What to do when met with a car accident

What to do when met with a car accident
What to do when met with a car accident

This post was most recently updated on September 20th, 2023

Accidents on the road involving a car are as common as they are concerning. Whether a minor bumper bash or a more serious collision, it can be a most daunting experience for all involved. After an accident, chaos usually ensues. This chaos worsens your sense of judgment in your disoriented mind, leading to more confusion. 

In such situations, keeping a level head to make conscious and intelligent decisions is essential. This blog post will teach you the steps to follow when an accident happens. Everything from assessing the situation to seeking medical attention, you will learn the best course of action to take in such a situation. You will also be informed about your legal rights and the process of upholding those rights. For instance, if the accident happened in Dallas, you must contact Dallas car accident attorneys. So let us dive right in. 

1. Stop your car 

Firstly, when an accident occurs, you must stop your car by killing your engine’s power. You must control your car, even if it is a minor scratch. It would help if you never fled from the scene of an accident, as it can result in legal trouble for you. You should remain calm and not get into any unnecessary altercation with the other driver. 

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2. Inspect for any injury 

It would help if you examined for any visible injury on yourself. If you have others in the car with you, you must check them, too, for any damage. It is essential as you will be eligible to claim compensation under your car’s insurance policy.  

3. Seek medical help 

If you detect any severe injury, the next step should be to call for medical assistance. However, your car should have a basic first aid kit for a minor scratch and apply first-aid on the wound to stop the bleeding. After everything is sorted, you should still get a thorough medical checkup in case of a hidden concussion.  

4. Intimate the Insurance company 

Every car on the road must have a mandatory insurance policy. You should contact and inform your insurance provider of the accident. Inform them in detail about the circumstances of the accident and the amount of damage for all parties involved.  Ensure not to leave out any facts. Otherwise, it can cause a claim rejection. 

5. File a police complaint 

Next, you must contact the police and file a First Information Report (FIR) immediately. It becomes even more critical for you to inform the police in case of substantial damage to the third party. This way, you can avoid more legal complications in the future. Ensure you also have a copy of the police report for the insurance claim.  

6. Store evidence 

Make the most use of the camera on your phone. Click pictures of the spot of the accident, damages sustained by any of the vehicles involved, and any physical injuries. You must take photos from all angles to ensure there is clear evidence for your insurance provider or car accident lawyer to pursue their claim. 

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7. Submit all your documents 

Your car accident policy mandates that you provide these documents for raising an insurance claim. Accordingly, you must have the following documents prepared:

  • A copy of your up-to-date driving license
  • The FIR’s copy.
  • A photocopy of the RC.
  • A photocopy of your insurance papers
  • The estimated cost of the repairs. 

Make a file of all these documents and supplement it with the printed pictures of the accident. Submit it immediately for faster processing of the insurance claim.  

8. Repair your car

Driving a car that has just been part of an accident is dangerous. You should only drive the vehicle after it has been inspected for any damages and repairs made. Call for a tow truck to carry your car to the garage for repairs. The insurance provider will reimburse you for the towing service and all costs incurred on the repairs. 

9. Claim settlement 

You would get benefit from the cashless settlement if your repair work were done in a network garage. However, if you opt for a non-network garage, you will be reimbursed post the insurance settlement. In such a situation, you must provide all bills to the insurance provider.   


Car accidents will always be a harrowing experience, but you can mitigate much of your troubles by keeping a stable mind. By staying calm, gathering all relevant information, seeking medical help, and contacting a reliable legal firm, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that you’re not on the wrong side of the law. Finally, accidents happen, but being prepared can make all the difference.

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