What is a seed keyword? How they are useful in SEO

seed keyword
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What is a Seed Keyword?

A seed keyword is a short-tail keyword, sometimes with one or two words. You can say that Seed Keywords are the foundation of SEO and keyword research. Seed keywords are the phrases or words, from which you can create more keywords. These are like building blocks of keyword research. Seed keywords also known as primary keywords, head keywords, main keywords and root keywords. These keywords are the first step for keyword research.

Seed keywords are designed to grow different keywords that you’ll optimize your website. When distinctive a couple of relevant seed keywords for your website, you’ll build them up with modifiers to come up with long-tail keywords. Digital marketing agencies in India offer effective keyword research strategies to make you visible in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Let’s take an example of a seed keyword:

You are running a ‘bags’ online business. Bag is an important keyword to your business, but typing ‘bags’ into Google is too competitive to get your desired results. Bag is a seed keyword around which we can add the rest of your keywords and design your search engine optimization strategy.

Why are Seed Keywords Important?

Seed keywords play a vital role in creating more keywords for your business. They are hel[ful for many reasons

  • You can target the right people for your business who are searching the keyword on Google
  • It makes your content marketing efforts easy. It gives you several content ideas.
  • It can give you an idea to make a targeted content strategy so that you can leverage low competition and high competition keywords in your business. It maximize the chances to rank you well in Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • It helps you to target your customers and they can find you, and your strategy can increase the organic traffic by using the right seed keywords
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Seed keywords are the associated keyword phrases.These keywords will give you content ideas. they will additionally assist you to perceive the topics most significant to your business.

When the seed keywords are used correctly and strategically, they are competitive. Seed keywords can bring SEO success for your business and help it rank higher in the organic search results.

Short tail keywords are more competitive than long term keywords. That’s why the marketers optimize their website to rank the keywords in Google search. SEO strategy won’t work if your long tail keywords are not relevant to the content.

Seed keywords will keep you on track in creating SEO strategy by generating relevant long-tail keywords. Your long-tail keywords should be relevant to your website, which will boost your site’s organic ranking. Newly optimized content with a long tail keyword, search engines crawl your website as it is relevant to the long tail keywords.

If you already have a website, a strategically keyword research practice can rank your website. If you are planning to create a new website, and creating content then SEO agencies in Mumbai will get most of your data to help you to grow in Google search. The first step to organize seed keywords for a brand new website is to search the specific keyword phrases for which you can rank for.

Always use a keyword funnel approach to each word, set of words and phrases related to the business. Every keyword typed by the user has some intention behind it. Research on those keywords and what keywords make your audiences a tick in their mind. Same keyword targeting doesn’t work in Google. Deep dive into the keyword research strategies. Digital marketing agencies look at your website and conclude what keywords are the best to target your audiences.

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