Guidelines:

The next thing you need to do is form detailed yet easy-to-read guidelines for your potential speakers. The reason is pretty simple and logical; you would want them to have a clear understanding of your event and your expectations from them. Since there would be a lot of information you would want to transmit, having everything in one place would make things easier and clearer for both of you.

Not only this, it would also help you follow up with them easily and efficiently, concerning one single and detailed source of information. However, there might be chances that the speakers you are targeting for your virtual event have a lot on their plates right now, and at that time, it becomes crucial for you to ensure they go through your information. During that time, ensure you send them an email with all the important information. While doing the same, including everything in a concise and highlighted manner.

Start With ‘Why’:

While you reach out to your potential speakers, always start with your Why; There are chances that the speaker will invest more in the proposal. To know your ‘Why’, go back to the beginning, and analyze everything related to the event. Analyze the objective of your event, your target audience, and their expectations from your event. Not only this, analyze who would be the best choice and what kind of speaker will help you achieve your goals and fulfill all the requirements. Start with sharing a brief context of your event, your target audience, and what they expect from you.

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Connect Over Video:

The next thing you can do is prefer a visual mode of communication over emails or audio calls. The reason we say this is that visual forms of communication are more effective and highly preferred by several people across the world. It will help you and your speaker communicate better by allowing both of you to see each other’s expressions and the tone of your voice. Not only this, visual communication will enable you to showcase things clearly; for example, you would be able to give a demo of your DIY Virtual Event Platform rather than type it out step-by-step.

Also, if you feel it won’t be right to approach them over a video call, you can send a video to them explaining everything related to the event. Draft a video that would cover everything you would have included in your email, and send it across. A video in their inbox won’t only catch their attention but also give your proposal a face and voice and give it a human touch.

Set Clear Due Dates and Stick to Them:

While you send the proposal, send them clear due dates, and no matter what, stick to them. From the date you finalize your speakers to the day of the event, there will be numerous times you will have to go back and forth with them. Also, it can either be a pre-recorded event or a live one; no matter what, always stick to the deadlines you have decided. Ideally, you should ask your speakers to keep their content ready at least a few weeks before the virtual event. It will give you and them ample time to edit and correct the content.

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Enough Time for Rehearsals:

If it is a live event, it would require you and require your speakers to rehearse enough for the same. The reason it is important to include the speakers in the rehearsals is that it will allow them to go through the technicalities of the virtual event platform. Not only this, a few rehearsal sessions will enable the speakers to handle things during the event all by themselves.

While not many organizers pay attention to this, the content you decide to deliver at your event plays a cyclical role in determining the success rate of the event. When you plan to host a virtual event, choose the best-suited speaker for your event. We hope this guide will help you understand how you can approach speakers for your event.