What Makes a Good Infographic Design?

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Good infographics are composed of several different attributes. They tell a good story, they are well designed and they are easy to understand. They provide you with a visual aspect of content in a way that is snackable and simple. Here is what makes a good infographic design:

Tells a Story

First of all, a good infographic design tells you a good story. Like your presentations, you have to tell a story using infographics. Infographics can be quite tall form formats of a presentation. They are taller than being composed of different slides. A very good example can be a story that starts off well and ends well too. It should make the reader scroll down and be ready to learn more. In other words, you have to insist the reader to learn more.

What a good infographic should have is a good story. Take the readers by the hand and guide them through interesting visuals. In fact, it needs to tell a story through a procedure. Take an airport hack for example. It tells you a story of how to get through the airport and gives different guides and tips on hacking through the airport.

Takes You to a Predefined Journey

A good infographic design should take users on a predefined journey. It is about where you begin and where you end. Along the way, you have to fill between the gaps, tell them a story and then give them a narrative. A poor infographic is one that has no sense of a start and no sense of an end. It would just look like a soup of numbers and letters. A poor infographic is one which is hard to understand and is not relevant at all.

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You need to communicate your message in an effective manner through an infographic. It should be composed of some harmonious colors. The design should not be too complex as well. It has to be very simple. However, the readers should be entertained and enlightened when they go through the infographic.

Provides a New Angle

In a good infographic, you need to provide a new angle. One of the most common problems with the non-designers and designers is that when they develop an infographic in a format in which they develop a list, it is a little better than a bullet list where the visuals are composed with supplementing the text. At the end of the day, this is not truly a good infographic.

Well structured

Last, but not the least, your infographic should be well structured. Yes, we are talking about the content here as well. You have to organize when you have a great deal of information. In fact, the infographic is meant to take a great amount of information and it should be easy to understand. The issue with many infographics is that there is a lot of information in it but there is no focus on some of the key points, rather everything is just stuffed in.

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