Uses of a Heat Gun You May Have Never Known

Heat Gun

As the name heat gun suggests, it is an electronic device that has a shape like that of a military gun but it works by emitting scorching air, this article focuses on the uses of the heat gun and particularly the hot air. 

The heat gun works by producing scorching air which is commonly between 100 degrees Celsius to around 550 degrees Celsius even more than that, the gun has very many uses that many of us can be shocked to learn about. The following are major uses;

Phone Repairing

In this generation where technology has taken root, mobile phones in the model of touch screens have become very common and in several instances, some of us have had our screen touch phones crack due to accidents. 

When one seeks to replace the broken screen, the use of hot air makes it easy by regulating the amount of heat of the gun and then holding it above the broken phone screen this way the glue used to hold the screen to the other phone components melt hence the broken screen comes off easily giving room for a new one to be placed in its place.

Loosening rusted bolts and screws


Metallic items are usually put together using bolts and screws, there comes a need to disintegrate a metallic item but you find it difficult to remove the bolts and screws because they have rusted. Using hot air from the gun you will have the bolts and screws removed easily because once you heat the metal expands hence giving room for removing the rusted bolts.

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Removing Old Wallpaper

Every one of us feels comfortable in a room that has the recent wallpaper, to have the new wallpaper installed you first need to get the old one out. 

For you to have an easy job in removing the worn-out wallpapers, a heat gun comes to your help because it heats the glue used to fix the wallpapers making them melt and from there you can remove the old wallpaper without effort using your hands.

Boiling Water

Another interesting use of a heat gun is boiling water, you will need to put water in a vessel that will not be affected by the extreme temperature from the gun and then hold it above the water and wait for your water to boil in a moment.

Bending Metals

On a construction site, there is a need to bend metals now and again and the hot air gun will make it an easy task by just applying the hot air to the part you need to bend and this weakens it hence the task is eased.

Cooking Bacon

The hot air gun can make the work of a chef easy because you can just hold it way above a piece of bacon and with some time your bacon will be cooked. This can also apply to melting chocolate, bread crumbs, and other food substances that need to be heated to be ready for consumption.


The list of heat gun uses is not exhaustive as it can perform very many other roles. Above all, when using the heat gun there is a need to apply cautionary measures because it can cause very serious burns on one’s body.