What are the different types of Karma? Which karma determines one’s spouse?

What are the different types of Karma? Which karma determines one's spouse?

Karma is an important concept in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Eastern religions. It is the accumulated karma of our actions that determines our present life circumstances as well as our future lives. Several different types of karma come into play when determining one’s fate. A Vedic Astrology Reading can often be used to help explain karma. It can give us insight into our karma and help us to understand our destiny.

Types of Karma

Karma is the term used to describe the effects of our recent past, ongoing present, and upcoming future acts. According to yogi, there are three categories of karma. 

Sanchita Karma – The first type of karma is Sanchita Karma, which is the karma of all our actions from past, present, and future lives. This includes both good and bad karma. This karma affects our entire life as it is a storehouse of karma accumulated over time. Just as a person can get wealth in a bank account, so can they earn karma.

Depending on the type of karma, it will eventually ripen and lead to either positive or negative consequences. Sanchita Karma is often seen as the cause of someone’s current circumstances, whether good or bad. It is also why some people are born into better circumstances than others. Consciously or unconsciously, each action we take contributes to our Sanchita Karma. Therefore, we must be mindful of our actions and their consequences. Sanchita Karma can only be reduced through meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices. Ultimately, it is only through enlightenment that one can completely transcend Sanchita Karma and attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Prarabdha karma – The second type of karma is Prarabdha karma, which represents karma we have already acquired through previous actions and reactions. This karma shapes our current life and determines our future.

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Prarabdha karma is often described as the “fruit of our actions.” The total of our past actions, good and bad, determines our present circumstances. Prarabdha karma is said to be unchangeable and inevitable. We may not be able to change our past actions, but we can change how we react to them.

Prarabdha karma is often compared to a seed that has been planted. The seed will eventually grow and bear fruit, just as our actions will ultimately have consequences. We may not be able to see the results of our actions immediately, but they will inevitably come to fruition. Prarabdha karma is often seen as a powerful force that shapes our lives. It is important to remember that while we cannot change our past actions, we can influence the way they affect us in the present. By making positive choices in the present, we can create a better future for ourselves and those around us.

Prarabdha karma is ultimately a reminder that our choices have consequences and that we are responsible for the fruits of our actions.

Agami karma –

The third type of karma is Agami karma, which is the karma we put into motion in the present life through our actions and decisions. Our current karma will shape our future karma, for better or worse. It’s the kind of karma that we are consciously creating right now.

Agami karma is often compared to seeds that we plant. The fruits of our agami karma will ripen in due time. We may not see the results of our agami karma immediately, but eventually, it will catch up to us.

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Agami karma is powerful because our own free will determines it. We have complete control over what kind of agami karma we create. We can choose to sow positive seeds or negative seeds. It’s up to us. Agami karma is essential because it shows us that we are responsible for our future. Whatever we do in the present will determine our future. To create a bright future, we must be mindful of the agami karma we create.

Finally, when determining one’s spouse, karma plays an important role. Specifically, karma is determined by two factors: one’s karma from previous lifetimes and karma created in this lifetime through conscious decisions. Using the karmic number calculator, you may know your karma by discovering your karmic numbers.

Karma is a complex concept that has a powerful impact on our lives. Though understanding karma can be difficult, taking the time to learn and understand it can help us make better decisions and improve our karma in the long run. Doing so can help us create the life we want, including a fulfilling relationship with a partner.

Ultimately, karma is an essential concept in many Eastern religions that determines one’s fate. The different types of karma come into play when determining one’s present circumstances and future. To select one’s spouse, karma is determined by karma from past lifetimes and karma created in this lifetime through conscious decisions. Taking the time to understand karma can help us make better life and relationships.

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