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How these Young Guys From IIT Delhi and Delhi University are showing the Path to the Students to Select Their Career

“A Journey Towards Contentment In Careers And Beyond: The Journey of MyWays “Right at the outset of my first year in college, I knew that I had to pursue my interest in the field of education. Having come from the competitive JEE zone to IIT, I understand the lack of awareness amongst students about varied career prospects and the pressure to follow the safer norms. I wanted to improve this situation. It was at the end of my first year of college, at a summer school in policy making, where I got the idea to work in this field. About 6 months later, It was in a week-long entrepreneurship programme where the idea of MyWays sprouted. From then until now, each day has been a thriller with so many new things to learn and challenges to unfold. I have seen us growing each day.”,says Samyak Jain, Founder, MyWays.


The fact that students make career decisions on the basis of societal accord and placement statistics brings to light why more than two-thirds of the employees plan to quit their jobs, high no. of graduates remain jobless and about 1000 students drop out every year from top institutes of the country like IITs. Peer pressure, parental expectations and limited knowledge about one’s own competence and aligned career choices make students succumb to incorrect career choices, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction at work.

The origin:

With the vision of making individuals able to make and pursue a well informed and independent career choice, MyWays , a team of students from IIT Delhi and Delhi University, began working with the students of schools and colleges in 2017, helping them choose an appropriate career for themselves in order to achieve professional goals and develop a well-defined strategy to become what they want to be.

“MyWays believes in the motto I Reflect I Explore I Create”, Says Samyak.


From a humble team strength of 3, today MyWays stands strong with 11 passionate young change makers from colleges like IIT Delhi, NSIT, Shivaji, Miranda, IPU, Amity. The team enjoys a tasteful diversity of students from engineering, economics, history, business, and psychology. Samyak Jain, a third year BTech student at IIT D, Pallabi Mandal, a third-year B.E (ECE) student at NSIT and Ena Roy, ex-travel consultant, currently pursuing 12th from NIOS is the founding team members.

How these Young Guys From IIT Delhi and Delhi University are showing the Path to the Students to Select Their Career

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Services Offered:

MyWays, an innovative solution provider has developed a three-dimensional framework to solve career woes-Introspection, Information, and Independence. It offers introspective workshops to college students to help them discover their skills and interests and improve their decision-making abilities and gain hands-on experience through inner exploration and a psychology enabled ecosystem.

Journey/Milestones achieved:

Having held 5 successful workshops so far with appreciative reviews from all the participants, MyWays has built an innovative network called MyPeers Network to help students connect with like-minded peers with complementary skills in order to facilitate co-creation. In addition, participants would be mentored by experts called MyMentors. To carry further the impact of the introspection workshop, regular meetups are also organized. MyPeers network is 35 participants strong with students from colleges like IIT Delhi, Miranda House, NSIT, Hindu College, Amity University, IPU, Cluster Innovation Centre and Shivaji College. We aim to take it to 100 in a couple of months and further to 1000 in a year. The opportunity network has been instrumental in helping the participants find internships matching their interests and skill sets. Participants have been connected to various opportunities in the field of Marketing, Policy Making, Communication and PR, Management and the list is ever expanding.

Funding and future plans:

Contrary to the popular belief of monetizing a start-up on the basis of seed funding, MyWays is a self-sustainable venture. The investment is virtually nil. The future plans aim at making collaborations with various schools and colleges and student bodies to make career decisions more fun-filled and less burdensome. The expansion plans include collaborations with field experts like career counselors, psychologists. The target is to reach out to the maximum number of students and replace the conventional idea of choosing a career with creating one.

 Advice from the founders to young entrepreneurs:

“Building a team and trusting the people in it is the key. If you are able to build a team that can discuss and argue during the decision-making process and still stands together to feel for and work for the cause and to shares its views openly, you are on the right track!”


“Social Entrepreneurship is not about helping people or sympathizing with them, It’s about understanding people and empathizing with them.”

Challenges and Opportunities:

In the USA, there are about 15 career counselors per student while in India, there are 3000 students per counselor. It highlights that the Indian market is yet to embrace the idea of career counseling. Of 560 career choices, the average Indian student/parent is aware of only 25 options. MyWays looks at this as an opportunity to fill the gap between the available information and the available opportunities. The underlying challenge is to change the mindset of people towards career mapping and career counseling.

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