What Is Strata Management And What Is Involved With A Strata Title

Strata Management
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If you’ve ever wondered what strata management is, or what’s involved in owning a strata title, then this post is for you! In short, strata management is the process of managing and maintaining a property that is shared by multiple owners. This can include things like common areas, maintenance duties, and financial planning. 

If you’re thinking of buying into a strata title complex, it’s important to understand all that goes into Strata Management so you can make an informed decision. Stay tuned for more info!

Strata Management – A Definition And An Overview

Sydney strata specialists provide a range of services to apartment and commercial building owners, including the maintenance and repair of common areas, the collection of strata levies, and the provision of insurance. They also assist with the resolution of disputes between owners and manage the process of electing a strata committee. In addition to these core functions, strata specialists also provide advice on compliance with strata laws and regulations.

As population continues to grow, the demand for strata management in Sydney is also on the rise. With an increasing number of high-rise buildings being constructed, strata management has become an essential part of city living.

What Is The Role Of A Strata Manager In A Strata Management?

One of the most important aspects of strata management is ensuring that the property is well-maintained and repair issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Sydney strata services include regular inspections of the property to identify any maintenance or repair issues, as well as coordinating repairs and renovations.

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In addition, strata managers also handle day-to-day operations such as issuing permits for repairs, collecting strata fees, and preparing annual budgets. Without a strata manager, it would be nearly impossible to keep a strata property running smoothly.

Strata titled properties are, in a nutshell, properties that are owned by different people but managed as one. Strata management is the process of managing these types of properties, and it encompasses everything from collecting strata fees to arranging repairs and maintenance. In order to provide these services, strata managers must be accredited by the NSW Strata Titles Registry.

This accreditation allows them to access the Strata Roll, which contains important information about the property, such as the names and contact details of the owners. Strata managers also have a legal responsibility to ensure that the property is run smoothly and efficiently, in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.

What Functions Do Strata Management Fulfil? 

Strata management is the process of managing a strata scheme. A strata scheme is a group of properties, usually apartments or units, that are owned jointly by a group of people. Each owner owns a unit or apartment, and they also own a share of the common property, such as the lobby, corridors, gardens and parking areas. Strata schemes are governed by state legislation, and they are managed by a body corporate. The body corporate is responsible for maintaining the common property and ensuring that the strata scheme runs smoothly.

Strata management in Sydney can be provided by a number of different companies. These companies offer a variety of services, such as managing finances, maintenance and repairs, insurance, and more. They can also provide advice on planning and development applications, as well as help with dispute resolution. Sydney strata services can be customised to meet the needs of each individual strata scheme.

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Strata management plays an important role in keeping strata schemes running smoothly. By working with a professional company, owners can rest assured that their property is in good hands.

What Does A Strata Title Mean?

A strata title is a type of ownership that is common in Australia, particularly in units and apartments. Essentially, it means that you own your unit or apartment, but you share ownership of the common areas with the other residents in your building. This includes areas such as the lobby, halls, gardens, swimming pool, and parking areas. While each owner has their own title deed, they must also follow the rules set out in the strata scheme, which is a legal document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of all owners.

One of the key benefits of a strata title is that it helps to ensure that common areas are well-maintained and that everyone pays their fair share. In addition, it gives owners a greater sense of control over their property and how it is managed.

Why Should One Buy A Strata Title?

In Sydney, and indeed in most of Australia, strata titles are becoming increasingly popular. A strata title is a type of ownership whereby a property owner owns both the unit they live in and a share of the common areas. This system has a number of advantages over traditional ownership structures.

First, it gives each owner a say in how the common areas are maintained and managed. This can be particularly important in larger developments, where there may be significant disagreements about what should be done with the property. Second, strata titles can help to protect against damage to the property by ensuring that each owner is responsible for their own unit. This can provide peace of mind for owners and reduce the likelihood of conflict between neighbours.

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Finally, strata titles can offer significant financial benefits by allowing owners to sell their units separately from the rest of the development. This flexibility can be particularly useful for investors looking to maximize their return on investment. Sydney strata specialists Clean Green Strata are experts in all aspects of strata title ownership and can provide advice on whether this type of ownership is right for you.


So, what is Strata Management? In a nutshell, it is the system that oversees and manages the common property and facilities within a strata title development. The role of the Strata Manager is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all owners are abiding by the regulations set out in the legislation.

If you’re thinking of buying into a strata title development, it’s important to be aware of what this entails – and why it might be a better option than traditional home ownership.

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