What are the 7Cs of Houston website design?

What are the 7Cs of Houston website design?
What are the 7Cs of Houston website design?
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The 7C’s of Houston website design is a seven-step approach for creating the most extraordinary Houston website design possible. Providing you with a step-by-step procedure and eliminating the element of guessing in web creation. Helping you design a customized Houston website that meets your needs and maximizes your business’s potential!

Why is it vital to adhere to the 7C’s of website design while developing a website design?

Creativeness, Consistency, Clarity, Content, Continuity, Compatibility, and Customization are the 7Cs of Houston website design. You now have a tried-and-true procedure for making your company’s most fabulous Houston website design using these seven stages. 

Businesses must adhere to these rules when designing their websites since they make sure the site is aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and simple to navigate and use. 

Businesses may be confident that they will build a Houston website design website that is both efficient and cutting-edge and satisfies all the needs of today’s online customers by adhering to the 7C’s of Houston website design

The provided principles also assist businesses in avoiding typical traps that may lead to a poorly designed website, a low usage rate, or even a loss of clients.

What 7 C’s of website design are there?


When developing a modern website, creativity is required. Simply thinking beyond the box is creativity. It entails taking a fresh approach and accomplishing something that hasn’t been done before. The secret to originality is creating distinctive elements for your website design, such as an original layout or fresh hues.


Making sure your website is compatible with all current browsers and devices is what compatibility is all about, allowing users to access it from anywhere. A helpful contact page with videos and pictures will keep visitors interested for longer.

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When creating a website, it’s a good idea to have a search tool in mind to make it as simple as possible for consumers to find the goods or services they need.


Clarity is crucial since effective and efficient communication is essential for website design. A white background, the hue universally associated with clarity, is suggested together with large, easily readable typography. To further increase site clarity, it is a good idea to have a clear navigation panel instead of one that is challenging to use and unclear.


Consistency is crucial for the audience to know what to anticipate from page to page. Keep the typography and images the same across your entire site to avoid ambiguity regarding where customers are on your website. Use a similar color scheme across your website design and include a menu that links to all the essential pages.


Customization refers to making your website distinctive and upgrading it to reflect the demands and preferences of your company. Making your company stand out from the competition will be easier if your website has a unique theme and layout. To make it easier for clients to access commonly asked questions, strive to publish them on your website. For example, a blog or photo gallery feature might provide the user with information or pleasure while they are on your website.


The content you include on your website is the main focus of the content. Remove any material that is not necessary and only provide the most crucial details about your company. 

It further advises attempting to add a blog or other easily updated content. Doing so will entice people to return to your website frequently and maintain their interest in your company. It is advised to employ pertinent keywords throughout the text to ensure that search engines accept it well.

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 Ensure that one page effortlessly transitions into the next to facilitate user interaction and prevent audience confusion. It is advised to have a contact page in addition to a “about us” section and “frequently asked questions” sections. You should include external and internal connections to make it simple for visitors to find their way around your website.

  • The 7Cs should and presumably are followed by your web designer because they simplify Houston website design by providing a framework for developing high-quality website layouts.


Already defined, the 7C’s—Creativity, Consistency, Clarity, Content, Continuity, Compatibility, and Customization—are essential for having a modern Houston website design

You can build a website that may help you build your online reputation by following these seven easy steps since having a high-quality website means that your brand will be held to a higher standard overall. 

Avoiding common errors like failing to provide clear and concise content or developing a website incompatible with many devices will help you get the most out of your website. 

Businesses may simply create a practical and fashionable Houston website design using the 7Cs of Houston website design with the right resources and standards in place! 

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