What makes a dispensary truly remarkable?

What makes a dispensary truly remarkable?
What makes a dispensary truly remarkable?
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The weed legalization movement has given the cannabis industry a big boost in terms of freedom to experiment and sell. Before weed was legal, people resorted to rather dangerous means to get their weed. But, with the advent of legalization, cannabis dispensaries are popping up everywhere. Thereby giving users easy and safe access to a quality product. 

In weed dispensaries as in weed products, we are spoilt for choice. It can be a challenging experience to pick the right dispensary San Diego that caters to all your needs and meets your expectations. In this article, we give a comprehensive guide on identifying a weed dispensary that is truly remarkable and is a weed dispensary near you.

How do you identify a remarkable cannabis dispensary?

There are various factors that go towards making a perfect dispensary near you. You need to give each factor equal weightage to each of these points in order to make a wise decision. 

Finding an atmosphere that is comfortable for you

When you enter your local dispensary, it should give you a good vibe. The people there should seem welcoming and friendly. Remember, you are going to buy cannabis or cannabis-derived products from a professional store where professionals work. Your expectations should be similar to any other shopping experience. You do not have to compromise on your comfort just because it’s weed. 

A dispensary may have a certain theme, there are hippy dispensaries with a boho vibe, and artistic dispensaries that will make you feel like you are in some New York art gallery. The point is, that a dispensary is a safe and comfortable place, to serve the best of your needs. If it is not doing that, then it is probably worth going to. 

Don’t stick to one dispensary, compare them!

We all love that feeling when we think we have found the best dispensary with amazing staff. We suggest that you don’t limit yourself there. Dispensaries are a business that is vulnerable to the influences of the market. A negative downturn in the industry or some local fallout might result in a dispensary shutting shop. Therefore, it is good practice to set aside at least one shopping trip per month for a new dispensary, where you can try out a new strain and a new experience to see what you like.

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You will understand the price differences, taste, and quality differences. This way, you will be able to buy cannabis products that are worth your money and you would never feel like you have overspent on your recreational bills.

Checking out the location of the dispensary 

The location of a dispensary has to do with comfort and safety. Both aspects should be kept in mind when thinking of a perfect dispensary. 

If the dispensary is located in a shady area or that part of the town where crime is rife, then it is a good decision to avoid it altogether and look for other options. This can fuel your paranoia and give you bad trips. Such places are frequented by small-time criminals who can give you trouble which is not worth it. 

The dispensary should not be located too far from you. If it is located at the other end of the town even if the weed it sells is a ‘bomb’, it will not be worth it. With anything cannabis, comfort should be of paramount importance to you. Anything which does not sound comfortable, like going to the other side of the town, should not be thought of.

The product quality

We all know this. There can be no compromise on the quality of weed you buy. One of the major pillars of the legalization movement is quality. Advocates of the movement emphasize that if cannabis is legalized then the quality of the product will rise and people will know what they’re consuming with great certainty. Thus chances of contaminated and harmful products spreading in the market are negated. 

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You should check whether the dispensary you’re thinking of provides third-party lab certifications. Some dispensaries have a unique feature of QR codes, which when scanned give you all the information about the weed along with a certificate of analysis.

Apart from this, you can also do a physical check of the weed. This would entail looking for the telltale signs of bad weed which generally include:

  • No Aroma
  • Funky smelling
  • Colored Moulding
  • Dryness

Always inspect your cannabis or cannabis product before you buy it

This is perhaps the most ignored part of it all. People get sucked into the beautiful world that a cannabis dispensary seems, to and forget about inspecting the product they buy. Of course, you should trust your seller, but there is a long-standing legal maxim that you should know of Caveat Emptor which means ‘buyer beware. It places an emphasis on the buyer to be a little cautious and check the goods that they’re buying. 

Develop a practice of smelling and carefully observing the products you buy. With time you will train yourself to pick the scent of good weed from miles away!

Keep the price in mind

Most of us get a little too excited at the thought of buying weed in a sophisticated showroom that we forget about the price. Don’t let your excitement drown you in debt. Price can also be an indication of the quality of the weed that you’re buying. Low-cost weed can often be an indicator of bad weed that is being sold off for less. 

The reverse is not necessarily true. High-priced does not mean it will get you flying like a kite. It generally means that the cannabis from which the product has been sourced is single-origin organically grown hemp.

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Check out if the dispensary has a budtender

A budtender is a person very much like a bartender. Their primary job is to understand your needs and suggest a suitable product. It becomes very important that your communication with the budtender is open and honest. You should not hesitate in making your needs clear to them. They will hear you out patiently and show you a range of products that you can buy, best suit your needs.

Can you get your cannabis home-delivered?

To a 90s or 2000s teenager, this would sound like fantasy fiction but now there are dispensaries that provide home delivery of your favorite weed products. Such delivery services work prepaid or on a subscription basis So while you stash up snacks, and choose the perfect show on Netflix, your weed will arrive at your doorstep. Of course, this comes with some additional costs, but that is justified considering the added comfort of home delivery.

Considering previous customer reviews

If your dispensary has a customer review page we recommend that you check out the most recent reviews for the place. The most honest reviews are those in the 3 stars categories. They tell you about all the positives without sugarcoating the negatives. This will help you a lot in identifying a dispensary that is truly remarkable.

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