What is an arborist?

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What is an arborist? An arborist is defined as:

The responsibility of arborists is not to harvest or manage forests but to take care of the health and safety of each plant and tree individually. They are landscapers who are specialized in growing, removing, planting, and maintaining the trees and the plants. They use their knowledge as well as their physical skills to take care of the trees so that they remain healthy. They take care of the plants to help in their growth for the organizations and industries.

What do arborists do?

There are a lot of things that an arborist manages from cutting shoots to identifying diseases. The main responsibilities of an Arborist are:

  1. Emergency Tree care

Sometimes Natural disasters cause great damage to the trees for example storms that cause damage to the limbs of the trees or even the entire tree. These trees need to be removed or trimmed short to reduce the damage that these trees can face or the surrounding property. This process involves many risks and only an arborist can remove or trim the tree safely. Only an arborist has the skills that will keep the tree safe.

  1. Insect control

Some trees are very prone to harmful insects that can cause damage to the whole tree and plants. These insects need to be removed and specific pesticides should be used to remove the specific insect from the specific plant or tree. Only the arborist has this knowledge about the trees and which pesticide should be used to remove this insect from this particular tree.

  1. Tree Pruning
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Tree pruning is the cutting of overgrown, dry, and dead ends from the tree or plant to encourage growth. This step is very crucial and only an arborist knows what is needed and how much pruning is needed for the plant to encourage its growth.

  1.  Tree Planting

Before the plantation of trees, it is necessary to know whether this desired location is suitable for the tree to grow or not. There are a lot of problems that arise when an exotic plant is introduced to another location it can harm the land as well as the atmosphere so only the arborist knows which location is suitable for this specific tree to plant it and only the arborist can do it for the safety of tree as well as atmosphere.

  1. Tree Removal

Tree removal is a very dangerous procedure as it can harm the whole tree. Only the professional arborist can do it by making the tree safety plan and safely removing the tree.

  1. Fertilization

Different plants need different fertilizers like phosphate fertilizer, nitrate, and mixed fertilizers for their growth. The arborist knows which fertilizer is suitable for the plant. Only he can tell which fertilizer would be used for an individual tree or plant.

  1. Testing soil conditions

Soil condition plays a very important role in the health and growth of plants and trees. Only an arborist knows whether the given soil conditions are good for that specific plant or not.

  1. Invasive species

Arborists have the knowledge about the invasive species that cause harm to the plants are trees. Here is a need to remove the invasive species to encourage the growth of trees.

  1. Identify diseases
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Like human beings, the trees and plants also have diseases that cause harm to their health and as a result of that disease, the plants may dry or die. The arborist is responsible for the identification of the plant disease so that It can be cured.

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Broken news has explained the skills that should be present in the arborist.

Skills of an arborist

To become an arborist a lot of skills are required but these skills can be learned over time and some should be present before becoming an arborist. An arborist is responsible for taking care of the health and safety of plants. These skills areas:

  • Height comfortability

An arborist should be comfortable with the heights because when dealing with the plants and trees, the person with the height phobia can not manage to work with the big trees.

  • He should be practical

Being practical is very important to being an arborist. Being practical means that he will be ready to learn new things.

  • He must have a love for nature

If a person loves nature only then he can take care of trees and plants.

  • He should have an interest in the different plant species

 If he does not have an interest in learning about the different plant species he can never know what a plant needs to remain healthy. All the plants are trees are different and their requirements are different. An arborist should have knowledge about every plant species.

  • He should be determined

He should be determined because when dealing with the trees, there could be a lot of challenges they would have to face so he should be ready for every challenge all the time.

  • He should be sensible
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The arborist should be sensible enough to handle every situation with an open mind and come up with the solution to that problem.

  • He should be cooperative

The arborist should be cooperative because when working with a team he should be able to handle a situation otherwise helping the plants and trees is not the work of a single man.

  • He should have communication skills

While he will be working on the tree at a great height, he needs his team to hand him the equipment and instrument so he should have excellent communication skills so that the tree, as well as the team, will not face any harmful incidents.


An arborist is the caretaker of trees and plants. He is responsible for taking all the measures that ensure the safety and health of plants that including removing the invasive species, removal of overgrown shoots, dry ends, dead ends, removal of trees, insect control, herbicides control, insecticides control, and fertilizer control. He will focus on tree diseases so that he can take care of each plant. An arborist is the Doctor of Plants that is determined to take care of plants by providing the best care possible.

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