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The sheer volume of results when looking for an event planning template could leave you feeling depleted. Event trends are ever-evolving, making it even more important to produce events that enthrall and connect your audience in a hybrid event setting. 

Since the start of the epidemic, hybrid events have grown in significance as a component of event design. However, interest in hybrid events is only growing. The data is clear: 

Despite the comeback of in-person events, 

71% of event planners intend to continue using their digital strategy for online audiences. 

57% of event attendees think they accomplish event goals online. Video is a component of 

66% of event planners’ marketing plans. 

So, how can you incorporate a hybrid event strategy in your 2023 event planning?

Hybrid Event Planning Trends 

Let’s start with a definition of “hybrid events” to ensure that everyone is on the same page before we get into the hybrid event planning trends:  

An event that allows attendees to select their preferred way of attendance is referred to as a hybrid event. In-person and virtual (or live video) components are present in hybrid events. 

Events missing the mark at this phase are those without a virtual component. When events give attendees the choice to participate in person or electronically, participants expect and enjoy this. 

Hybrid events are more common. Therefore, in order to succeed, events in 2023 and beyond will need to follow the trends. You should keep abreast of the most recent developments in hybrid event planning to make sure your company satisfies the expectations of stakeholders and the target audience.

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You can start using some of the hybrid event planning ideas listed below in your event approach right away.

Organized interactions 

Attendees of events want to believe that the information being provided is pertinent to them. It’s crucial to carefully edit your 2023 events so that they appeal to all of your stakeholders, internal and external. Naturally, you must first discover who your internal and external stakeholders are before deciding what content is appropriate for each group.

The audience will be more engaged at the event and receptive to your company when the content is pertinent and impactful for them.

Micro events

The predominance of micro-events is another trend that you’ll probably notice a lot in 2023. It used to be acceptable for businesses to hold one or two annual events per year. Micro events, however, are more popular today.

Event organizers should therefore schedule smaller gatherings more frequently throughout the year rather than one big event. This gives your company the chance to reach more people and will give you information about the times of year when your viewers are most engaged.

Audience-First Content

If your audience isn’t interested in your event, what good is it? For you, the planner, and your audience, it is a waste of time. Make sure to select collaborative experiences that include material that interests your audience for events in 2023. Reimagined Experiences takes the time to understand the viewpoint of your audience and what they hope to achieve from your experiences.

In fact, we begin working with every client with this stage, known as an Audience Insight Inquiry. With the use of this information, we will reinvent your engagement strategy and shape your forthcoming experiences.

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Creative Productions 

In 2023, dull, two-dimensional presentations on Zoom will no longer be accepted. Why? Because zoom fatigue really does exist! The virtual portion of your hybrid event must be equally as imaginative and fascinating as the in-person event, regardless of the hybrid event platform your business chooses, be it Zoom or another.

The days of generic presentations made from pre-programmed templates are over. The best option is to use branded productions that highlight your company’s brand identity and make use of the newest streaming technologies. Your audience will feel more connected to your business thanks to these engaging digital experiences.

Adapt Your Hybrid Event Planning Strategy 

You can see that hybrid events are a thing of the present. Curated experiences, mini-events, audience-first content, and innovative productions should be at the top of your to-do list in 2023 as event planning trends continue to change.

Your digital encounters instantly become more distinctive, intriguing, and enjoyable when you incorporate these elements.

For your business, hybrid event planning companies are available to make this a reality. That possibility is attainable at Reimagined Experiences. We put a lot of effort into staying on top of the most recent event trends as one of the leading hybrid and digital experience planning firms.

To make all of your experiences as interesting and memorable as possible, our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology tools. You won’t have to worry about an event planning template this way.

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