What is a blockchain launchpad, and how does it work?


Launchpad is a decentralized platform that helps cryptocurrency startups raise funding. And here, the funds come from retail investors. Launchpads have become very popular in the crypto world because they offer investors and project organizers a convenient way to interact.

The collected funds are used to launch a cryptocurrency project or refine cryptocurrency platforms. In addition, it allows you to create a kind of community that brings developers and investors together. 

As a result, developers receive funds to help them continue further work on the crypto platform. And investors who were among the first to get access to a new project can hope for good returns on their investments in the future. This is how mutually beneficial cooperation begins. 

However, it is worth carefully checking the future project for such cooperation to become truly beneficial for investors. This is important not only to acquire assets at a low price and hope for good profits in the distant future but also to protect yourself from scammers. 

The verification of such projects is aimed at making sure that the new cryptocurrency is working. That is why launchpads are primarily created for the safety of investors who want to cooperate only with proven projects. In this regard, choosing blockchain launchpads on specialized exchanges is convenient, which checks the project’s reliability and gives investors guarantees.

With the help of launchpads, it is much easier for the creators of new cryptocurrency blockchain projects to convey information about their products to a wide audience. Also, to raise funds in the crowdfunding format (those who wish to finance projects or find sponsors and, subsequently, investors make a profit from all investments).

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Those who invest in a new product at the initial stage of its development and promotion have good chances to increase their capital. The main objective of the launchpad is to ensure fair and transparent interaction between the audience of new platforms and their creators.

How does the launchpad work?

Users turn to blockchain launchpads when they need information about new cryptocurrency projects. And blockchain startups come to the launchpad to make themselves known. Blockchain Launchpad selects and places the most promising projects on its platform. 

Consider an example:

A specific development team is planning to launch its own crypto exchange. Developers can talk about their idea to the launchpad audience, experience, and employees, demonstrate developments, prototypes, etc. 

Users, in turn, evaluate the prospects of the project. If it seems profitable to them, they can buy crypto exchange tokens (substitutes for securities in the digital world) at a bargain price. In this case, the project organizers receive funds to finalize the platform.

To invest funds, you must:

  • Register on the platform;
  • Create and verify a crypto wallet;
  • Buy tokens of the launchpad itself and add them to the wallet;
  • Apply for participation in the token sale of the selected startup (sale of tokens);
  • And maybe something else. It depends on the conditions of each launchpad.

What are the benefits of launch pad sites?

  • The opportunity to participate in the project and buy tokens at competitive prices. This, in the long run, can bring more profits;
  • Attracting attention to new projects and forming a wide audience. In fact, this is another additional marketing platform that helps attract more investment in developing projects; 
  • Security for both parties;
  • Simplicity, clarity, and accessibility
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Cryptocurrency today is no longer something incomprehensible but one of the ways to make money for many people around the world. Analysts relatively recently conducted a survey of 3,000 respondents. These people are trading in markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The survey results revealed that:

  1. 55% of participants from Europe own cryptocurrency;
  2. 61% of participants consider cryptocurrency to be a good way to invest.

Experienced traders consider cryptocurrency a profitable investment in a bear market (trend). A bearish trend or market is a downtrend when asset prices fall 20% or more from a recent high. And at this moment, if you invest wisely, you can get big profits in the long run; the main thing is not to panic.  


In addition, it is on a downtrend that you can explore new promising projects and areas of investment. This is where launchpads can help. For startups looking to transition into web3 or launch their coin, one of the blockchain gaming launchpads to bank on is the Enjinstarter.

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