What is Earth-leakage circuit breaker-ELCB?

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Do you have any idea about ELCB? Do you know for what ELCB stand? Do you why we use ELCB? What is the purpose of ELCB? How ELCB function? Are you looking for best ELCB? I know maximum people are not familiar with these questions and their answer. if you don’t know the answer of these questions, its not a big deal after reading this article you will be able to answer all these questions and even able to explain it in front of others.

What is ELCB?

ELCB stands for earth leakage circuit breaker. In science terminology is very common as ELCB is also application of science so if we put our little consideration on ELCB word we come to know that ELCB indicates that it is a device which break or disconnect circuit or power when there is leakage of current in circuit. Now if we want to write exact definition of ELCB. Than it can be defined as:

“It is a safety device used in electrical apparatus to prevent user from electric shocks”

Orbit can be defined as a protective device which protects its user from electric shocks when there is no proper insulation semester.

Function of ELCB:

If I ask a question from you that have you ever got electric shocks? Hundred percent The answer will be yes from   you instead not only from you but I myself got mini electric shocks many times in my life. Have you ever try to find the reason behind it? If yes its very good but if know than I will tell you.

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Reason of electric shocks:

It is nothing but lack of proper ear thing in earthed wiring network. Which read or heard or first time word of earthed wiring network.it is not surprising as we all know all the appliances are connected to common point and then finally to an earth. It is very common in our near areas that there is damage in insulating parts of electric appliances in this way electric current can come in equipment and when we touch we got electric shocks. But if ELCB is applied in electrical circuit it will safe user in case of any damage in wires connection. elcb full form

Composition or parts of ELCB:

1_ELCB consists of following parts:

2_Cbct (core balance current transformers)

3_Sensory coil

4_Tripping relay

5_Tripping relay

6_Test button

7_Incoming phase or supply phase

8_Neutral or zero phases

Working principle:

How electric current flow in ELCB?

Current in ELCB flow in the following sequence: first flow from sensory coil than to cacti and then to appliances and other coil to finally end in neutral phase

How can we come to know that there is circuit leakage or not?

When electricity flow from incoming or supply phase and the neutral phase is same it means that there is no earth leakage .to understand it how current is same we can consider example as if we  one candy in box and after few minutes we find the same candy . When current is same in both phases they will cancel the effect of each other and result will be zero so electric shocks will not occur.

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Now when earth leakage occur? When there is an insulation damage in equipment.in this way incoming current is not just equal to neutral current instead it is the sum of neutral current and leakage current.so they will not cancel the effect of each other and it create problem in cacti .

How we noticed?

It is very easy to notice it .it can be sense by sensory coil than this coil awake the tripping relay.it is just like  button either red or of other colors when there is leakage in earth it will on. And we can easily detect it.

What is leakage current value?

ELCB can measure current up to 30mA.

Or which can it carry with damage in 63A.

Is earth is necessary for ELCB connection?

Yes earth is necessary or any ground place is required not just for ELCB fixation but also for the safety of all electric appliances.

Which ELCB we should buy from bazar?

ELCB device which can measure current up to 30mA and 63A is very useful and beneficial.


As road is not always smooth but also rough and has dumps too.in this electric leakage circuit breaker also has merit and demerits .electric leakage circuit breaker have following advantages or merits:_

It is very cheap than any other devices.

It reduces the risk of electric shocks.

It can be easily fixed.

We can use it very easily.

Ai it’s just like box in this wires are not open to air so it is less affected by dust particles and weather changing.

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It reduces electricity bill so if we want to decrease our electricity bill we must have to use ELCB.

In United States it is strictly said to all the people to apply electric leakage circuit breaker in their homes.


It needs skilled workers.

Usually person doesn’t have its knowledge.

It can not protects from electric shocks when current flow through person to other 

Sometimes we noticed in our daily life experience electric current transfer from one person to other it can not be controlled by ELCB it has some other means 

Price of ELCB

 Usually good ELCB can be purchased from bazar in 2400 and it can be increase.

Conclusion or result:

Now we write all about ELCB and discuss it briefly. As ELCB merits are more than its demerits .so we have to fix ELCB in our home to save us from electric shocks not from ourselves but our family members and even our electric appliances will also be damage or become useless without it. Finally I will say or request to you to installed ELCB in your homes for your own benefit .it is very general if we know the dangers of something we try to find its solution .Now we get solution of electric shocks now we have to just do it.

I hope so you will like this article and I try my best to convey you all about ELCB in easy and understandable way. if you like it tell me in your comments. Thank you.

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