What is the story behind Rilakkuma?


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Rilakkuma is a Japanese bear character whom San-X created in 2003. Initially, the sales of the Rilakkuma product line were low, but it picked up in 2004, and today the character has become popular and spawns many merchandise items. Today, Rilakkuma is one of Japan’s most popular characters and has even made its way to other parts of the world!

What is the story behind Rilakkuma?

Rilakkuma is a fictional character created by Aki Kondo and produced by the Japanese company San-X where Kondo worked. After its launch in 2003, the character has been featured in stationery and merchandise created by San-X and several partner cafes. Kondo got inspired to develop Rilakkuma after watching a TV show about pet dogs when having a pet was a rage in Japan.

Kondo not only wanted a pet dog after watching the show, but she also envied their life which was one of relaxation in contrast to her own. She was busy with work and hoped to relax more, which led her to create Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma is unique because the creator wanted the character to be cute yet out of place, hence, the slightly sloppy posture.

Owing to the popularity of the character, a stop-motion animation series titled Rilakkuma and Kaoru was broadcast in 2019.

How does Rilakkuma differ from other characters?

When most characters are created cute, almost perfect, and always filled with energy, Rilakkuma breaks the stereotype of cute characters by being continuously lazy and relaxed. The name itself means a bear in a relaxed mood. Rilakkuma does things at its own pace and is always stress-free wherever it goes. Its laziness is contagious, and you will find yourself relaxing and letting go of some of your stress while watching Rilakkuma.

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How does Rilakkuma’s appearance affect the way people think about it?

Kondo gave Rilakkuma a sloppy posture as it made her smile. Rilakkuma is an adorable character with a zipper on the back, indicating that it is a costume and the real character is a mystery. Rilakkuma has a complacent attitude toward life and enjoys napping, eating, and spending time with its loved ones, doing absolutely nothing.

Its appearance gives off a feeling of a snuggly, lazy, bear friend who can teach you a thing or two about life and cannot be bothered with the stress of leading a perfect life. 

How has Rilakkuma’s popularity grown in recent years?

Rilakkuma, the lovable and huggable brown bear character created by Japanese company San-X, has been a hugely popular figure ever since its merchandise first went on sale in 2003. Rilakkuma has since been featured in many merchandising and industry campaigns and is now widely recognized both in Japan and the U.S.

In 2010, it was voted the fifth most popular character in Japan in a survey of the Character Databank. As of March 2020, merchandise featuring Rilakkuma has generated $10 billion in retail sales revenue across Asia. The character has been featured on everything from clothes and stationery to food and household items. Given the character’s enduring popularity, it is little wonder that Rilakkuma continues to be one of the most beloved characters in the region.

To mark its 20th anniversary, a new Netflix series of Rilakkuma produced in stop-motion animation has been announced. Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure’ will debut on Netflix in 2022 and will be followed by a celebration of Rilakkuma’s 20th anniversary in 2023. With its adorable characters and charming storylines, the new series will surely be a hit with Rilakkuma’s many fans worldwide.

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Where can you buy Rilakkuma?

If you’re looking for something unique, kawaii, and downright adorable, look no further than Rilakkuma! This Japanese toy is one of the most popular, and for a good reason. With its cute face and relaxed pose, Rilakkuma can bring a smile to your face. Best of all, you can purchase it online at Jellybeet.com. Jellybeet offers a unique kawaii shopping experience with exclusive offers and products from several popular brands that are a favorite among anime or plush toy lovers. In addition to Rilakkuma, Jellybeet also carries Sumikko Gurashi, Mamegoma, AMUSE, Kittygurumi, and more.

Rilakkuma’s popularity in Japan is immense, and the world is now catching on to it. You can find Rilakkuma in a variety of items like notebooks, keychains, stationery, and even food! If you’re looking for a unique and adorable gift, consider purchasing a Rilakkuma product from Jellybeet.com. The selection of kawaii products is sure to please any fan of anime.

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