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WeCP : A software platform to create, customize and conduct skill assessments

Wecp Private Limited at a glance :

Baisc Details :

StartupName  – Wecp Private Limited

HeadQuarter  – Bengaluru

Founder/s Name  – Shankar Abhishek Kaushik Maharaj and Mohit Kumar Goyal

Sector – IT

Founding Year – 2016

Elevator Pitch –
WeCP (We Create Problems) is a Bangalore, India based skill assessment software company. Started as the world’s first collective-intelligence powered questions development platform, today WeCP is a software platform to create, customize and conduct skill assessments. It gives candidates a real-easy environment to demonstrate their skills through coding, debugging, writing, selecting answers and video interviews.

Website link : https://www.wecreateproblems.com/

Registered Entity Name – Wecp Private Limited


During placement season, students who are soon to graduate start preparing themselves for interviews for the dream job. Observing the whole process in their pre-final year, friends/classmates, Abhishek Kaushik and Mohit Goyal of NIT Trichy realized that in order to prepare themselves, students resort to google for finding practice questions. The source of the practice questions and that of the assessment questions selected by recruiting companies being somewhat similar, the duo thought the process of filtering candidates is not 100% fair. That’s when Abhishek and Mohit set off on the path to building a community which can create innovative challenges/questions that can be used for open contests and recruitment purposes.

In 2015, WeCP (We Create Problems) hit the market as an online question-selling platform and sold over 1.7 lac+ novel questions/problem statements to the world. The idea was to give a better quality of questions which are unseen and involves slightly better mental exercises to solve.

With a rather unique name that is sure to make anyone curious, WeCP (We Create Problems) is based out of Bangalore now and has expanded to become one of the prominent providers of skill assessment platforms in the market.

Abhishek Kaushik ( Co-Founder and Ceo: WeCP)
Image Credit/Source: Abhishek Kaushik ( Co-Founder and Ceo: WeCP)

Image Credit/Source: Mohit Goyal ( Co-Founder and CTO: WeCP )
Image Credit/Source: Mohit Goyal ( Co-Founder and CTO: WeCP )

Current Scenario & Relevance:

The hiring process, as a whole, has seen a seismic shift over the past few years. The onset of the COVID-19-induced lockdown has acted as a catalyst in this regard. Companies are now confronted with the shortcomings of operating with traditional modes of hiring. At the same time, hiring on the basis of skill assessments and not just resumes, is gaining relevance in this present day and age. Digital talent assessment and virtual walk-ins, seem to be the way forward!

Today’s world seems to be inclining towards HR tech solutions more and more every day. By automating various HR functions like assessing and hiring productive candidates best fit for specific job roles, employee upskilling & reskilling, etc, companies are now looking to decrease overhead cost, time and effort invested in such functions. Here’s where WeCP’s solutions come into the picture.

The platform is an easy way to create, customize and conduct skill assessments to cater to a company’s hiring requirements. It gives candidates an environment to demonstrate their skills through coding, debugging, writing, selecting answers and video interviews. The platform can be used to set up virtual walk-ins, university hiring, conduct online hackathons, upskilling & reskilling assessments, data science coding assessments, virtual interviews and more. This year, the company has also launched its Virtual Campus Examination Platform which comes with pretty neat features to ensure a smooth virtual exam experience for candidates as well as the university faculty.

Among the numerous highlights of the platform, one of the key factors that WeCP is known for is their test library which comprises of questions based on 7000+ different skillsets and more than 5000 job functions. Customers can choose from the library or feed in their own set of questions to the system to begin assessments.

The incorporation of the automated grading system for all types of assessments, AI-powered auto code completion for coding assessments, AI invigilation through video proctoring and more has definitely been working in the company’s favour.

Here’s what Abhishek Kaushik, Co-founder & CEO, WeCP, has to say with regards to their plans for growth and funding; “In the beginning, we had to struggle at times with consistent cash flow. Building and executing a recurring revenue model was tricky, especially in the Indian market. We made it work with the support of our customers! We are 100% bootstrapped. We’ve been approached for fund-raising but we’re planning to grow our business with our customers till 1 Mil and we’ll think about a larger round for world-wide expansion plan”.

We’re in a highly competitive market. The good thing is the need is quite known and it is easier to predict customers and especially idea/profitable customers. Currently, the challenge in front of us is to build a team of high-performing people – “Team 10x” from all the five functions that our company has – Product, Content, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success”, added Abhishek when asked about the challenges and opportunities he can foresee for the near future.

The dynamic duo of the company (Abhishek & Mohit) is of the opinion that as a startup, building the team with dedicated and talented members and transparency in the company along with making every individual in the company outcome-oriented instead of task-oriented, is what helped WeCP (We Create Problems) grow over the years.

Quote from the Founder, Abhishek: “We started WeCP as a little question-selling startup and today we have become a full-fledged skill-assessment company serving the world’s most popular brands. It has truly been an amazing journey with lots of learning and unlearning”.

WeCP’s clientele includes names like Microsoft, Infosys, Robert Bosch, Tata Consultancy Services, Larsen & Toubro, UpGrad etc.

WeCP ( We Create Problems)



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