What is online 3D graphic design software?

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Digital graphic design has become essential in digital marketing. It manages to represent different strategies developed by brands accurately. Likewise, it generates an impact by provoking all sensations and emotions linked to the client.

This is no coincidence if we think that 93% of consumers consider that a visual element has weight in their buying decision. Today, all kinds of programs and resources seek to support any digital designer.

At Mokup, we have decided to develop an informative article where we recommend the best tool for your professional development. But as always, we start with a base definition to get into context. Are you prepared?

Let’s get started!

What is digital graphic design?

Digital graphic design as a profession is the methodology that tries to illustrate visual communication by expressing a clear message aimed at a specific social group and fulfilling an objective.

Of course, being digital, technological means such as computers, and graphic tablets, among other resources, are used. The type of publication in this environment is also known as visual design or design in visual communication.

What is 3D modeling, and what uses does it have?

Although this 3D modeling may sound a bit Chinese to you, the truth is that every time you watch a Pixar movie or play a video game, it is thanks to this type of technology that is used in its production.

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3D modeling is a technology that allows us to create prototypes of three-dimensional representation, whether animated or not. Although the learning curve in this field is quite large, we can use online free tools such as Mokup or learn to use more advanced ones such as Autodesk 3DStudio Max offline.

With a 3D program, you can, as the name suggests, create various three-dimensional objects. Ordinary images have only two dimensions: height and width. A 3D image also has depth. You can use a 3D program for anything from geometric figures to signs like 3D logos.

A distinction is made between 3D programs used to create and animate entire three-dimensional scenes and programs that can only model three-dimensional objects. The computer game and film industry work with the former type. However, architects also use them in construction planning, product development for the industry, and various research purposes.

What is 3D modeling/design used for?

3D modeling has numerous applications in real life, among which are the following:

Architecture: It is used to visualize a construction before starting the works and thus be able to detect possible errors or inconsistencies.

Engineering: facilitates the detection of project failures, allows control of the weight and density of the pieces, and enables interaction and collaboration between engineers, architects, and quantity surveyors.

Product design: this allows products to be simulated in three dimensions before being manufactured so that they can be sold or financed to launch on the market.

3D printers: This technology that has become so fashionable lately works with 3D design programs.

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Cinema: Animated films such as Pixar’s are made possible by 3D modeling. Although we can see many of them yearly, the first was Toy Story in 1995.

Video games: manage to create characters that perform movements at the angle the player wants, thanks to this technology.

The application of 3D graphics is limitless and can also be used for art cover designs, including novels, eBooks, etc. If you want to design an art cover, it usually requires a lot of expertise. The expertise includes the use of specific software for design.


However, if you want to create a 3D mockup design for your art cover, eBooks, etc., without spending so much on an expert, then using our online software is the ideal option. Mokup is a website that allows users to create 3D eBook cover designs and product mockups that do not require Photoshop or download. It is trusted by several platforms, including Clickbank and some affiliate partnerships.

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