What to consider when selecting a marine board

marine board

This article serves as a reference point for individuals who wish to be more knowledgeable about the wood and furniture industry. It provides the advantages and disadvantages of the marine board and gives a valid conclusion about the way forward for the new clients in this industry. Marine board has a variety of uses in the wood and furniture industry as it composes both commercial and residential uses.

Marine board is a special and unique type of wood made from tropical hardwoods. As the name suggests, it is suitable for constructing marine structures and outdoor furniture, which are exposed to moisture conditions for a long. It has various benefits, whichsuit different applications by the clients. It is of high quality and addresses all the clients’ needs; hence it can address a wider audience.

Advantages of the marine board.

A good water-resistant-marine board is made using phenolic glue, which is waterproof and suitable for naval and outdoor furniture. Itcan be used in boat construction and for benches used in restaurants and parks, exposed in an open area.

The surface finish-marine board has a smooth surface, ensuring that the user is free from scratches. The color does not fade from long exposure to the sun, maintaining a good appeal for long. It saves the client on the use of paint since it has low maintenance requirements.

Uniform strength-marine board is made of more layers to ensure stability. This ensures it holds more weight and reduces safety hazards. This ensures sailors sail with greater peace of mind without being worried.

Beneficial to the environment-marine board ismade from plastic, which is the most recyclable product available. It also resists odors and rots. It is durable and can stay in good condition for a long. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as excess rainfall or long exposure to the sun.

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Disadvantages of the marine board.

Is the expensive- marine board price in Kenya relatively high and expensive to purchase? This is due to its high-quality features. It is hardly matched by other wood materials, especially those made from softwoods. It also involves numerous processes like extremely high heat and pressure to formulate and design.

It is hard to identify for someone who is not well conversant and familiar with the wood industry; it may be difficult to identify high-quality marine boards. Several varieties may be difficult to distinguish and choose marine boards from.


In conclusion, the marine board is the most reliable material for constructing indoor and outdoor structures. Anything that has advantages is as well expected to have disadvantages. However, the application benefits of the marine board outweigh its disadvantages. It is, therefore, a recommendable investment to the clients. To ensure you get what you are looking for, it is advisable to purchase a marine board from a trusted supplier who stocks tested products.