What are the Best Powder Packaging Manufacturers in Singapore

This post was most recently updated on April 11th, 2023

Over the years, aluminum and steel packaging has been regarded as the best method to package powder products. Nowadays, there are numerous ways of packaging. Manufacturers use high-end technology to design stock pouches, tins, and custom prints for powder packaging. It offers an efficient and cost-efficient option as compared to traditional methods.


While numerous advantages come with the latest packaging technology, finding a good company specializing in powder packaging can be daunting. Unlike other products, most powders tend to lump and can be notoriously difficult to disperse if not properly packaged.

We have prepared a list of some of Singapore’s best powder packaging manufacturers to help you narrow your search.


If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions, QQ Studio is the way to go. It uses compostable and renewable materials to provide quality high-barrier food packaging. The company’s 100% compostable packaging comes with three layers from a blend of plant-based material and a fully compostable zipper.

QuickQlick high-barrier packaging features a laminated sugarcane starch layer that allows the inner side to delaminate, especially during pulping. Some of the products offered by QQ Studio include food packaging, compostable and biodegradable custom packages, and stock pouches. Click here for a custom-made guideline on personalizing and ordering powder packaging.

MC Packaging Pte Ltd

With more than 50 years of packaging innovation, MC Packaging is Asia’s leading provider and supplier of metal packaging solutions. They specialize in the supply of quality products such as lids, cans, and coated sheets and are located in Singapore, China, and Malaysia.

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According to a recent post from the Canmaker Magazine, MC Packaging is the top 3-piece lithography metal can supplier to powder packers, especially in infant milk packaging. Other packaging solutions from the company include can components (lids) such as Peel-Off-Ends (POE) and print and coated sheets.

Sankawa Packaging (S) Pte Ltd

The award-winning Sankawa total packaging specialist is one of the few companies in Singapore that focuses on providing its customers with custom-tailored packaging. It is the first to obtain and utilize the innovation of the PU Foam Cushion Curve in the design of multiple-slot packaging.

Apart from powder packaging, Sankawa specializes in anti-static PE and PU foam sheets, plastic corrugated sheets, corrugated carton boxes, Neutral Kraft paper rolls, and other design and development services. It also intends to develop new products, such as the floating boar, emphasizing environmental friendliness.

Sunstream Industries Pte Ltd

When looking at top powder packaging manufacturers, you will never miss a spot for Sunstream. It is one of the best companies in Singapore that provides an unwavering commitment to its customers, employees, and partners.

The company is headquartered in Singapore but has factories in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Some of its partners include Meijer Handling Solutions, Lantech, Toppy, Lift Matic Material Handling, and Ranpak.

Apart from Powder Packaging, Sunstream also provides a wide range of automated packaging solutions such as conveying, packaging consumables, case equipment, and pallet wrapping. Additionally, the company specializes in pallet changing systems, push/pull slip sheet systems, and ergonomic strapping systems.

Tobe Packaging Industries Pte Ltd

Founded in 1987, Tobe Packaging Industries is one of the longest-established companies in Singapore. It started as a Polythene (PE) Plastic Bag and Polypropylene (PP) manufacturer and later switched to multi-layered packaging pouches in the late 90s. Today, Tobe Packaging Industries have extended its service provision to Southern Asia.

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The company specializes in custom-made packaging and multi-colored rotogravure printing. Other services include food packaging, plastic butcher paper, nylon bags, T-shirt and wave top bags, barrier fill, wet wipes, and many more. Whether you are looking for flexible packaging, digital printing, butcher paper, or general packaging, Tobe Packaging has everything you need.  


Whether using aluminum or steel in your powder packaging, you will benefit from the wide range of benefits of metal packaging. The above companies are the best powder packaging manufacturers in Singapore and the most reliable. All you need to do is ensure you consult with the company first before placing your order.

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