The modern world of technology creates thousands of new products every day. Software, websites and apps – all need to be verified before launching. And most critically, the check cannot contain an error. After all, customers are used to getting a perfectly functional interface. Testing huge amounts of code requires a serious investment by both companies and developers. Codeless automation testing was introduced to solve such challenges. 

Codeless automation testing is being rapidly adopted by companies around the world. According to the Global Automation Testing Market research, the automation testing market has a growth potential of 16.65% until 2027. The increasing demand for this verification method is based on time-savings, clarity and efficiency. Today, businesses are prioritising process automation, making manual testing a thing of the past. This article will describe what codeless automation testing is and what its main tools are.


Codeless automation testing refers to the testing of software using specialised programmes. The key feature of this method is that there is no need to enter code manually. This means that codeless automation testing requires no human intervention.

A fair number of companies consider Codeless automation testing to be a real driver of innovation. There is a reason for this, as hand-testing takes a huge amount of time. Whereas automating the process can cut the time involved by almost ten times. Automated testing undoubtedly increases the efficiency and coverage of testing.  Say, it is quite tricky to test multilingual websites by hand.

In essence, codeless automation testing instruments free QA engineers from time-consuming work.  In addition, there is little chance of an error in the program. This means that the possibility of error through human factors becomes impossible.

The main drawback of codeless automation testing is the requirement for full-scale development. Therefore, this method is complex and requires sufficient investment. Accordingly, companies must be thoughtful about choosing the right testing strategy. And to start off, it is necessary to select the right framework.

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Choosing the right software codeless automation testing tool can seem like a daunting task. There are many factors to consider in order to make the right decision, such as the scripting language used, object mapping and much more. The choice of tool is one of the major issues to be resolved before embarking directly on automation.

The most important thing to review is the current problems in your testing system. It is necessary to analyse what problems may arise and whether you intend to scale the business. Also, the tool chosen should be future-oriented. This means using AI technology and analytics.

It is especially important to note that not every codeless automation testing tool can be used without the help of professional programmers. Some programmes on the market assure you that any untrained person can do the testing. However, this is not always the case. To avoid disappointment, it is necessary to study the offer in detail.

In this article we look at the most popular software codeless automation testing tools to assist those who need to introduce automation to the process.


DogQ is a robust codeless automation testing tool. It’s based on Selenium and therefore includes its functions as well as additional functions created by DogQ. By using the platform, you can automate software tests, including UI, e2e, and much more. A great benefit of DogQ is its ease of use. With this codeless automation testing tool there is no necessity to look for professional developers and QA engineers.

The next distinctive feature is the possibility of teamwork in the testing process. With DogQ, you can connect your team and work together in co-operative mode. DogQ also introduces the function of working on several projects at the same time and even provides statistics on them.

For the first 14 days DogQ is your free codeless automation testing tool. This means that there is an opportunity to verify the effectiveness of the tool on a free-of-charge basis. The cost of using the tool will be based on the number of tests required. DogQ can also design a bespoke tariff according to your needs. So DogQ is a genuine ally in test automation for companies.

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Testsigma is an advanced free codeless automation testing tool. This platform’s artificial intelligence is capable of automatically correcting scenarios, recovering elements and making suggestions for improvement. A streamlined workflow makes it possible to create end-to-end tests for software five times faster.

Testsigma is easy enough to work with: you can choose to work in the cloud or on your device. Also, you can always expand the platform as it contains more than a hundred ready-made settings. And a pleasant bonus is that you can create your own adjustments.

A distinctive characteristic of the instrument is the ability to create test steps by writing down sentences in English. Testsigma also provides users with reports for each test and real-time dashboards.


Ranorex Studio is a codeless automation testing instrument which has been a huge success with developers. In fact, Ranorex’s functionality is not limited to codeless software testing. The platform has an extensive number of testing offerings: keyword, black box, cross-browser testing and many others. Its popularity is due to its user-friendliness: the instrument is available for professionals and beginners alike. 

Ranorex Studio is based on popular programming languages such as C#. With this paid tool, you can perform automated testing of software, web applications and more. 

Highlights of Ranorex Studio include cross-browser testing, robust reporting and end-to-end testing. Ranorex Studio provides integration with other tools such as Azure DevOp, Bugzilla, Gi, TestRail, JIRA and others. By integrating various codeless automation testing tools, it is possible to create a chain to work from one place.


TestProject is the next noteworthy free codeless automation testing tool. TestProject will carry out web, mobile and API testing. The platform is available in two modes: a cloud-based solution and an offline one. In the second case, TestProject will save your tests on the computer so that nothing is lost. 

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The instrument offers integrated working via a centralised toolbar. Full reports with screenshots and logs will be generated after testing. Unique in the fact that TestProject presents an excellent mobile AI-based test recorder. As well as a web-test one that increases the stability of the test.


Testim is the next outstanding solution for codeless automation testing. It’s quite a powerful tool based on artificial intelligence. Directly thanks to artificial intelligence, Testim is able to capture changes in the application under test. Which means it introduces the capacity to automatically create and run tests.

With this free codeless automation testing tool you can significantly reduce the time consumption. Testim is especially known for its speed and flexibility in operation. It also doesn’t require any special coding skills.

Testim is the right choice for checking complex projects and group work. Due to the ability to integrate tools, Testim provides the ability to check in a segregated line of code.


The emergence of codeless automation testing has forever changed the way software is tested. With all the pros and cons, automating testing processes is a real innovation. In an age of rapidly evolving technology, it makes sense to strive to automate all sorts of processes, especially product development ones.

Companies must already be determined to implement such technologies in their environment. After all, codeless automation testing speeds up processes, the work of QA engineers and frees them from the need for super professional programming skills.
In the codeless automation testing industry, there are a myriad of offers, each of which can be applied to a different purpose. By choosing the right tool, companies find their key to success in the marketplace. Paid and free codeless automation testing tools, they all have one thing in common – it’s an upgrade.

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