What is Career Counselling?

How To Get Into Career Counselling
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We all have become so busy with our lives that we need to stop and take time to think about ourselves in the present times. We are constantly on the move and trying to plan our next move. The problem is that no one knows the future, and people don’t react to realities as they think they can. We all have plans and dreams, but very few of us can accomplish them. This difference between the results and aspirations is so vital that it has given rise to a whole industry of career counselling certifications. This is not a joke; these counsellors are very important to us. But we must prioritize our needs first. 

What kind of individuals need career counselling?

Anyone from a school-going student to a working professional can be a potential customer of this industry. They work on a simple principle based on three pillars.

  • Results desired
  • Skill gap
  • How to acquire the necessary skill to reach those goals

You can come from any walk of life and fit right into the above paradigms in one way or the other. Career counselling coaches will guide you through the entire process and help to lay out a pathway for you to follow step by step.

If you are a school-going student, you can consult a guidance counsellor to help chart your path forward to where you want to go after you finish your course or school and what areas of study you should look forward to. They will not use the power of intuition or some magical crystal to do that. They will make a calculated judgement based on your current skills level, your aptitude, your personality and various other personal traits and decide on the most appropriate thing for you to move forward into.

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If you are a working professional and you want to accomplish certain goals, a counsellor will make a sound assessment of your present skills and chart a plan for you to acquire the necessary skill you lack now to full fill those dreams. They will tell you what you need to learn or how to change your behavioural traits so that you can accomplish the desired results!

What is the best approach?

There is no best approach forward. You must realize what you want to accomplish first. There is no shortage of career counsellors. The process starts with you. Once you have decided on what you want, the next part of selecting a coach is rather easy.

  • Prioritize your requirements
  • Single out the category you need guidance in
  • Search for all the options available in the market for your field
  • Select a service that best suits your needs and is aligned with your pockets.

If you take all the necessary steps, you will become unstoppable and accomplish all your goals!

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